Posted on 2:34 pm,
March 2, 2012

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The latest episode of our Harry Potter podcast has arrived! Join Eric, Micah, Ben, Laura and myself for this landmark installment where we discuss the BIG stories happening in the Potter fandom and more!

– Ben and Laura join Andrew, Micah, and Eric for our 250th episode!
– J.K. Rowling has announced that she’ll be releasing a new book later this year.
– What do we think the genre will be? We look at the clues.
– NewBookCon, NewBook Theme Park, and NewBookCast area already in the works.
– Laura, living in Costa Rica, learns of Jo’s new book via Toucan.
– A book on 16th Century Basket making could be sold by Jo, says Eric.
– Pottermore is shutting down and will be replaced by NewBookMore.
– Bloomsbury will publish illustrated versions of the seven books. Silly? Smart? Could they reveal new information?
– Harry Potter wins no Academy Awards – ever. We discuss if it even matters, and why this happened.
– Harry, Voldemort, Dumbledore, and Snape chime in on the issue as well.
– Harry Potter Wizards Collection has been announced. Is it worth the enormous price tag?
– E-mails address Slughorn and Felix Felicis, muggle objects not working at Hogwarts, and more.
– In Chicken Soup, a listener shows us his true commitment to the show!

This episode's hosts: Andrew Sims, Micah Tannenbaum, Eric Scull, Laura Thompson, Ben Schoen

  • katie


    • Laura


      • Will Lowry


      • katie

        Sick from school and that just made my morning so bright!

  • Grace Nzita

    DUMBLEDORE AND RUBEUS HAGRID! are back! (Ben’s impressions were epic haha)
    And it’s so good to have a woman back on the show again! 

    Welcome back Ben and Laura :)

  • Isaac

    Oh. My. God. Laura freaking Thompson. I think I just died XD Welcome Back!!

  • nevermore

    LAURA’S BACK!!!!!!!!!! I JUST DIED OF HAPPINESS!!!!!!!!!!!! WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • jozefd14

      When hearing Laura’s voice after a long time, I had a huge smile on my face lol

      • nevermore

        I know, right? I missed her thoughts and voice and everything so much! (that sounded a bit creepy, didn’t it? Well, it wasn’t meant to).

  • Ariel

    I just died of laughter when Adnrew introduced the show with “Because we would even read a book by Jo about 16th Century basket-making.” I’m also really happy that Ben and Laura are back,.. although I do miss Jamie !

  • jozefd14

    Absolutely love this episode. It would be exciting if this podcast would coincisde with the JK Rowling’s new book. OMG hearing Laura’s voice again made me smile. I hope she can possibly if she does watch the show, be a guest on Glee Chat =] On the discussion about the cost of the Definitive HP Collection, i’m not that all disappointed because I already have purchased years 1-6 blu-ray Ultimate Edition and personal preference, I like seeing the movies in its seperate packaging. And doing the math, to get the ultimate editions blu-ray on amazon for years 1-6 its $216… and thats not including part 1 and 2… so its a bit better for the wallet lol

  • Ally

    Nothing like an episode of Mugglecast to help you relax after an exam. Thank you guys!!

  • itsme

    This got very Close to Smart mouths….. And I love it!

    And I’m sure they write on papyrus.

  • Laura Jones

    oh my gosh!!!!!!! Laura AND Ben?!??!!! yayyyyyyyyyyyy! and CONGRATULATIONS on 250 episodes!!!! HUGE achievement! i’ve been there since episode 1 :)

  • Bubbly

    Wow, Ben and Laura… old-school. I had a great time with this episode, thanks.

  • moonshoespotter1712

    loved this episode. hilarious.

  • Ekta

    Congrats on the 250 eps guys…I’ve loved it all the way. Glad to hear Ben and Laura again, but still love Andrew, Eric, and Micah too. We got to hear Mickey B, again last time, who was hilarious as ever. Just get Jamie back too, sometime, please…

  • Lindsay

    Just going to add to the cries of “YAY LAURA” :-D I miss smartmouths.

  • Danielle

    Can’t wait to listen to this tonight. I feel like I’m being reunited with old friends. I shed a metaphorical tear just imaginging it.

  • Janielovespeeta

    OMG!!! I almost died of happiness when I saw Bens name on here!!! Unfortunately I gave up my i pod for lent! why come back now???!!! ill be listening midnight on Easter!!!!!!!!

  • HPfanatic

    Wow! great 250 ep! Its been just over a year since I’ve started listening and I know I’ll be listing to that 500th ep in the years to come! :)

  • Luna97831

    nice to have ben and laura back!

  • Aimee

    2 Questions that are not meant to be received negatively in any way:
    1. is there a day of the month that we can count on mugglecast coming out on?
    2. when will chapter by chapter be back?

  • Andrew W

    You should bring back Andrew’s listener challenge. I’ve been bored so I listen to old episodes.

    Where is chapter-by-chapter?

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