Posted on 3:40 pm,
February 12, 2012

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The latest episode of MuggleCast has arrived! Join us for a discussion of the latest news (have you SEEN all of the things Dan Radcliffe has been saying lately?), a Favorites segment, and a main discussion on Harry Potter’s Oscar potential and why it’s always gotten the cold shoulder.

– Mikey B. returns to the show!
– Dan Radcliffe has been on a tear lately with interesting comments about Potter, his personal life, and more.
– Harry Potter VS Twilight according to Dan.
– Does he really want to be Harry Potter again?
– Could we notice the Half-Blood Prince scenes he was, in his words, “dark in the eyes”?
– Emma Watson may be joining a horror film, and she’s also lined up a project with Yates.
– Favorites: Person you’d like to play in a Potter film.
– Main discussion: Harry Potter and the Oscars.
– We start off the talk with an e-mail from a reader who thoughtfully explains why it won’t win.
– What do we feel Potter actually deserved?
– Why no noms in the main categories?
– E-mails address Hogsmeade and the Two-Way Mirror.
– Check out our sister podcast Glee Chat! And coming soon: a Game of Thrones podcast!

This episode's hosts: Andrew Sims, Micah Tannenbaum, Eric Scull, Mikey Bouchereau

  • Grace Chen

    yay! I look forward to these SO MUCH!

  • Mrwilliams0710

    Harry potter an the oscars…blah blah blah blah

  • Will Lowry

    Andrew is there a chance of Elysa or Laura coming back on the show any time soon? Or even a guest spot by Penny Gersh? I miss hearing a female on MC.

    • gleeky-potterhead

      Oh, yes, please please please!
      I miss them so much!

    • Eoin

      So hoping for a mugglecast reunion for the last show.

  • issad

    my computer won’t let me listen, says there’s malware. help!

  • Jeff D.

    I actually laughed, but in disbelief, when I heard Radcliffe say he was hung over during some of the filming of Half-Blood Prince, because I thought he gave his best ever Harry Potter performance in Half-Blood Prince.

    • Grace Nzita

      I agree! I thought he was great in HBP especially during the felix felicis scene, he was super hilarious – (in a good way).

      • maggie a

        Maybe because he wasn’t acting. He was actually drunk.

  • Anonymous

    looks awesome, but WHERE IS HYPE?!

  • Ally.M

    I will never forget the  Mikey B POOF! episode. (where micah wasn’t out with his friends and they did a spy on micah) good times.

    • meeo

      what episode was that?

  • Thegarbar13

    MIKEY B!!!!! I was the person on instagram who asked you to be on and then I emailed Andre a bunch!!!

  • itsme

    Sister podcast Glee Chat? Where’s LAME?? I need that!

  • Layla_S

    MIKEY B!!!

  • moonshoespotter1712

    mikey! and i’m really excited for the Game of Thrones podcast, i hope it comes out quick! :) 

  • moonshoespotter1712

    there WERE dementors in hogsmeade when harry ron and hermione went there in deathly hallows. :)
    and rupert grint??? :O

  • Grace Nzita

    So glad Mikey was on back on the show again, feels like old times!
    Referring to Snape’s overall presence in Deathly Hallows part 2 being enough for an Oscar. Although i agree that Alan Rickman was phenomenal in his role as Snape in DH, in the grand scheme of things he was only in the film for perhaps a good half hour, mostly playing his hateful and ambiguous self which most people (including the critics)  are used to seeing him play. So to give him a best supporting actor role purely on the Prince’s tale (which all the fans think he deserves based on those specific scenes) is a little bit too far-fetched. Other actors nominated in this category are in the movie for a significant amount of time and so there is more on their performances to be judged. If not Alan why wasn’t Ralph Fiennes nominated, he was the main antagonist and his presence was always looming or present throughout the entire film. Strange.The difficult thing for the Potter movies is that no one really knows whether the actors are being judged on the one movie (Deathly Hallows) or the entire series – for example Michael Gambon who WB were pushing for a best supporting actor award (is this solely for DH or is it based on his performance during the entire series). Potter is so hard to judge because all the actors remain consistently good throughout the entire series and it may be a little bit too confusing or even odd to say that the actor was best in this specific part of the franchise. Alan R. was just as good in HBP and even back in POA, so does him being just that bit better in DH Part 2 mean that he deserves an Oscar? It would have been truly magnificent and every single Potter fan would have been so proud but i guess it wasn’t meant to be. Perhaps they may add a new category for franchises as it seems that’s what the current movie market is making the most money from. Maybe a franchise like The Hunger Games may be ‘good enough’ to scoop these kinds of awards.

    Harry Potter is awesome and has touched many lives, it doesn’t need an award to prove that. Great show as usual, maybe you can get Jamie back on again? :)Pickles! Grace.

    • moonshoespotter1712

      i think it’s a bit early to be judging the hunger games.

      • Grace Nzita

        I mean, as it’ might be the next big franchise and from all the hype it’s getting, will it go in the same way as Potter and be snubbed because it’s a franchise.

  • LoveHpForever

    CHAPTER BY CHAPTER………!!!!!!! :(

  • Lumos26

    MIKEY B!

    I’ve been waiting for him to come back, he’s awesome!

  • Nevermore

    I’m sorry but WHAT HAPPENED TO CHAPTER-BY-CHAPTER!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I don’t mean to be rude or anything, but that was always the highlight of Mugglecast for me, and now it barely feels like Mugglecast anymore.

    • AnneCatherine

      Seriously, it’s what made MuggleCast so special. <3

  • Andrew W

    Harry Potter deserves an Oscar for special effects. If you say it wont win because it hasn’t done anything ground-breaking then you can’t say that Planet of the Apes has a chance. There is nothing new about Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Those kinf od effects done with Avatar and many more films since.

    • moonshoespotter1712

      hmm :/ but it was done extremely well, so well that caesar became like a real, believable emotional character.

  • Bridget

    so a cg monkey looks really good. should i name all the special effects in harry potter?

  • Muggley

    yay, mikey B!

  • JokerMan730

    Mugglecast wont come up. It keeps on saying 404 error. I tried last night too. HELP!!

    • CatherineA

       I know!! I dont know whats wrong, that’s happening to me too!!

  • LoveHpforever

    why is the mugglecast website not working??? :(

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