Posted on 12:01 pm,
December 9, 2011

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The latest episode of MuggleCast is here! We discuss this week’s huge Harry Potter news concerning the Wizarding World Orlando AND just-announced Hollywood!

– Universal’s two American theme parks have made a major announcement!
– We’re here to discuss Wizarding World Hollywood and the Wizarding World Orlando expansion.
– Was Hollywood the best park to put a second Wizarding World in?
– What can we expect to be similar? Different?
– Who would go to a Hollywood park over the existing one at Orlando?
– Andrew talks about his time at the Hollywood announcement.
– What can we expect from the Wizarding World Orlando expansion/
– Listeners chime in with their feedback on the matter.

This episode's hosts: Andrew Sims, Micah Tannenbaum, Eric Scull

  • Macy

    Thanks so much for the new episode!!

  • Rachel Gay

    i would like to go to the hollywood one but since i love like 2 hours from orlando that’ll just have to do

  • kate

    i would like to go to either but seeing as they are on the otherside of the planet….. why do they need to do 2 i america they should have some in other countries (aka australia)

  • nevermore

    i hate to be ungrateful, but are you guys ever going to finish chapter-by-chapter? i always thought that it was the best part of the podcast and i really miss it.

    • harrypotter15

      yeah seriously, it’s honestly one of the biggest reasons I listen to Mugglecast, I love chapter-by-chapter

  • Eliza

    In Britain we do have theme parks/ amusement parks but they’re slightly different to ones in America, from what I can tell as I’ve never been to America.
    You go to Thorpe Park or Alton Towers or something for a day, and it’s not too expensive so you can go with a big group of friends. Also, they aren’t exactly big tourist destinations – you aren’t going to travel halfway across the world to go to Thorpe park, but you would go for a day if you live here.
    I think a Wizarding World in Britain would be AMAZING but, realistically, it probably won’t happen for about 10 years…

  • NifflerFelicis105

    Just a clarification for Micah and crew: “Amity” is the city/town that the movie Jaws takes place – it is not the same as Amityville, which is in New York.

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