Posted on 1:01 pm,
October 8, 2012

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The Rotoscopers kick off their spooky animated film month (aka October) by tackling Laika’s Coraline.

■ News: 13th International Computer Graphics Conference in Turin, Italy; Help us Plan our #Bestof2012 show!
■ New segment: “Catch and Fire” with Mason, “Rotoscopers make you choose!”
■ Audio book synopsis
■ Main discussion: Coraline
■ Studio Spotlight: Laika vs. Laika House
■ “From the makers of Nightmare Before Christmas…” = False advertising?
■ Not going to be fun and happy the whole time
■ Michigan water witch; what’s with the well?; Chelsea has dowse doubts
■ Characters: Dakota Fanning is “one of the gems or our generation”
■ Be careful what you name your children
■ Why Wybie? Should we like him? Morgan’s “Real-life Wybie”
■ The real parents vs. the “Other Parents” (aka the animated versionStepford Wives)
■ How Laika does amazing stop motion. “Captivating”
■ First impressions: genuinely creepy; parents beware!; not for kids
■ Major difference between the real life and the ‘other life’ is the gravy train
■ The Pink Palace: Coraline’s new house and odd neighbors
■ Chelsea’s rant: She’s all out of “nice”
■ Video games? Why?!…and what’s up with the cat?
■ Similarities to Alice in Wonderland and Spirited Away
■ ParaNorman’s blatant theme vs. Coraline’s deep thinker
■ Meaning of the button eyes?
■ Mason’s theory: Is it really a happy ending?
■ Fun quotes & listener responses
■ We rate it! 3 & 4 stars
■ Bloopers: No tangents guys, yoyos & groovin’

This episode's hosts: Morgan Stradling, Mason Smith, Chelsea Robson

  • Peggy Ruiz

    My kids have Coraline. They love it. What’s more, is that they understand it. My oldest is 12 and my youngest is 6. We’ve owned the movie since it came out on DVD.

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