Posted on 8:28 pm,
September 11, 2011

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We’re proud to release Hypable’s HeroHype #2! For those who haven’t listened to HeroHype before, we exist to update fans on the latest news about all things related to comic book movies and super heroes!

On today’s roster we have updates on the filming of The Avengers, a quick discussion concerning the alien threat that Earth’s mightiest heroes have been confirmed to be facing off against.

We follow our Avengers talk with the very first installment of our latest segment, Superhero Showdown! This episode we have Captain America fighting Spiderman. Who will win? Find out!

After we announce our first Superhero Showdown victor, we move on to discuss the cast list of Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel as well as what we can expect from Michael Shannon’s CGI General Zod costume.

Next we recommend our favorite comics to our fans and give updates on when we can expect more from the recent DC comics reboot.

We then plunge right into the latest Dark Knight Rises updates and speculate on the eternal question, could The Riddler be making an appearance?

Don’t forget to follow us @HeroHype! Have a question, request or comment? Drop us an email at!

Tune in for more updates, news, speculation, confirmation, conversation and behind-the-scenes information about the expanding world of superhero flicks!

This episode's hosts: Jimmy Bean, Patrick McCoy and Jeff Martin

  • jp

    great epsiode you guys!

  • lostarkeo

    I love listening to you guys! I’m glad I caught Episode 2 just in time :)

  • lostarkeo

    Whoever said they can’t wait to see the fighting scenes of Hawkeye…AGREED! One of my favorite Marvel characters! My bet is on Hawkeye saving the day too!! HELL YEAH! I love you guys!

  • Kay

    Loved the episode! You guys are so funny. Thanks for covering the Avengers – I can’t wait to see it! Love all the spoilers you guys gave us.

  • Johandw

    Great show, but the sound quality must be improved

    • Jimmy Bean

      It’s my show and I completely agree. I’m working on getting some better recording equipment right now, but unfortunately it will cost me some green pieces of paper (which I lack) 

      • Johandw

        Maybe you could try to sell HeroHype-shirts, like they did for Mugglecast, to raise some money

  • Eoin

    This is a great podcast but you guys to need audio improved. It’s quite quiet and fuuzzy. And have a little un. Laugh, you don’t always have to stay strictly on topic. That’s what make spodcast enjoyable. You sometimes don’t know what’s coming. That why people love Mugglecast so much. But besides that. Keep it up!

  • Eoin

    There are two things that will improve this show. One is the sound quality which we have already been notified is being fixed. And the second is that vyou need a picture for you listeners to look at while they are listening. You have a great picture right up there next to the episode title. You should use that it would be great. All the other podcasts on hypable have a picture when you listen. You should get one too.

  • Eoin

    Next Episode Please!

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