Posted on 2:05 pm,
August 18, 2012

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The second episode of Hypable’s Once Upon a Time podcast Onceable is here! The hosts discuss new casting announcements, throw some mind-blowing theories your way, and look for easter eggs hidden in season 1.

This week we welcome Jessica Chapman as our new co-host! You may know her voice from two other Hypable podcasts, Glee Chat and Smash Chat, and if you haven’t listened to them yet, check them out!


– We discuss a recent Josh Dallas interview and why David is so different from Charming.
– Get ready for some serious Lost referencing! Are David and Mary Margaret the Jack and Kate of Once? The Skaters disagree!
– Karen takes us through easter eggs found in season 1.
Once Upon a Time is like Kingdom Hearts on TV! Will Goofy appear? Join the discussion of this topic in the Hypable forums.
– What secrets are hidden in Rumpelstiltskin’s shop? Is there a Buffy reference for Selina this week?
– Colin O’Donohue has been cast as Captain Hook: why is he so young? One of our hosts has a mind-blowing theory.
– Michael Raymond-James will be playing… who? He may be Baelfire and/or Henry’s dad.
– The hosts are split on an important issue: Laura and Jen are convinced that Henry is Regina’s father, either reborn or through time travel. Selina, Karen and Jess disagree. Help us decide! VOTE IN THE POLL below and tell us in the comments who’s right, and we’ll discuss the results next week.
Joanna Garcia and Azita Ghanizada want to play Ariel and Jasmine. Do they fit the roles?
– Could we eventually see a cross-fairytale romance like Aladdin/Ariel or Jasmine/Peter Pan?
– What did the Purple Smoke (Monster) actually do to Storybrooke?
Bailee Madison and Sebastian Stan will officially be back in season 2! Dance of joy.
– We discuss the significance of the title and centric character of the season 2 premiere.

We hope you enjoy this episode! Just to let you all know, we will releasing biweekly episodes until the show returns on September 30. We’ve got some discussion topics lined up, but feel free to suggest things for us to discuss in the comments, via email or on Twitter @OnceUponNews!

And if you haven’t already, subscribe to Onceable on iTunes and make life easier for yourselves! And while you’re there, feel free to leave us a review. :)

Finally, help us settle the Henry debate and give us reasons for your answer in the comments:


Who is Henry Mills?

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This episode's hosts: Jen Lamoreaux, Laura Byrne-Cristiano, Selina Wilken, Karen Rought, Jessica Chapman

  • Christina

    I think there is a possibility of cross-fairy tale romance but i think that the character will eventually fall in love with whom they are supposed to in their given fairy tale.

  • Silvia van de Polder

    My theory is that Henry sooner is the son of Rumple’s son. But I’ve got no idea whether he is related to Regina’s dad.

  • Brendaofsix

    OUaT is crazy. But, with apologies to Jen and the wonderful Laura, their theory is crack-crazy (hope I’m not proven wrong). Little Henry is the great great stepson of big Henry. You’ve a good point about the purple smoke though – I thought I knew what it was, but they didn’t make it crystal clear.

    • LauraBC

      LOL no offense taken

      • Jen_Lamoureux

        Hahahaha I know our theory is weird but when I first started watching everyone was present with different names so I thought hey somehow this kid is her dad! 

  • Tariq

    I’m wondering now if magic is back, do they all revert to their original forms? Example: Does Dr. Whale turn into a whale, Mr. Hopper into a cricket? 

    I love that they said how magic was going to be unpredictable in their world, because it’ll make things SO much more interesting!

    • Karen Rought

      That’s a really good point! I hope Dr. Hopper doesn’t turn into a cricket, but it would be interesting! If he doesn’t turn, it’ll also be interesting to see how they explain that. It’d be like him getting a second chance at life, which would be wonderful.

  • Olivia

    I don’t think Henry is Regina’s dad reincarnated. It seemed to me Regina named Baby Henry after her father (and probably wanted a child to begin with) because she felt lonely and guilty for murdering him. This is referenced by Mr Gold, who knew Regina killed her father to activate the curse, in the second episode when he says Henry is a “lovely name, however did you pick it?”

    Also, you’ve talked about the possibility of the Ariel, Jasmine, etc. appearing of the show. Just thought I’d point out that Eddy and Adam said in an old interview that Aladdin, Ariel, Rapunzel, and Aurora* would appear. No mention of Jasmine though. 

    • Olivia

      Found the interview I was thinking of:

      I misremembered it a bit. Eddy says, “…we may not get to this year but hopefully some day, we will. We definitely would like to do The Little Mermaid and Rapunzel and Aladdin, and sometimes it’s just a matter of realization.”  

      So maybe not this season for Rapuzel or Aladdin himself, but they’ve confirmed that Ariel and Jafar will make an appearance this year, according to TV Guide.

    • Samantha Holbert

      I believe Jefferson knew about Belle because he is the one who helped Regina kidnap her in the first place. In hat trick he states he is through working with Regina and she persuade’s him to do 1with last job. Hinting that he has helped her before.

      • Olivia

        Maybe! I hope we get an episode on what happened to Belle in Fairytaleland after she left Rumplestiltskin. That would make sense though. 

  • Olivia

    Also, I wanted to say (and I don’t know how serious you were being), but I don’t think Belle’s return had anything to do with Mr Gold bringing magic to Storybrooke. He’s had that plan in the works for a long long time and not even his True Love coming back from the dead was gonna slow him down, at least that’s how it played to me. 

    Speaking of, I want to know how Jefferson knew about the connection between Belle and Mr Gold. I get that he’s “mad” so he would have some knowledge of the asylum and could know there was a girl locked in there by Regina, but how did he know about her relationship with Rumple? 

    Enjoyed the discussion! Sorry for commenting so much! 

  • Jess

    I voted for no real relation, even though that wasn’t my actual choice. I picked it out of default because I really have no idea right now. I don’t think Henry is actually Regina’s father lost in time because that makes the show really/too complicated, but  I think it’s more than a coincidence. These writers are clever; they wouldn’t just stick Regina’s father’s name onto her adopted son for fun.

  • BlackKat6800

    I said no relation, since Henry and Regina’s father aren’t that alike feelings-wise. Regina’s father loved Regina even after she became evil. Henry has never loved her.

  • Theaterboy1

    I have an idea about how Ariel could fit into Once Upon a Time. This is obvious, but hear me out. We’ve already had Rumplestiltskin act as Fairy Godmother with Cinderella and as the Beast with Belle…what if he was Ursula too, meaning Ariel came to him to get her true love Eric and Rumple says yes but it comes with a price, that being her voice. This might be lame but as a Disney tie-in…he can call her a “poor, unfortunate soul” lol.

    • Selina

       No that’s perfect. That could totally happen. I’m kind of over Rumpel being involved with everyone’s stories though, so I kind of hope they go another way you know?

      • Theaterboy1

        Yeah I see what you’re saying. I suppose instead of Rumple it could be the queen…she did tell Rumple she was looking for a mermaid afterall.

  • schnallison

    I wonder if The Evil Queen is really the Genie’s true love? I really believe she was just pretending to care for him and love him in the episode where she trapped him in the mirror. I don’t think she had any sort of real feelings for him. So can she really be his true love if she didn’t reciprocate his feelings at all? Maybe that’s how Jasmine fits into the story? Maybe she’s the Genie’s true love? 

  • Samantha Holbert

    I have also seen the Parralles to Kingdom Hearts.

  • Jenny Leigh

    I love Selina’s Hook theory! I have thought about that too in the past, and I think it’s brilliant that she said it! It would be so like the writers to do something like that. Amazing idea :)

  • Simone

    You know what would be interesting? If HENRY was Peter. Freaking LOVE the Hook theory though! I definitely noticed the Kingdom Hearts parallels too – that is one of my favourite games of all time. Welcome to my group of favourite podcasts Onceable! 

  • lorepottter

    We still dont know who Dr. Whale is, the producers said we would find out in the second season, i still have no idea who he is.. i mean, he cant be Monstro, that would be too easy for them.

  • Hope

    I think the reason Mary Margaret and David are so…lame…for lack of a better word in Storybrooke is they don’t know how to be themselves without each other. They are so wrapped up in each other in Fairytale Land meeting the way they did, falling in love, working through the obstacles they had to work through in Fairytale Land, to finally find their happy ending then have that all taken away by Regina’s curse. Snow and Charming have always had each other to lean on, talk things through with, make decisions with, that they can’t really be whole in Storybrooke because the other half of them is literally missing. Now that they have their memories of who they are, how they met, what they went through, back I think the feisty in both of them will come out.

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