Posted on 10:48 am,
June 4, 2012

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We are back with our second episode of WhoHype. The show is dedicated to in-depth discussion about the Doctor Who universe: show and cast commentary, filming locations, rumors, tie-in video games/other products, spin-off series and more.

Don’t worry if you are trying to stay spoiler free for the upcoming series, we even have a specially marked spoiler section with a little help from River Song herself so listeners can skip around that information if they wish.

The four hosts of the show are from around the globe: the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Hypable’s regular Doctor Who writers, Laura Byrne-Cristiano and Harri Sargeant, lead the discussion with two additional Doctor Who fans from the staff joining us: Jennifer Lamoureux and Natalie Fisher.

– During the intros this week, our hosts Laura, Harri, Jen and Natalie talk about run-ins they’ve had, or almost had, with the Doctor Who cast.

– We proceed with an in-depth discussion of:

  • Karen Gillan appearing on Community
  • Reactions to Matt Smith Carrying the Olympic torch
  • Showrunner Steven Moffat receiving an honorary BAFTA
  • Historical figures and history-themed episodes
  • People we want to see on Doctor Who

- Our spoilers cover the new companion, a possible episode plot, and an unusual discovery in Central Park

– Back from our spoilery discussion we leap into our mailbag, and answer questions from our listeners:

  • Oops, like the Doctor, sometimes we don’t get it completely right.
  • Do we hate Martha?
  • Game of Thrones and Doctor Who crossover possibilities
  • Classic Doctor Who

As we say in the show, our listeners are the most important thing to us. We want you hear from you. What do you want us to discuss? 

You can contribute  to the next episode of the podcast by commenting on this post, emailing or tweeting us @whohype

You can also catch our hosts on Twitter:

Harri @HarriFSargeant

Laura @Laura__BC

Natalie @nataliefisher

Jen @JenLam26 

This episode's hosts: Harri, Laura, Natalie, Jen

  • Matthewhpg

    At the end, when you were talking about Classic Who throwbacks, I really liked in “The Sontaran Stratagem” when the Doctor meets Colonel Mace and Mace says “Technically speaking, you’re still on staff.” 

  • Janeth Gutierrez

    Great episode once again. I was so surprised to hear my comment read on the episode lol. As for my comment on the Martha hate, I was referring to seeing a lot of it in the comments, not to much in the actual podcast lol.

    & For natalie’s theory (I think it was natalie… correct me if I’m wrong) on how those who were for the Doctor/Rose story line (or shippers) being opposed to Martha more so than those who weren’t. I’d just like to say that I’m a hardcore Doctor/Rose shipper & it doesn’t stop me from loving Martha. Also, loved the talk about who we’d like to see guest star on the show. I’m all for anyone from Harry Potter & Game of Thrones coming on. Game of Thrones has such a fantastic bunch of actors, I’d love to see any of them.

    & as for where you can watch some Classic Who, I’ve recently been watching it here:

    I’d also like to comment on how this is the only podcast I’ve ever listened to that I actually skip ahead because of the spoilers section lol.

  • Maria Wang

    Nothing like coming home from work to a relaxing Doctor Who podcast.

  • Oscar

    Wow… it’s so strange hearing my email name aloud… nevertheless, you’ve definitely gone and increased my confidence in you’re listener interaction.

    While this episode was as good as always (i.e: exceptional), I must say I felt quite ‘left out’ for quite a few moments of the episode. While I think discussing actors that you want and possible Game of Thrones crossovers is great, I think that the problem is that I don’t watch Game of Thrones or know those actors, so to me those segments just felt like a string of names that meant nothing to me and took up a lot of time. What I’m saying is, maybe if you have segments discussing things like actors from other shows that may not mean much to some fans, it might work better if there’s only one section of that in an episode, rather than two, because that made me feel a bit overwhelmed. Also, I think it was a good thing that Harri explained the gunpowder plot, but in the same thread I’d have appreciated an explanation of whatever happened on the Bounty, because I’d never even heard of it.

    With all of that said, you’re doing a fantastic job. I’d have said that America would have had a show that spans generations as Doctor Who does if Star Trek had continued as a series, but then that would have meant we’d never have gotten the movie, which was brilliant.

    And that Mary Shelley/Lord Byron house party has to happen. It just can’t not happen.

  • Franki94

    After feeling a little bit disappointed with your last episode due to the fact that I thought I would have nothing in common with the hosts, I am happy to say that you have redeemed yourselves. Particularly Harry, who is reading The Writer’s Tale, which is my all time favourite book and one of the many reasons why I love RTD so much. 

    I loved the segment where you discussed possible historical episodes, and loved the Mary Shelley and Co one. That would be a fantastic episode! I also liked Natalie’s Oscar Wilde idea, and I think that would be a great way to reintroduce Jack Harkness, haha. And it’s totally possible for the Doctor to go back to places he already been, and have multiple adventures there. He was in 1963 twice…I think it would be cool to have a Madeliene L’Engle episode because she wrote lots of books about time travel and changing the course of history by going back in time etc. 

    I have an idea for something you could discuss, and you sort of alluded to this already, but what Classic Who companions would you think would be cool to have back, say a regeneration of Susan or something?

  • Joss Arden

    Hey WhoHype podcasters! I was really excited to hear that there was going to be a Doctor Who podcast on Hypable and have enjoyed listening to both episodes. The segments you’ve included have been enjoyable to listen to.You mentioned the possibility of discussing classic Doctor Who episodes on future podcasts and asked for suggestions for specific episodes to discuss. I really like that idea. My suggestion would be rather and picking and choosing episodes, committing to covering entire seasons – this might be a nice thing to do when Doctor Who is on hiatus and you don’t have new episodes to discuss anyway. 

  • Cheryll

    I was just listening to your second podcast. Love it!! Concerning who I would like to see in future Doctor who series – definitely Richard Armitage, the lead guy from Bedlam, Maggie Smith, Fred and George from Harry Potter (names??), and Benjamin Cumberbach. By the way, one of the “merry men” from Robin Hood has already been in Doctor Who. He played one of the boys in “The Family of Blood” with David Tennant and Freema. I look forward to your podcast every week.

  • Gabbi

    Great Podcast! Nice to hear an Aussie voice on the show too.

    Just adding to the Martha discussion, I actually quite like her, and she is amongst my favourite companions- just not as much as Jack. Personally, I found her to be a strong, interesting, and sometimes funny character. What I particularly liked about Martha was how she coped with various problems when the Doctor wasn’t around (or at least, turned into a human.)

    However, I think this character suffered due to her being in love for the Doctor. For me, it did not undermine her character, but after Rose it became very repetative. I think the reason so many fans dislike Martha is purely because she came after Rose, the first compainion of the new Doctor Who, who already had her heartwrenching story. As I have only recently come into this fandom, I watched the first two seasons within weeks, rather than in two years, and did not develop this attachment to Rose like so many others did.

    Also, as you guys mentioned on the last podcast about the idea of the new compainion being from a different era, I believe this would give the show a much more interesting dynamic. However, she probably will just be a 21st century girl, in order to keep with the idea of the ‘audience surrogate’. However, if there were two new companions, having one from another time could work, as the audience’s reaction could be shown through the other  compainion. The idea of a different time is part of Jack’s appeal- especially his ability to flirt with anyone and anything, and those 51st century pheremones :D

    Sorry for the rant, love the podcast!

  • The Scribbler

    I’m SO thrilled to hear Richard Armitage and Stephen Fry get a mention (I’ve longed to see them in the show for forever), but Brendan Coyle? Thank you, thank you for saying that! I really thought I was the only one who appreciated his awesome-ness.
    Anyway, great podcast. Long overdue. :)

  • Kelsey

    Re: “Sonic” on Bow Bridge: I went to NYC in October of last year and the “Sonic”s were there then. 
    It was actually a really funny experience when my friend and I found it because we had been taking pictures all around the city with a Matt Smith plushie her sister had made for her and needless to say we had a bit of fun at Bow Bridge.
    But yeah…it had nothing to do with the filming, as that only happened about a month ago and the “Sonic”s have been there at least 8 months.

  • Kate

    Hey! I love the new podcast and I had a question for you guys
    How old is Donna Noble supposed to be? 
    I know that Catherine Tate is 44 currently, but I was wondering how old Donna was supposed to be?
    The way that the character was written and judging by past companions, I would guess that she was in her mid to late twenties, but Catherine looks older than that. 
    Just wondering if anyone knew how old she was :)

    Keep up the awesome podcasting! <3

    P.S. Where can we see these Sonic pictures?

  • a.periplatypus


  • HarryTheHippo

    Just pointing out Day of the Moon and the previous episode with Nixton were based around the first moon landing, So sorry Harri but it might jot be possible to do the Space race (Unless the shove The Silence into a time crack)

  • belac889

    The whole space race was already done with the first two episodes of season 6. So unless the Silence are pushed into a Time Crack, probably no space race episodes. And where is the next podcast!

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