Posted on 4:32 pm,
August 30, 2012

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Morgan and Chelsea talk to LAIKA animator, David Vandervoort. In this interview, they discuss his career as a “self-made animator”, his experience at LAIKA, ParaNorman and all things animation.

■ Interview: David Vandervoort
■ Rapid Fire Q&A
■ His path as a “self-made animator”
■ What are his ultimate career goals
■ How does one make the jump into stop-motion animation?
■ What’s the difference in approaching animated CGI, 2D and stop-motion?
■ His work on ParaNorman: 2D faces and story
■ David’s favorite scenes from the movie
■ How did they accomplish the ghosts?
■ ParaNorman contest to win ParaNorman gear
■ Mail bag: Luis Escobar, late-night animation marathons, Anastasia/Tangled similarities, Frankie Franco III

This episode's hosts: Morgan Stradling & Chelsea Robson

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