Posted on 9:33 am,
June 12, 2012

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With Smash returning sometime early 2013, Mitch, Jess and Coty gather together on the first of many hiatus episodes to come! This time, they give their thoughts on season 1 of Smash, and their theories for season 2!

  • We all go through what we liked and didn’t like about season 1, our favorite musical numbers, and what we wished was different in the past season.
  • In general, we liked some of the guest stars, but only if they served a purpose.
  • We read some listener tweets, which mention some of the great things and not so great things we’ve noted about Smash before.
  • After giving our thoughts for what season 2 may hold, we beg the creative team to continue bringing on the amazing original showtune songs!
  • We have an official list of the songs, in order, of Bombshell!
  • News covers Smash’s overall tv ratings for the past season, a casting call from NBC for three new characters next season, four characters that won’t be on next season, and Megan Hilty revealing Ivy’s fate!
  • Kudos to Mitch for our new album art!

    Stay tuned to our twitter @smash_chat and for the latest Smash season 2 news, and to find out when new Smash Chat episodes will be released!

This episode's hosts: Mitchel Clow, Jessica Chapman, Coty Chanley

  • Katiekins

    I am very excited about the Danny character. I think he’ll be the audience’s heartthrob character, replacing Michael Swift. My theory is that Michael was meant to be the major crush character, but nobody liked him because he’s such a creep, so now they’re bringing in Danny.

    • Mitchel Clow

      Good point! Maybe they’re just trying to restart with Danny!

  • Scotty

    Another Op’nin Another Show is actually not original. zit’s from the musical Kiss Me Kate. :)

    • Mitchel Clow

      Thanks! I was thinking that it wasn’t an original song, only because it seemed odd for them to create a new song that wasn’t going to be in Bombshell.

  • Gianmarco Segato

    Wow, what a pleasant surprise when I opened itunes the other day and two podcasts were waiting. I’m a little out of the smashchat loop! Great to hear your amusing-as-always voices. I’d have to agree with most of your summing up of season 1. I think we all value the fabulous original music and production numbers. They’d be really silly to cut back on those at the expense say of putting in more pop covers. Hope they don’t go that route in the hopes of drawing in a wider audience.
    For my most unliked part of the season I’d have question the whole Uma Thurman storyline. Part of me asks, why did they bother with that? But…giving it a bit more thought, I can see how it addressed a real issue for Broadway shows these days which seem to rely on movie/tv stars to draw in the audiences. I think, as you’ve all pointed out, that the shortness of the season made storylines like this one just too condensed…it’s like we went into, and out of the Rebecca story waaaay too fast, so it seemed like a weird kind of add-on. Anyway, I hope they do continue on with Bombshell’s path to Bwy…and I predict we haven’t seen the end of Megan Hilty as Marilyn…otherwise, what would Ivy’s role be this coming season? Understudy? Chorus? 8 months seems like a looong wait!

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