Posted on 7:24 pm,
August 6, 2012

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Morgan and Mason interview Chris Horne, a technical director at Pixar! They talk about Chris’s journey to Pixar; his work on Brave, Finding Nemo 3D and other films; and his advice for aspiring animation students.

■ Thoughts on the hilarious stop-motion shorts, Creature Comforts
■ Interview: Pixar’s Chris Horne
■ Chris’s background: how he got interested in animation, Pixar, the college years
■ What’s the process of getting hired by a big studio like Pixar?
■ Chris on being a Pixar fanboy working for Pixar.
■ About the lighting, rendering and Lightspeed departments
■ What do the lighting and rendering departments actually do?
■ Chris talks about crazy and hilarious software glitches, bloopers and malfunctions!
■ New animation software: Presto
■ Lighting an animated shot: balancing realism vs. cartoony
■ What part of Brave he worked on: the hardest scene Pixar’s ever done, cake cauldron scene,
■ Hair simulation
■ Every character has its own posse of lights
■ How big is the team that worked on the 3D conversion of Finding Nemo 3D?
■ What is “bit rot”?
■ Must see 3D movies: Avatar and Finding Nemo 3D
■ Nerdy questions: pizza planet truck, the witch’s inspired by Zelda?, who would win in a fight: King Fergus or Stoick the Vast?
■ What is Chris working on now? What’s the deal with Finding Nemo 2?
■ Where he wants to go from here/career goals
■ How important is a demo reel? Advice for animation students

This episode's hosts: Mason Smith & Morgan Stradling

  • The507thDoctor

    So glad you guys are talking about Creature Comforts!

  • Dreamer

    this interview was so interesting, I learned a ton! Chris seemed like a really cool guy. :) I really want to rewatch Brave now.

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