Posted on 3:45 pm,
May 27, 2012

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The latest episode of Hunger Games Chat has arrived! Listen as we discuss some of the recent Hunger Games news and dive into the listener mailbag.

Note: This episode was recorded before The Hunger Games DVD/Blu-ray announcement, so we will discuss that news on Episode 17.

– A ‘Hunger Games’ spoof will be headed to theaters.
– Kill, Maim Alliance returns.
– Would you uphold your own alliance? Andrew wouldn’t.
– We open up the mailbag to catch up on comments we’ve received about the past two episodes.
– Listeners address our Battle Royale VS Hunger Games discussion.
– The Foxface Theory: Did Foxface purposely eat the deadly berries?
– At the least, did she think she had a chance of winning at that point in the games?
– Whatever happened to learning Foxface’s real name?

This episode's hosts: Andrew Sims, Selina Wilken, Jeremy Baril

  • Georgie R

    I really want to listen but my iTunes isn’t updating! :(

    • Jeremy Baril

      You can always use our “Play Now” feature, or download the podcast using the podtrac link!

      • Georgie R

        Yep… found that later… *embarrasing*… :)

  • Maria Wang

    ‘Hunger Games’ spoof ?  Of course…

  • akacj7

    the spoof movies are supposed to be bad. it’s like thunder cats on SNL. 

    you should get some theme music for kill, maim, alliance. or at least just some dramatic drum beat.

  • Peeta Mellark

    You did hear her name in the movie it was just really faint and in the background. When she is leaving the stage for the interviews, Caesar flickerman says, “Thank You Gloria” but he kinda lowers his voice when he says her name. I heard it the first time and I never noticed it after that lol.

    • Mia

      I figured once the DVD comes out, I’ll watch it with subtitles and then the puzzle will be solved :D

  • Laylah

    Just to through it out there, for casting I would like them to choose someone like Colton Haynes for Finnick Odair. I think he has the right look. 

  • Mitchel Clow

    This Pokemon comic strip/gif from the first movie is a really specific response to Andrew being nervous about making any alliances with anyone, especially the fourth panel:

  • Amber.R

    I was researching Foxfaces real name after your latest podcast and a I found a wide varity of names like
    I do believe that these names could be completly wrong but you never know. The best moment when you would hear Foxfaces real name could be the part where they are getting ready to be interviewed by Caesar. You do hear a faint name by Caesar but the rest is just in whispers. My favourite character is Foxface, I never knew exactly why but in your next podcast, it would be cool if you named your favourite character (not including Katniss). Love the podcast. Keep it up, and Richard you are awsome….just putting it out there.

    • Voldy

      I think I read/heard somewhere that her real name is Marissa. I dunno.

      • Caroline

        I like Eve for her name, but I feel like we did get it, but didn’t hear it right. When her interview ended, Caesar said her name. It sounded kind of like ‘Kim,’ but I doubt it was.

        • Jack Farrugia

          I agree, I would really like it if it was Eve.

  • Laura J

    The first time I saw the film I thought I her Ceaser call her Sora or something that sounded like that… I’ve seen it several times since then but I could never hear it again! Lol

    • Laura Jones

       oh and p.s thanks for reading my comment :D

    • Laura Jones

       alot of people are saying it’s Finch as well

  • belac889

    I did not come up with the Foxface Suicide theory. I got it from Joey Graccifa (fail on spelling) on this video.

  • belac889

    And Joey Graceffa for Finnick!

  • TheGarBar13

    On scholastic forums it says that Ceaser said her name quietly… FINCH! Yep Finch… and ZAC EFRON for FINNICK!!!!!!

  • Laura Jones

    James Gaisford for Finnick! (the guy who plays Finnick in the mainstaypro mini series of Finnick and Annie on Youtube!)

    • Selina

       OH WOW I didn’t know this existed!!!! I know what I’m spending the next half hour doing! Thanks for bringing this to our attention :)

      • Laura Jones

         you’re welcome! i really like the mini series and now he is my perfect Finnick!everyone should watch it!

  • Jack Farrugia

    I LOVED the discussion on Foxface, besides Cinna she is my favorite character, I completely agree with Selina as I too don’t think that shw committed suicide as it would make no sense, unless she did have a breakdown. When you get the chance however I would love to hear similar discussions on other characters as I found this one extremely intriguing, maybe using some of the Catching Fire tributes such has Beetee, Mags, and Johanna? Anyway love the podcast so much and keep it up! 

  • Kate Sparkles

    Regarding the Foxface suicide theory.. before the cannon fires and they see her emaciated frame leave the arena, Katniss notes that the food has been touched. Foxface ate some of their goats cheese as well. Why would she have eaten their food if she was going to end her life? I’ve never thought it was a suicide. I truly believe that she just didn’t know those particular berries were dangerous and she was hoping to just sit it out and wait for everyone else to kill themselves off. 

    • Selina

      Great point Kate, I think that pretty much settles the debate!

      • belac889

        Watch Joey Graceffa video on this theory.

  • Jenny K.

    I have an opinion question for you guys. On my high school sophomore summer reading list, we had the option of choosing to read The Hunger Games. At the time, The Hunger Games was not as well known and the making of a movie was not in talks yet. I, seeing as it would be a good read, chose to use it as my summer reading book, and it obviously was a good book. A year later, however, the summer reading list had changed. The movie was in talks of being made and the series was becoming more popular. As a possible result, the book was taken off the list. Do you guys think that the school took it down just because it suddenly became popular? Or could there be another, perhaps more simpler reason? Thanks guys, love the show! 

    • Kate Sparkles

      Hmm it’s quite possible that the book had been on the list for a few years and it was time to be replaced anyway. However, there’s also the possibility that with the rise in popularity that The Hunger Game’s experienced, your college realized there’s a high chance many students will have read the novel before so it’s not really broadening their literary horizons and cuts back the reading load quite a bit.. now I know there’s always a chance that a student has already read a book to be studied during the semester, but having one of the most popular YA books of the moment on the book list seems to obvious… just some thoughts. 

  • Julie

    In your discussions in the last 2 episodes comparing Hunger Games to Battle Royale, you emphasized the fact that in the latter, the contestants had known each other for a long time.  This seemed to be the primary distinguishing characteristic between the two stories.  However, what you did not mention is that in Catching Fire, that was exactly the situation.  The contestants were all former victors, and except for the most recent victors, had known each other for many years of mentoring during the games.  This was treated in Catching Fire as an additional horror of the Quarter Quell – that the contestants would be force to kill their friends.

  • Grammar Nazi

    I LOVE this podcast, and I love when you play “Kill, Maim, Alliance”, but this has really been bothering me: “alliance” is NOT a verb. It is a noun. The related verb is “to ally”. You cannot “alliance with” anyone. You can FORM an alliance with someone, or you can ally yourself with someone. Seriously. 

    • Selina

      Who said it had to be three verbs? We break all the rules ;) Plus, it sounds better!

      • Grammar Nazi

        Oh, I agree; it does sound better as a name and I don’t have a problem with the name. I’m just saying when you guys discuss it and say “I’d kill x, maim y, and alliance with z”, it’s wrong because alliance isn’t a verb. Sorry if my first comment came across as obnoxious; all of the capital letters look that way even to me now. I wish there were a way to italicize instead.

        Regardless, I’ll still listen to the podcast and I greatly appreciate the time and effort you guys put into it! :-)

        • Guest

          Thank you, Grammar Nazi! I came here to post the same thing. You’re right, the name is different than using it as a verb. “I would alliance with…” *cringe*

  • Chloe

    About your discussion Foxfase, she did not know about the Nightlock  i think, she mast of been very tired, not sleeping , and not thinking clearly why  Peeta left the  berries in the first place, thinking they where blueberries. Katniss new about the  Nightlock because didn’t her famliy own a apothecary so she would now about the natural healing herbs and poisons! So that’s why Katniss knocked the berries out of peeta hand in the first place!

  • Brad Gibbons

    About your question if Foxface’s name was ever mentioned, according to the Katniss Chronicles her name is Korilana Koates

  • Rikke

    This has nothing to do with your latest podcast, but have you considered having segments such as chapter by chapter on the show? I love your show!

  • Kaitlyn G

    I think it’s important to point out that the plants station Foxface is using in the movie looks like a matching exercise so she doesn’t necessarily know much about plants.

    • Kaitlyn G

      And here’s an interview where Jacqueline Emerson confirms that it is a matching game:

  • AliciaB_district2

    This is my favorite podcast ever!! Speaking of Foxface, i don’t think she would have eaten the berries on purpose. I agree with Selina, why did she take them from Peeta and not from the bush? She must have assumed that they were all right, and through out the book, she does sneaky moves like that. Love the show! <3 (:

  • Lauren

    I love this podcast, but Imprint will always be my favorite. I know you mentioned it in this episode, and I was wondering if you were still going to continue Imprint at some point? It’s been around 7 months since the last episode and we haven’t heard anything about what is going on with it. I know you just now restarted your Hype podcast, now what about Imprint? Thanks for responding, if you do, and keep up the great work on all of your podcasts!

  • katie harding

    Ok, i read in a comment on the last show.. and this person said if it was katniss’s first time in the games but she was in clock arena,would she have figured it out and survived. I thought it was really interesting AND would make a great discussion,please talk about it, i really would like to know your thoughts on it!

  • Maritere Domínguez

    I just listened to the Battle Royal Episode and I decide to watch the trailer and I found out that the music in the back is the same one in the game Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup lol. 

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