Posted on 11:25 am,
May 6, 2012

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Smash Chat 15 is FINALLY here! Sorry for the delay-it’s finals week at Mitch’s college. However, next week, expect the episode at its normal Tuesday morning time, as we’re going to try a new more efficient way of editing!

-Roxanne subs in, delivering one-liners like it’s nobody’s business.

-Our recap begins of “Tech,” with us discussing how ridiculous it is for Julia to suggest for the show to cast an entirely new Joe DiMaggio in such a short amount of time.

-As we predicted, Derek hits on and sleeps with Rebecca. Mitch spins crackpot theories of future storylines involving STDs and pregnancies. No one else buys them.

-Roxanne points out how much R.J. looks like Katharine McPhee. Jess describes how her bringing over alcohol could be seen as a legitimate means to have someone get better.

-Rolling off of his guilty conscious from kissing R.J., Dev’s storyline steers towards a train wreck as he proposes to Karen.

-Roxanne describes her tastes for a very specific type of man.

-What are the exact legal actions that would take place if Julia was to leave the show? If you know, feel free to share your thoughts in the Hypable comments!

-It seemed like Frank moved back in with Julia fairly quickly. Was the situation with Leo the cause of this?

-Roxanne’s the only one that understands Mitch’s “Spring fling beer bash extreme!!!” reference from “Legally Blonde: The Musical.”

-Mitch and Roxanne gush over the fact that the original Christmas Eve from “Avenue Q” is Derek’s assistant, Linda.

-In the previews for next week, we find out that Dev and Ivy have to pretend to be meeting each other for the first time, even though they had just slept with each other, and that Meg was right about someone putting something in Rebecca’s smoothie!

-News covers the release of the first Smash soundtrack, Debra Messing’s award nomination, and some nice consistent TV ratings for last week’s episode.

-We’ve received the final episode synopsis for Smash season one! Make sure to fast-forward from 1:25:24 to 1:30:35 to avoid all spoilers, if you so wish!

This episode's hosts: Mitchel Clow, Jessica O'Neal, Megan Stoll, Roxanne Clark

  • Kate

    What I learned from Smash this week: whenever you don’t want to make a decision, just flap your arms around while squawking, “I’M IN TECH! I’M IN TECH! TECH! TECH!”
    I understand what she was saying, but the Smash: Fact or Fiction website clarified that while tech is tedious and the hours are long, it doesn’t consume your soul. She can contemplate a proposal. That’s still the least of my problems with this episode.

    Seriously, though, I think I’m done with this show. I’ll listen to the podcast for the last two episodes to find out what happened (and because I love you guys), but I’m not gonna bother watching.

    So, everyone is cheating on each other. Derek with Rebecca. Dev with RJ. Dev with Ivy. And the other main plot involves the fallout of Julia cheating with Michael. Ugh.  There are other sources of conflict in the theater world besides sex. I wanted this show to be a drama about the creative process of making a Broadway musical. But it isn’t. It’s just a soap now.

    The only thing I somewhat liked this week was the Tom/Sam storyline. Christian Borle is definitely my favorite thing about the show. But I have to say, there are dancers who continued their career into their 60s (just a small sample): Ben Vereen, Hinton Battle, Maurice Hines…Donald O’Connor was performing well into his seventies as were Jimmy Slide, Steve Condos, Ann Miller, etc.
    It’s not the norm, sure, but it’s possible. 

    Oh, and I liked that Karen told Dev off when he was like “I almost slept with RJ and I totally could have but I came here to propose to you instead!” Oh, so you decided you wanted to marry her while you were fused at the mouth to another woman? Shut up, you smug, cheating, wannabe martyr. Katharine McPhee was actually ANIMATED in that scene. That’s a first.

    I don’t agree they had to bring Michael Swift in. Why can’t Tom just step into the role of Joe DiMaggio for the Boston run? He looks more like DiMaggio than Swift, that’s for sure. And we’d get to hear more of Tom singing!!! 
    Ok, maybe Tom’s too busy or whatever, but is Smash seriously trying to tell me that Bombshell doesn’t have an understudy already for their LEADING MAN?! Even with all this drama about who the Marilyn understudy is? Please.

    I agree with Roxanne that Julia is being selfish in this episode. It’s her fault she couldn’t control herself. No need to hijack the production because…she’s afraid she’s going to fall into Michael Swift’s trap of lust again? She’s punishing him because she doesn’t realize it takes two to tango and they’re both responsible for the fiasco they caused? I just don’t get it. 

    I’m not even going to begin to speculate logical reasons WHY Derek slept with Rebecca. I’m convinced it’s because no one in the writers’ room wants to make a decision about his character (out of sheer laziness, and the desire to make him whatever they want from week to week in order to serve whatever half-assed conflict they’re trying to present). I understand what Roxanne is saying: Derek is trying to build Rebecca’s confidence. But he can’t bone her into having a great voice or Broadway chops. It’s just the writers thinking that sex is the most gripping conflict, yet again.

    Eileen used to be awesome. Now I think she’s lame. I thought her whole character arc was supposed to show her proving to herself that she could run a successful show without a man…but this episode has Nick spouting off about how she should handle the show, and she’s just nodding and smiling? Eye roll.

    The only possible way I’d consider the finale to be worthwhile:
    Rebecca can’t go on as Marilyn because her smoothie is poisoned with a peanut (BECAUSE SHE’S ALLERGIC, YOU GUYS, HAVE YOU HEARD?!)—maybe by Ellis (who seems oddly devoted to Ivy), or maybe in an act of self sabotage, Rebecca blames it on Karen and demands that she be fired, and then Ivy goes on as Marilyn. This would be in character, because we know Rebecca is afraid of going on AND feels threatened by Karen moreso than by Ivy, I think. It would also give Karen some actual challenges to face next season: trying to make it in Broadway as a struggling actress without her boyfriend paying the bills. AND Ivy will have to pull herself together (it’s clear she’s kind of on the edge of a breakdown after all the Derek crap) and go on. 

    But since this is Smash, and the writing is bad, they’ll probably have Ivy poison Rebecca (in an attempt to eradicate audience sympathy for Ivy so we’re on Karen’s side)….or Ellis will do the poisoning and Ivy will get blamed….and Karen will be Marilyn by default. Because they have to contrive a way for Karen to get the role without actual talent being a part of the decision.

    • Mitchel Clow

      Lots of great thoughts! First off, I’m really glad that you care about us/trust us enough to give you the synopsis of the final two episodes! Although I am sad that the show hasn’t connected with you enough lately to keep you coming back for more!

      You know, I’d have to agree with you that I think that the show is turning more soapy, in that there are a lot of cheating relationships going on. I actually never really thought about it before, so thanks for opening up my eyes to this!

      You know what? I like you self-sabatouge theory a heck of a lot better than anyone else poisoning her smoothie. Works much better dramatically in my opinion. And it also works as a good way for us to leave Rebecca in the past with a bad taste. I mean, I already don’t like her too too much for basically just existing. I’ll never forgive her for coming in and taking the role away from either Ivy or potentially Karen. But hey, as they say, “that’s showbiz.”

  • katmellark

    The episode doesn’t show on iTunes. Do you know when it’ll be up?

    • Mitchel Clow

      Working on that right now! Sorry!

  • NYnina17

    Its not up on itunes guys do you know when youll be able to put it up?

    • Mitchel Clow

      Sorry about that, working on it!

  • Mitchel Clow

    You can still listen by pressing the “download podcast” link above, as that’s been updated.

    We’ll tweet out when it’s posted on iTunes and the podtrac player! =]

  • Mitchel Clow

    All links are up and running! iTunes is available too!

  • Trel

    Hey in regards to the messed up Tv schedules and how they release new episodes and stuff became messed when the whole hollywood writers strike happened and i was really mad because Heroes season 2 got chopped in half and after the writers strike studios started making episodes as the season went on to be cautious of another strike and because shows we’re being cancelled left and right because after the writers strike interest in shows had disappered and shows were changed to different times and days …tv is a whole mess now because of that… lost Ugly Betty :( …Eastwick :( lol sigh and all of these hiatus’ kill me because they are so random and its because no one is confident in filming a large amount of episodes because now you can be cancelled with no notice like the show um Allen Gregory that came on Fox one weak is was there and the next week its totally replaced…sigh i miss the old way tv was ran…btw im 24 and i remember the sweeps of back in the day :D

  • Jeff D.

    While listening to Smash Chat today, it came as quite a surprise to hear you reading the comment I wrote about Debra Messing as lead actress and Megan/Katharine as supporting and my comparison to what they did with Dreamgirls. Thanks for reading that; I didn’t think that would happen.

    • Mitchel Clow

      No problem! It was a great explanation! I actually just made another reference to it in tonight’s episode. =]

  •!/Dillon_Mays Dillon

    I have a two week spring break. And I’m in Missouri

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