Posted on 10:57 am,
January 31, 2013

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Our show is dedicated to in-depth discussion about the Doctor Who universe: show and cast commentary, filming locations, rumors, tie-in video games/other products, spin-off series and more.

Three of our regular hosts from around the globe are back on this episode.  Hypable’s regular Doctor Who writer, Laura Byrne-Cristiano leads the discussion with Jen Lamoreux, and Natalie Fisher joining in.

-Since we are in between episodes, we feature current news, predictions, and how we think Steven Moffat is doing.

-For current news we cover:

  • How we started a Doctor Who viral story
  • Mark Gatiss progress on the docudrama
  • Steven Moffat on giving up his Twitter and the TARDIS redesign
  • The Great Intelligence
  • Rumors on appearances by all 11 Doctors

– Moving along we talk about Moffat himself

  • What is the greatest asset he brings to the franchise
  • What are his weak points
  • Overall is he more of a pro than a con

As we say in the show, our listeners are the most important thing to us. We want you hear from you.

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You can also catch our  hosts on Twitter:

Laura @Laura__BC

Natalie @nataliefisher

Jen @JenLam26

This episode's hosts: Laura, Natalie, and Jen

  • Raina

    Its great to have you guys back. Really enjoyed this episode. I think the question of if the Doctor could go back and save Amy and Rory was valid. He could have but they were already dead. If the Doctor knew when, where, and how Amy and Rory died why would he go back for them. Its almost same situation in Waters of Mars. When the Doctor knew about the crew’s fate. If Amy and Rory were still alive then I could see him going back and saving them but their names were already written on the gravestone.

  • Charlie Smrekar

    Eoin Colfer’s name is pronounce like the name “Owen”, not how it was said on this episode. I got it wrong too when I first started reading his books.

    • Lauren

      YES! He writes it in the cover in every book :)

  • Matthew Goldenberg

    I was surprised no mention of the Doctor Revisited program on BBC America.

  • jess

    For some reason on iTunes Australia this podcast episode is titled the same as the last episode, ‘The Snowmen’, for the past few days I thought the latese episode just wasn’t available in Australia for some reason until I noticed the ‘second’ Snowmen episode had a release date of 31st January. You guys may want to fix this :s

  • belac889

    I just watched a YouTube video about the TARDIS. And I got this idea from a comment. What if the TARDIS interior will slowly become brighter as the Doctors Mood improves. Maybe the lights will grow even brighter as the series goes on.

  • Shelby Walker

    I was wondering if you guys might want to talk about actors you’d like to see take the role of the Twelfth Doctor… If you do, I have an option you could talk about that I’ve seen online: Colin Morgan. I’d personally like to see Ben Whishaw. When I saw him in Skyfall as Q, all I kept thinking was: “You could be the Doctor!” No idea why… but I keep coming back to him and wanting him to be the Doctor.

  • belac889

    I found a theory for why no one noticed the Statue of Liberty. I got the idea from a article on Doctor Who Tv.

    To summarize the article, the Angel of Liberty is really an image implanted into the mind of the victims of the Winter Quay. This explains why the Statue didn’t get Amy and Rory when they weren’t looking. It also explains why no one else noticed the Statue.

  • jayen

    when will we get more who hype podcasts?

  • Mikhaila

    Hey Whocasters!

    Just a quick question, has the whole “People like Amy and Rory don’t remember the Dalek invasion from the Tennant years” ever been resolved??

    Further more, if they don’t remember the Daleks do they not remember all the other alien happenings around London and the world? Is it connected to the Doctor disappearing around the universe? I didn’t think it would at first seeing as that only started happening at the start of this season but otherwise it doesn’t make any sense!

    Will this be the next arc in the story for the end of this season or maybe in one of the seasons to come?

    Just a throughout that’s been bugging me for a while now so I thought I would bring it up here

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