Posted on 10:37 am,
April 17, 2012

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The latest episode of Hypable and’s Hunger Games Chat is here! Listen in as we discuss the BIG news that shook up The Hunger Games fandom last week.

– The Hunger Games was insanely successful at the domestic box office. But what about overseas?
– Why did Gary Ross leave Catching Fire? Were his concerns valid?
– Are we sad he’s leaving?
– Is Catching Fire in trouble without him?
– We look at the list of directors Lionsgate is considering.
– Who are our picks for the film?
– Joss Whedon says “it’s tempting” to direct the film.
– Listeners chime in with their director picks.

Leave a comment in the area below and we may use it on the next show! Enjoy!

This episode's hosts: Andrew Sims, Richard Reid, Selina Wilken, Kimmy West, Jeremy Baril

  • liz murphy

    Personally, the reason why the hunger games did not do well overseas is because it was not advertised that much. Ok i saw about 10/15 ads on the tv but that wasnt enough. They should have been promoting it earlier and been doing tv spots in other countries then America. Just my opinion. Loved your review show and keep up the great work  ! :D

  • Ktmccrary

    I have a question for the experts :).  Will you guys know when they have an open casting call for extras for the second film?  I live EXTREMELY close to where they would be filming (if they are indeed still filming in NC)  and would do juuuuust about anything to get on that set!!!!  Within the law and reason, of course:)

    • Peeta Mellark

      when they get a director

  • Gary65

    ROFL I’m re-listening to old eps of Mugglecast. Episode 88, around the 35th minute, Andrew says “I am a fan of shaky camera shots” LOL That’s ironic.

  • WhatTheGrace

    I really don’t understand why everyone bashes Alfonso Cuaron, forget the acting and all the cringy dialogue that a lot people say that it had. As a director i think he would absolutely do a great job, Catching Fire is such a different book visually from The Hunger Games. We get to see the victors village, more of the woods – the scene that stands out the most in my mind is the whipping scene – i have no idea how they’re going to do that effectively with a pg-13 rating and lastly the arena which is just so vividly different and unique. With Potter, Alfonso brought so much imagination to the world of HP and i think he would definitely bring an entirely different outlook on how the world of Catching Fire would look like. The only thing that does concern me is that he might like in Potter cut out or change scenes. 

    Oh, i do agree with the point of having one director consistently directing a franchise, it would have been awesome if Gary directed all 3 films. *does 3 finger salute* (to Gary)

    • Selina

       I agree with you, which is why even though I didn’t think Cuaron was right for Potter, he’d do a good job with Catching Fire. Still bummed about Ross leaving though, but we might as well get over it as it’s done. :/

  • Escayna

    The movie is doing really well here in Norway, and I saw lots of articles about it in the news, so I don’t think it’s the same all over Europe. It also got excellent reviews over here.
    As for what you guys were saying about the title and how that might confuse people who haven’t read the books, I think that could be a factor. I read all the books in English, but the Norwegian title is “The Death Games” (Dødslekene) and not The Hunger Games, so maybe that made people who hadn’t read the books want to see the movie. Who knows.

  • Franki94

    I know you guys didn’t mean it, but I was really offended at the beginning of the episode due to the fact that those of you who are Americans were a bit self-important about it, and those of you who aren’t didn’t really stop it. To answer Kimmy’s question about whether people see films because they are big in the States, no, at least not here in Australia. To be honest, I don’t think many people actually pay attention to what’s happening overseas, so the films we see are the films that are advertised to us. Like the Hunger Games, which has a HUGE Australian following, and also was highly advertised, as pointed out by MANY Aussies in the comments for the last episode. But then again, Australia is often over looked by people from other countries, so maybe it’s not a surprise that you forgot us. 

  • Gkcgirl

    Hey guys! I know you have a lot of news right now, what with this bombshell and all, but I was wondering if in the future you could do more “fun” segments? Specifically, I would love it if you could somehow integrate my favourite game from MuggleCast, Make The Music Connection, with this podcast. I would love to see the connections there!! Thanks for such an amazing podcast!!

  • Hermitcrabmcgee

    Hey! I don’t think you have had any sort of “Chicken Soup” ideas, ( can you tell Im a muggle cast listener :p ) but maybe this could be your first! Before I listened to your show I was the only person I knew who read Hunger Games. I liked the books, but wasn’t that motivated about them. Then I started listening to you guys, and got so much more excited about the books and the possibilities of the movie! Now 8 of my close friends are super huge fans because of you influencing my influencing them, as well as both my parents, my aunt, my grandparents, and my sister! I can’t believe the franchise is so huge, and I am now on fire for this fandom, all thanks to you! Thank You for everything!!!!!

    • Hermitcrabmcgee

      * me

  • Joss Arden

    Greetings Hunger Games Chat! In listening to the discussion about the time frame needed to film Catching Fire, I was wondering if it was ever officially announced which film was going to be broken in two. I’m sure the originally planned on splitting Mockingjay, but I was wondering if splitting Catching Fire might help with the rushed time frame. I understand it’s a short time frame regardless, but thought perhaps focusing on half the book might help ease the stress at least somewhat. What are your thoughts?

  • Eleanor

    You guys always talk about how Lionsgate only advertised in America, but I live in New Zealand and there’s posters everywhere, trailers on tv all the time and big ads on the back of buses. Everyone knows about the Hunger Games and if you want to get the first book out from the library, here in Auckland you have to wait several months.

  • 7Starrchasers

    THANK YOU RICHARD! For saying how bad PoA is…

  • blackkiko

    Serenity was a bad movie?!  Watch Firefly and then Serenity and you might get it more. as you can tell I’m a concerned Firefly fan.

  • PotterJayKay

    Lionsgate is just screwing over this franchise. They should have thought about scheduling earlier. They should have done more advertising over seas. I dont even understand why they are holding back the DVD release? Seriously. I am getting really angry. Catching Fire is my favorite book of the franchise and if they do not do it justice, I will be very very angry.

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