Posted on 3:54 pm,
March 28, 2012

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Hunger Games Chat is back for its big movie review show! Check out what our hosts think of The Hunger Games movie, giving our opinion on all the big AND tiny details of the latest blockbuster of 2012.

Join Andrew, Richard, Selina and Kimmy for a live-recorded episode as we discuss:

  • The cinema audience and their appreciation for the movie
  • The cast and their portrayal of the characters
  • The demographics and revenue from the opening weekend
  • Who we liked, who we didn’t and who could have been better
  • How the movie compares to other book-to-film adaptations
  • Haymitch: Funny or serious?
  • The lack of violence and the shaky camera
  • The scenes added and the scenes lost
  • Listener comments and questions

This episode's hosts: Andrew Sims, Richard Reid, Selina Wilken, Kimmy West

  • Mary

    So excited to listen! I have been checking the wesite what feels like every hour since the movie was released!

  • rdh014

    Loved the bits about the audience reactions. Totally had the same experience, and you all took the words out of my mouth.

  • Liderc

    Thanks Andrew and Richard for being honest and critiquing this movie, it really hasn’t deserved all the praise it’s been given.  Andrew I was falling asleep myself and I think it’s because the first half was so boring, not because it was late.

    • moonshoespotter1712

      I thought the first half was better than the second. 

    • Joey J.

      I like the first half be for the games just as much as the games themselves

    • 7Starrchasers

      The first half was IMO well done, more so than the games, but I doubt Andrew would have fallen asleep if he wasn’t so tired.

  • Maria Wang

    I actually didn’t notice the camera at all. I only thought about it once during the movie. Only when i remembered people saying it was bad. So I looked for the shaking, for a moment it made me little bit dizzy. But I forgot about it after literally 1 minutes and moved on with enjoying the film. 

  • Dani Chen

    it’s about time! i have been refreshing hypable since friday waiting for this! 

  • Zoey

    I didn’t like the whole cave scenes. I was looking forward to them the most. They lacked romance. Yes I know Gary Ross doesn’t want “the next Twilight” but it just seemed Jen and Josh weren’t in love at all. Josh seemed like he was faking it and Jen had no feeling at all. I also don’t think Peeta’s character had enough emotional depth. He was just played as “the nice guy”. Not the guy that would do anything for Katniss. Please share what you think. :) 

    • Courtney Gibson

      I thought the acting was fine, but I felt the scenes were just really rushed.

  • Cassie Drake

    OMG I CAN’T WAIT! I effing LOVE Richard! Any episodes of anything with him on them are made of win!

    • Cassie Drake

      I was right. Awesome episode. Richard always has the truest, most honest reviews.

      A few things:

      1) About the ratings. “R” does not automatically mean SAW-LIKE GORE. “The King’s Speech” and “Bully” were both rated R by the MPAA simply for language. That being said, I don’t think THG needed to be rated R, but it was a very very soft PG-13. In Canada, it’s rated PG and G. G! IT’S RATED G IN ONE OF OUR PROVINCES! THAT IS HOW LITTLE VIOLENCE THERE IS
      2) Kimmy needs a better microphone or connection, cuz everytime she spoke, I had to turn my iPod up and then BAM! it was deafening when Richard or Andrew came in. Selina’s audio quality is somewhere in the middle.

      • Selina

         I think you’re confusing me and Kimmy! I was listening back and both me and Kimmy were low but I was so faint you could hardly hear anything I said… honestly I think this happened because Andrew and Richard were recording together, and me and Kimmy’s Skype levels I guess weren’t loud enough compared to theirs. We’ll work on that for next time!

        • Cassie Drake

          lol oh no, did I??? You have the non-American accent, right? Oh god, I’d feel super-bad if I got you guys mixed up =S

          lol maybe you just sound louder to me because I think your accent is sexy and was therefore trying harder to hear it?? xD

          • Cris

            I do love Selina’s accent. In a completely non-creepy way. >.>

      • Richard Reid

        It was actually a live recording; usually the podcast is edited to ensure everyone is at the same volume, but this episode was recorded differently to ensure we had it available ASAP.

  • MillerT1

    I have a funny story about theatre reactions. The second time I saw the movie when I was in a sold out cinema, there were many times when the audience reacted badly to something on screen by laughing at a serious moment. But even though all these moments were inappropriate, there was one joke that I just had to excuse because it was just so funny.

    It was during the scene when Katniss and Peeta are in the cave and Peeta is rubbing the medicine on her forehead cut. At that moment, one of my friends that I was with in the cinema yelled out “SIM-BA!” For those who don’t get the joke, it refers to the moment in The Lion King when Rafiki draws a line on Simba’s tracing in his tree home.

  • Rachel

    on the audience reactions.. I completely understand your point about it being inappropriate to clap at certain scenes. I was definatly nodding my head and agreeing when you all talked about how a death of a teenager shouldnt be celebrated and those people shouldnt have done that.. but then I thought about it and I have a slight memory of myself doing the same thing when I went to the midnight premere. I dont think I clapped because I was glad when characters died, it was more of a way to let out the relief I was feeling inside as well as me expressing that the scene was very well done and just as I imagined it. For example when Cato decapitates the tribute, I was really exited but not because I was so into the brutality of it all, but i thought it captured Catos character really well, and his crazyness. There was so much tension leading up to the midnight premere and thoughts going through your head like ‘its going to be great, but i hope they do things right, but they might not have enough time to make it good, oh lord its going to be awfull, ect’… When we finnally got to see that they didnt screw it up, I think alot of people were exited, and had to get those emotions out! Does anyone feel the same?

  • jozefd14

    Perfect timing because I just saw the movie yesterday 3/27

  • Brightspring

    I’m sort of on the fence about the theater reaction bit that Richard said about people talking not being hardcore fans. I think I’m a huge fan of Hunger Games and I’m a veteran of going to all the Harry Potter midnight releases. I feel that people ooh-ing and ah-ing is alright, at the proper times. There were times when I caught myself going “awww’ with the rest of the theater, for example the first time that they flahsed back to Gale.
    The only bit that really pissed me off in my theater was the cave scene. That was a touching and extremely important scene and the people down the row from me started laughing! I don’t know what they were laughing at but some of it was when Peeta was rubbing the medicine on Katniss’ forehead. All it looks like as if he’s smearing the blood around not really helping anything. In a result of their laughing it ruined the scenes. After I walked out of the movie I was thinking to myself how lame that scene was. When in reality I think if they hadn’t been laughing it would have come across much much better than it did. When seeing any movie with the amount of Hype that this movie has received its sort of unrealistic to expect everyone to be silent in a movie theater. 

  • mpgw97

    yes, for the audience reactions i was bothered when people reacted so loudly because when you watch a movie you want to be “sucked into the movie”, and when the person next to you is laughing, cheering and clapping at bad times, it makes it hard to stay fully enjoying it. 
    I also felt bad for haymitch be cause every one was laughing at him, i understand that he was meant to be a comical character but i seemed like sometimes people where laughing at him, not the funny things he said. 

  • Hazel

    Good podcast but Kimmy needs to think about what she wants to say in advance – she sounds like Fred Armisen’s SNL character Nicholas Fehn. Excitable to the point of distraction.

    • Janielovespeeta

      Um, over harsh much?

    • Anon

      I completely agree. I wish she would stop cutting the others off too. And like,  stop, like, saying so many “likes” :/

  • Bridget

    i only teared up when Rue died, but I really started crying when they cut to district 11 and what is assumably her dad starts the riot

  • mpgw97

    i think it could have worked better if it was made to be a 14a rated movie rather than pg13. i know not every where in the world has that rating available, (you can get into the movie with proof your older than 14 or are with a parent). with this rating they’d be able to get away with more of the violence than pg/pg13, but you wouldn’t be grossed out by gore like an R rated movie.

  • Josiah

    I sort of agree with Richard in that my audience seemed to laugh at inappropriate times (I admit I started giggling when Katniss watched Peeta sleep. “She’s Edward he’s Bella” I said). However, seeing it with a large group of people greatly improved my experience, what with all they energy everyone had. Overall, I think the film was great. In terms of book-to-film I was surprised at how faithful it was. The issues I have with the movie are almost entirely technical. The main one being the frickin shaky-cam! Oh my LORD you guys talked so much about that I need not continue. Personally I’d’ve preferred more blood, but unlike you guys I was somewhat surprised at the amount there was (that is, what you could see between the shakiness). There seemed to me to be multiple, minor continuity errors when the camera changed angle or shot. I cried possibly the most I ever have in a movie at Rue’s death; tears streamed down my cheeks as my throat closed up. However the scene change is too abrupt; I’m still getting over the death when while we’re trucking on. I’d hoped so much for a lot of shots like we’re the capitol watching the games (such as with the tree-camera). The mutts were disappointing, not wolves but mastiffs with no significance in the eyes. Overall I really liked it even though I wasn’t a huge fan of the book

  • Christian

    Concerning the shaking camera, you need to see it as a person. Instead of having a passive camera, where we put it on a tripod and we do stuff on front of it… the camera is part of the action. The camera become a character on itself. 

    And for the ambience of the movie mix with the direction of photography, i did not have any problem with it. totally justified

    • Christie Mayer

      I read an article about the use of hand-held cameras in the Hunger Games and how it creates this gritty artistic ambiance… The article was very pro hand-held but to be honest I think this is only something directors and cameramen appreciate (mostly). 

      There is a group of us at work that go to the movies all the time and one of the criteria for selecting a movie is whether or not there have been complaints about shaky cameras. It can be so bothersome that I (and others) have no choice but to stop watching and focus my eyes somewhere else. 

  • Kayla Brewer

    Hey guys! Love the podcast! I just wanted to recommend the book series “Gone” by Michael Grant. I think it has really big potential in the fandom for people who love Dystopians/ Young Adult / Science Fiction/ Hunger Games-esk (kids killing kids) type of stories. Let me tell you that they are kind of crazy…. but very good!

    They are truly worth the read, you will not be disappointed!
                Give it a shot:)       Thanks!

  • Echoreyn of Athens

    Thanks so much for bringing up Rue’s emotionless death scene!  Even though I was bawling when it happened, I was a bit disappointed in her lack of reaction to the giant hole in her body.  I suppose she could have been in shock, but I expected her to at least shake or cry or something.  Especially since I loved Amandla in Colombiana, and her death scene was the one I was most certain would be brilliant, I was sort of confused about the way it played out. Glad to hear I’m not alone with that thought!  Loved the podcast, as always.

    • akacj18

      i also kind of felt like, considering how tame the wound looked (even tho i know it had to be for pg-13), that it would take her way longer to die than it did?? 

  • Peta Brown

    I think your whinging about the violence in the film, when I saw the film I was very happy about the violence because to me it reinforced the underlying story. Though sometimes I really hated the hand held camera I was pleased. Also I have now idea how this film is PG-13. Its M in Australia so that is really weird. When I was in the cinema people were shocked by the violence, even though they enjoyed the film I could clearly see that they were uncomfortable. For example when Cato snapped the neck of the boy from district 3 the was a very audible intake of breath and then everyone was silent. To me this was a fantastic film and the best adaption I have seen so far.

    • Cassie Drake

      lol where I’m from it’s rated PG and if I drive 20 minutes, I enter a different province where it’s rated G. Just funny how those ratings work out.

    • 7Starrchasers

      The same thing happened to me both times I watched it..the audience said a collective “OH!…”

    • Franki94

      M is the Aussie equivalent of PG-13, so it’s rated the same basically. the only difference is that the suggested minimum age for our Australian M is 15 years. Not that it stops younger kids from coming to see it, like the boys sitting behind me when I went. I swear the oldest was like, 12. But I think you’re right, there was a good level of violence. If there was any more, then it would have been rated an Aussie MA 15+, and no one would have been able to see it. It carried the message across while still being a ‘teenaged’ movie, which is what it was meant to be. 

  • Nicole

    My audience was terrible, it was the first day it came out, but not at a midnight screening. They were whispering throughout the whole film. They laughed at points which weren’t funny, like when katniss volunteers for prim, or when she kissed peeta and when some of the tributes died. They also felt the need to shout out their opinions, when cato was about to die, they shouted things like “shoot him!” “push him!” I agree completely with wanting to punch them all. I am going to see it again and hopefully there isn’t another annoying audience. 

    Other than that, I think the movie was good but I think they rushed katniss’s relationship with rue, and the cave scenes were a lot shorter than I would’ve like, but it was amazing nevertheless. 

  • Whiggy

    It’s interesting how the advertising campaign was so poor in the UK. Here in Australia, we have at least 3 different shorts running at the moment and like 3 posters per cinema.

  • Hagrid’s Coat

    What did you guys think about how Peeta was the one who brought up the story with the bread, and how he said that he wished he had gone to help her? In the book, Katniss was the one who was always remembering how Peeta helped her, while Peeta didn’t think anything of it since to him it was a natural thing to do.

    Regarding how the audience might be confused about whether or not Peeta really loved Katniss, when I first read the book, I thought that Peeta was exaggerating his feelings for Katniss. I thought that he had made up the story he told to Caesar Flickerman, but then ended up falling for her. So, I think that some confusion of the audience fits with the story, where you’re not sure how much of what happens in the arena is just a show for the capital.

    Also, I think Peeta still would have told Katniss to shoot the arrow that would have killed both him and Cato even if he was not in love with her. By this time, they were both partners, and killing Cato would have meant ending the games. Peeta is always striving to do what he thinks is right, and allowing the girl from his district to win even if it meant his own death would be the right thing in his mind.

    • RabbitRabbit

      As readers of the book, when we watch the movie we are just assuming what non-readers may not understand. For this reason, I watched the movie with my boyfriend who hadn’t read the books and didn’t know anything about the plot (except that kids fight for food). He stated that it was obvious that Peeta loved Katniss and that Katniss didn’t. He referenced the scene in the cave when Peeta remembers when he first saw her and such. That made it obvious that Peeta was infatuated with Katniss from when he first saw her. 
      I told him that I wished the ending of the book was in the movie, when Katniss admits she didn’t really love Peeta and Peeta says he does. My boyfriend said that it wasn’t needed  because it was “so obvious already” and bringing it up again would be redundant. 
      Additionally I think the scene in the train when their going home depicted their relationship well i.e. when katniss says they’ll try to go back to the way it was and Peeta says something along the lines of not everything will be the same. Katniss wanted to go back to the way it was before Peeta admitted he loved her, because she obviously didn’t.

  • Stephanie

    My favourites from the movie: Haymitch, Seneca and Katniss.

    I agree with Andrew on the chariot scene “Girl on Fire”.  She didn’t look like she was on fire at all, I was really disappointed by that which is a shame because I was looking forward to that! I wish they would have showed all the other districts and their costumes too. 

    I LOVED the reaping. I think they captured the feel of District 12 excellently.

  • akacj18

    I agree that Rue’s actual death wasn’t particularly stirring, but after Katniss frames her with flowers, she salutes District 11 and then District 11 starts rebelling – UGH! – gives me the shivers just thinking about it. I imagined in my head that the guy who started the fighting was Rue’s dad and he was so overcome with grief that he couldn’t hold his anger back any longer.

    • Courtney Gibson

      I particularly fell apart when Katniss reacts. When she’s siting there and try’s to get the blood off her hand. And then before that when she freaks out and screams before she gets the flowers. Fantastic acting my Jennifer Lawrence!

  • akacj18

    one scene that i missed was the immediate aftermath of winning the games where peeta and katniss are taken to the “emergency room” and katniss is watching them work on peeta through the window and she was FLIPPING OUT and banging on t he glass and stuff. for me, reading the books, that was the moment when i realized how much she cared for him, not necessarily in a romantic way, but that they now shared an unbreakable bond having been through the games together.

  • Eliza

    Did anybody else find it a little strange that the Capitol accents were practically English london/midlands accents? It’s been annoying me a bit because they’re meant to be ‘affected’ accents and they sound like me!

  • Baylor

    The 75th Hunger Games involves previous winners so maybe Catching Fire will be able to show more violence and not be so shakey because it doesn’t involve kids killing kids.

  • ilikevegetables

    what I liked most of all about it was the portrayal of katniss and peeta’s fear.
    of course you see people being scared in some was shape or form in almost evry
    movie but the scene with katniss before she went into the tube as well as at
    the reaping. Jennifer played this so so well. katniss seemed genuinely scared.  she was shaking and generally seemed to be in
    total shock. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone do this as believable before
    same with josh in the car with effie and katniss. to see him starting to
    cry/tear up was an amazing detail cause if it happened in real life I believe most
    girls AND boys would react the same way

    what bothered me was that they cut a lot of little things that could have been
    easily included. like the lamb stew for instance. It’s obviously not vital to
    the story but would it have made a difference to send them the lamb stew
    instead of just soup? I don’t think so.

    and why didn’t they include peeta losing his leg and katniss’ hearing in one
    ear? again maybe not vital to the story but it kinda rubs me the wrong way
    because it feels like they wanted them to remain “perfect”. as if a
    disability would take away from their characters. ugh!

    and at the same time it would have also added another dimension to the movie to
    show how technically advanced the capitol really is. cause most of the arena
    could probably already be re-created today but the extent of fixing injuries or
    disabilities as shown in the books..we’re nowhere near that.

    other things l loved:-cesar. stanley tucci was brilliant.
    -district 12 in general
    -“abraham’s daughter” for the credits

    great, great movie.

    on the topic of promotion outside the u.s.: I feel like you guys judge it
    as uk=rest of the world. I’m from germany and there’s plenty of promo imo.
    there are posters in the subway and interviews on tv etc. we had the premiere
    with josh/jen/liam/elizabeth/gary a couple of weeks ago and it was packed. and I
    understand it was the same for france and spain. lionsgate wouldn’t send them
    out here/there if they didn’t care. they’re definitely trying to sell it imo

    • Selina

      Well we talk about the UK promotion cause that’s where both me and Richard are based right now. I did bring up Denmark, China and India ;)


     What parts of Catching Fire do you think will be cut from the film?

  • Rose

    You guys kept talking about having to cut the violence because they are children. Do you think Catching Fire and Mockingjay will be more violent because there aren’t children in the arena in Catching Fire and Mockingjay (except for a few instances) is mostly combat with adults and pods and such. Just throwing this out there because I was also disappointed with the glossing over of violence.

    • Courtney Gibson

      Very good point, but I feel like there’s less one on one violence in those two books than this one. But yes, I hope they don’t hold back as much because kids arnt really involved. And by mockingjay Katniss is pretty much 18 right? Not that the violence was a huge deal to me, and felt like it was quite okay in this film.

  • KL

    I read an article on Reuters that said Lionsgate pre-sold foreign distribution rights, which probably explains why they didn’t really market in foreign countries. I’ve included the link to the article.

  • Grace Nzita

    Richard you expect way too much in life when it comes to movies, i knew you wouldn’t like it. 

  • akacj18

    You know what would be really fun/cool to watch? All the stock footage that they shot for the previous Games winner, AND during the countdown before they can leave their pedestals there are a number of shots where we can see what’s being broadcast around Panem (in triple split screen), and there were some really cool aerial shots of the tributes around the cornucopia and also I think I saw Glimmer looking around, sizing up the competition around her, looking very non-chalant. That would be really cool for the DVD special features.

    • Courtney Gibson

      That would be quite amazing, wouldn’t let all that footage essentially go to waste. I hope they put lots of stuff on the DVD, but it always seems they short the DVD in some way. There is never that much on as there could be, sadly.

  • Veevee .

    I think most people can agree that the added scenes in the movie are some of the best ones. 

    I really like how they added that line where Peeta talks about how he shouldn’t have thrown the bread, he should have walked out in the rain, etc. It’s something they added, but it’s such a PEETA thing to say, I though it was perfect. 

  • Soccerabster

    There’s something I noticed when watching the movie the second time that I don’t know if anyone else caught. Before Rue’s death, when Katniss goes to blow up the Careers’ food, Marvel, Cato, and Clove run off to see who lit the fire and leave another Tribute, a boy, to stand guard. There is no way that the boy is alive at that point in the Games.
    After the first day, 13 Tributes are dead (12 in the cornucopia battle, and one caught by the Careers) which leaves the 4 Careers, Foxface, and both tributes form 10, 11, and 12 (we know this because the last picture shown when the anthem plays is from District 9 and they go in numerical order).
    When Katniss wakes up after the incident with the Tracker Jackers, Rue tells her that the boy from 10 and then girl from 1 have died. This means that, when Katniss blows up the food, the remaining tributes are: Marvel, Cato, Clove, Foxface, the girl from 10, Thresh, Rue, Katniss, and Peeta. Since Marvel, Cato, and Clove run off to find the maker of the first fire, there is nobody left who could be on watch that was part of the Career pack. Not only that, but the only other two boys are Peeta and Thresh, and it is obviously not one of them. Having the boy there was, in a sense, an important part of the plot, but at the point in the Games he can’t be alive.
    It’s not a huge deal and it doesn’t affect much, but it is a continuity error you think they might have caught.

    • Selina

      I don’t know, as someone who’s not that strong at maths I can see where they’d have trouble :P it’s a good point though.

    • Courtney Gibson

      My mind can’t comprehend all these numbers, but in the book the boy is from district 3. Not that that has anything to do with the movie, but still. I would think the filmmakers would put enough thought into the film to not make that numerical mistake though.

    • Joey J.

      Yeah in the book i’m pretty sure there were only supposed to be 11 dead in the cornucopia

  • Guest

    One of my favorite parts of the movie was the scene, after Katniss is burned and waiting in the water, where we see the pack of Careers movie towards her from the Gamemakers’ perspective, and hear Seneca Crane say, “Get a canon ready.” There is a quick shot of one Gamemaker sizing a picture and getting ready to project the picture of Katniss. This shows the horror, the fact that they’re goal was to trap Katniss and have her brutally murdered. They have essentially thrown a talented tribute into a corner hoping she gets killed, and I think this shows how violent and horrific the whole situation is.

    • 7Starrchasers

      I loved that scene..I also particularly loved the bit where shes on the tree and is trying to touch her burn…breaks my heart everytime!

  • Luke_rutledge49

    Check out my review of the movie here: 

  • Courtney Gibson

    Bookwizard here: thanks so much for answering my question about the politics! Super awesome. But when I asked, I feel like its already had some impact. Even if it’s just making fun of it. I’ve heard John Stewart reference the film a lot this week. I’m not really in to politics, so I don’t watch it all the time, but some politicians I think have referenced it. Though I’m guessing most people havnt seen all that. It’s been a while so I don’t remember specific examples, but I felt that for the movie just coming out it has gotten a lot of attention on the aspect of political talk or just asking politicians what the think.
    Fantastic podcast, I pretty much agree with Selena on everything! When I first saw the film at midnight I wasn’t too find of Liam Hemsworth’s acting as Gale. He just wasn’t as good as everyone else. But I’ve seen the film 2 other times since then and got used to him and didnt think he was that bad.
    I’m still in awe of the film, and am forcing myself to wait several weeks to see it a 4th time. It met, and I think went beyond my expectations. Jennifer Lawrence is an amazingly brilliant inspiration. Fantastic. I would love to see her get some sort of small recognition for just how amazing she was.
    Something you guys didn’t cover was the small talk people have atarted already about oscars. It be nice to hear your take on that.

  • Rain

    I’m listening to this right now, and I just had to pause at the audience discussion at the beginning to come comment.
    I saw it on Friday night with my good friend. A lot of the people were real fans- at least a third had tshirts and stuff. The whole row behind us was local librarians, who had probably all read the books. Everyone laughed and cried and jumped at all the right moments. When Katniss and Peeta first kissed and they cut to Gale, instead of being all squealy, everyone laughed because they knew they were just trying to play up the love triangle. Really, Gale was hardly in it. Our audience was awesome, and I’m really glad I got to finally see a movie on opening night with other fans, something I never got to do with Harry Potter.
    Before the start of the show, a woman who worked at the theatre came and told us that if we had an empty seat next to us to let them know, because it was sold out and would get full. A girl stood up and started screaming ‘I VOLUNTEER!’ It was really funny.

    • Christie Mayer

      That’s awesome. Kudos to that girl for great comedic timing. 

  • MirrorWolf

    Hey guys, love the podcast! I absolutely loved the movie. The only thing I would criticize about it is that they didn’t really set up Rue and Katniss’s relationship. Granted, they didn’t really have one before the games, but in the book Rue tells Katniss that she decided to trust her when she saw the mockingjay pin on her jacket. In the movie, we only see the pin a few times in the beginning and right before the start of the games when Cinna gives it back to her. Granted, I know in the movie Katniss was supposed to keep it a secret since apparently it was against the rules for her to have it. But other than the fact that Rue reminds Katniss of her sister, why would they have decided to team up except for the fact that they had a common enemy in the Careers? I just don’t think they made as big a deal out of the mockingjay pin as they should have. If the districts don’t ever see the pin in the games and therefore decide to call her the mockingjay, how will she get that nickname later on in the future movies? 

    I might just be nitpicking, but I would love to hear your thoughts. :)

  • Suri Meipapilionis

    I totally agree with you Richard. Some people just can’t seem handle tense moments and so they laugh or joke around because they are clearly uncomfortable. I remember going through this drunk driving accident program called “Every 15 minutes” and one of my friends was laughing and giggling his head off while we were in this really emotional mock fatal accident and the funeral. I remember being so pissed off at him, but then talking to him later, he told me that the simulation had made him very uncomfortable.

    Audiences and the people you see a movie with have a tremendous affect on you. This happened with Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Part 1. I saw it with my cousin and my uncle, both of which who had not read any of the books and one, my uncle, having only seen the 2nd movie. It was horrible, and I didn’t appreciate it at all until I watched it again alone at home. The Hunger Games audience was no better. I had a two little kids, (I’m talking 7 or 8 years old) whispering and correcting each other about what was going on in the movie constantly, a loud teenager in the corner who was calling Clove and Glimmer obscene things and shouting in triumph when they died, and a couple of girls in the front with their boyfriends totally clueless and asking what was going on. 
    Also, many people clapped at random moments and swooned at the kiss, those who shouted for the Twilight trailer, and laughed and cheered when Cato died, etc. It just, was not very appealing. I’m so glad I saw it with the people I did though; One friend, who introduced me to the books, and the other who is like my discussion partner about these books. Both didn’t clap, swoon, or cheer. They did laugh at humorous moments, but the three of us just tried to enjoy the movie. That, in my opinion, is how the fans should react. Enjoy the movie, but not be too flamboyant.
    Needless to say, I want to see it again, really really bad. The more I see the spots, the more I want to see it again. 

    I can safely say, this movie is addictive.

    Btw, it is 17 and up that can get into a R rated movie without parental supervision.

  • April

    Really interesting hearing everyone’s views. I was a little disappointed to be honest as I felt that the whole hunger aspect was played right down. If you haven’t read the books you wouldn’t even realised that they were starving. I thought that it was very important part of the series and I feel that the hunger aspect was the thing that made it different than battle royale.

    Also the shaky camera thing instead of violence I really didn’t like. I think the scenes lost momentum and I didn’t like the silence at the beginning of the games.

    However, the acting was incredible. I can’t fault that. It just felt rushed to me. Will have to watch it again to finally make up my mind.

  • Christie Mayer

    We skipped the midnight showing and went the evening of the
    first day. Our audience was completely out of control, cheering at every little
    thing including when Cato was killing other tributes (as Richard experienced).
    The average age in my theater was much younger than Podcasters described. I’d
    put them at 13/14 years. No exaggeration, the girls would do that loud girl-sigh
    thing (“AWWWWWWWWW”) at everything. Even moments that weren’t the least bit
    romantic. When Peeta was wiping the bloody cut on Katness’s face they went
    wild. I was thinking, “these girls need to get a life, that’s not even
    sanitary.” We overheard lots of adults complaining on the way out and when one
    loudly announced they need to have a 21+ showing they were commended by the
    older crowd exiting the theater.


    My friend and I decided we need to see it again, at a later
    showing post curfew. Loved the movie though. 

  • NarniaPotterGoneHungerGames

    I took my dad to see this movie and he hasn’t read the book yet…… The only thing he didn’t understand was why it was called “The Hunger Games”. Kind of sad.

  • Maya

    I can relate to a lot of the things you discussed (esp. the annoyance of the shaky camera and briefness of the Girl on Fire scene), but another thing I liked, but was still disappointed with was the mutts scene at the end. I was looking forward to seeing the eyes, coat, and collars of the mutts resembling the dead tributes like how Collins described in the book.

    Anyway, awesome episode and the title made me laugh. :)

  • Bayley

    The movie was really really good! :) I was actually surprised how well they stuck to the book. It was a shame how they didn’t put any of the songs off the soundtrack in the movie, but otherwise it was an amazing movie!

  • kate

    I live in Australia and we had a fair bit of advertising here. Probably not as much as America but we had posters in theaters, on bus stops and trailers on TV. So maybe they really just don’t like the British :p

  • Thomas, Ireland

    Hi! I really love the podcast and really loved the movie. I have but a few issues.

    When the Capitol put Seneca into the room with the berries I instantly knew what was happening. But later when chatting with my sister about that scene she said she didn’t have a clue what was going on in that scene as a non reader.

    I also feel that the relationship with Rue and Katniss wasn’t played up enough in the movie. I feel if they had played up her innocence a little more her death would have connected more with the average movie goer. I only feel this because when I saw it again yesterday I was the only one in the cinema crying.

    Nitpicks out of the way, I thought Alexander Ludwig was amazing! At first I thought he was just a pretty face, but wow! How wrong was I! His final scene reduced me to tears. The line “What’s one more kill” was obviously from the author itself.

    I also liked Seneca and think he should have had a poster.

    Hope you keep podcasting!

    • RabbitRabbit

      maybe your sister was too young, or didn’t pay attention to the movie, because they put a lot of attention on the berries. I watched it with my boyfriend who hadn’t read the books and didn’t know anything about the story (except that kids fight for food). When I asked him if he understood that scene, he got defensive and said anyone with half a brain and who pays attention to the movie would understand it. 

      As for Rue, he understood how Rue was supposed to be compared to Prim and how Katniss attached on to Rue and how Rue attached onto Katniss. He was so moved by their relationship that he said Rue was his favorite character. (Obviously if someone is watching the movie as a virgin to the story and their favorite character is Rue, Gary Ross flushed out her character and relationship to Katniss more than enough)

      I agree with you about Ludwig, I had the same experience while watching the movie.

  • Sonia

    Just to comment on something Richard said during the podcast, about Lionsgate not promoting enough – In Australia, the amount of promotion for THG movie was huge. There were posters at bus stops everywhere, and the cinema I went to had the posters hanging up all around the foyer, everywhere. And there was a huge amount of people that went to midnight premieres; I swear half my class went to see it at midnight

    • 7Starrchasers

      I was just about to type this…maybe its just the UK, because THG was HUGE in aussie…I still see posters everywhere in Melbourne!

  • Drew

    You guys commented that there was no theme but there was the Capitol thing and Rues lullaby which I think is kinda the the theme song

  • Kirsten

    I know it’s a bit early to discuss, but what are your DVD special feature predictions? Other than the standard interviews and trailers, I read somewhere they shot a lot of footage of the tributes (including full interviews) that wasn’t used in the movie. I think this would be interesting to see. I would also love it if there was a “creating the Capitol” feature discussing the different sets/costumes and how they were designed. I can’t wait how they incorporate the Capitol vibe into the DVD looks and menus.

    On another note, can we have a live call-in show? Please? I think it would be fun for us listeners to have a chance to talk about the film, too.

  • Sarah

    Hi guys, 
    I know it was mentioned in the podcast, what if Gale was chosen instead of Peeta, but I was just wondering what you guys thought about what if neither of them were chosen? Would Katniss have survived The Hunger Games? And how different would it have been?
    Thanks! You guys are great!

  • Ali

    I enjoyed the movie and the podcast.  My only gripe, and it has to do with the podcast, is that Richard doesn’t seem to have an overall pleasant experience for an event, EVER. Every podcast he is SO negative.  Even if he likes something, he has some sort of negative side remark to make.  I’m glad the others are there to counter this.

  • Lupita

    As soon as you guys mentioned that in the original script its said that Gale goes to the capital this video came to mind 

    after seeing Whitney read the script in her video I was horrified! Can you guys imagine how bad the movie could have turned out had they used this script! Gale in the capital! Peeta having stalkerish drawings of katniss????!!!!

  • Maya

    I really loved the movie, and I did think it was true to the book, but I felt it left out a lot of smaller things that I really loved from the book. I didn’t think what they left out hurt the movie, but I still sorta wish they were included in the movie. However, if they are going to split one of the books (presumably Mockingjay) into two films, I suppose that the movies will have more detail.

    I’m so excited for Catching Fire (my personal favorite of the three)…even though it’s a good year and a half away.

    Just out of curiosity, what are your guys’s favorite books in the series?

    Keep doing what you do!! :)

  • Baylor

    I just watched the Hunger Games for a third time and I realized how similar Rue’s death was to Dobby’s. First a knife/spear to the stomach. Then they fall into Harry’s/Katniss’s arms. The final words of the dying. The closing of the eyes. Ending it all with a tearfull funeral.

    • moomoo101

      the first time i watched it i was like omg its doby and also they both have big heads 

  • Kristine

    I love Stanley Tucci! He is an amazing Caesar Flickerman! I liked how he was like a sports commentator. He was filling in people who haven’t read the books what was going on but it flowed well because in the Capitol the Hunger Games are thought of like sports tournaments. 

  • Smasloan

    My only real critique is the scene where Haymitch suggests the opportunity for teamwork between Katniss and Peeta to Seneca. This was totally off character. Haymitch understood the Capitol and would never suggest this knowing it would backfire at the end. Haymitch was only trying to get Katniss out alive and put Peeta in the lost cause category from the start. 

  • Ryan Young

    I think that Lupin werewolf should switch with the dog mutts. Lupin looked stupid, the dogs didn’t fit.

  • Pbjcrazed

    hey guys, I have an interesting question:D btw i LOVE the show and having grown up with mugglecast I became a quick lover of the show. So, i was reading “Catching Fire” last night and around page 180 or something, Katniss says, while talking to Hymitch, something along the lines of “he’s [peeta] the superior one in this trio”  that brought me to think about the so called “trio” of Gale, Peeta, and Katniss.  In other books like “Harry Potter” and Twilight”, there i are two guys and a girl.  Who are the main characters.  Are Peeta, Katniss, and Gale the trio? Or are Katniss, Peeta, and Hymitch the trio? And no Richard you can’t say katniss, gale, and hymitch are the trio;) thanks for your consideration -Kayce McKee

  • moomoo101

    ok the movie was quite good but i didn’t cry when rue died but i did when cato died. and when rue died katniss’s reaction was very over dramatic. and almost half the movie was prep for the game i mean really come on. and the avox look like clowns. oh yeah shaky camera angels they made every body who has seen it  that i know feel sick. oh and if you see  the movie again when the “wolves” jump in watch every one else jump very funny 

  • Rachl Skartved

    I completely agree with you guys about the shaky camera. I was left to sit in the front seat in my theater as most of the other seats were taken, and by the end of the movie i was convinced i had the worst seat in the place. I had to look up to see the movie in the first place, and with the addition of the shaky camera, i was very disoriented after seeing those scenes. For me, that was definitely the major fault in the film, though i 100% agree with you guys that Josh Hutcherson was fantastic as Peeta.

  • august14

    Great Podcast! But i have to disagree on one thing you said they didn’t keep any of Peeta’s funny parts in when they were in the arena. I thought there were one or two though, like when Katniss says they are going to go hunting and Peeta says “I’ll take the bow”. Also when Katniss finds Peeta near the stream, although Peeta doesn’t say “come to finish me off sweat heart”, he kind of grabs Katniss’s leg as a joke.

  • Claudia

    I agree with Kimmy about the film lacking a dirtier, grittier feel. My biggest disappointment with the film was how easy the actual Games looked. At the beginning of the Games, Katniss was supposed to almost die of dehydration. In the film, however, she found water easily. By the end of the Games, her and Peeta looked almost exactly how they entered. My problem with this is that in the following books, the Games is supposed to be a source of nightmares for her. It supposed to be this dark place that she can’t get away from. With how the Games looked in the film, I don’t see how they are going to effectively show that. Not to sound sadistic, but they should have have suffered more. 

  • PotterJayKay

    LOVED this podcast!!! On the shaky camera: I did not mind it, actually. I see what you guys mean by them not wanting to show to much gore. But when I first saw it, I actually thought the point of the shaky camera was to show Katniss’ point of view. 
    In my mind, I gave the movie a 9…because I am soooo in love with the cast! Jennifer was PERFECTION and I am SOOO EXCITED to see her meltdown scene in Catching Fire!
    The one part I also wasn’t a big fan of was the bread scene. They definitely should have left the part where Katniss crawls to the bread in the movie. 
    On a funny HG gif note, I am really loving the gifs that have the part in the cave scene when peeta is rubbing the medicine on Katniss’ cut and it says “Simba”. haha
    On theater reactions: The first time I saw it (at midnight) it was perfect. All the fans reacted how they should have. But then I saw it on Saturday with my dad. People were laughing at really serious parts and I really wanted to kick them in the head.
    I was really worried that my dad would no understand the movie well since he has never read the books. But I was pleased when we came out of the movie and he said he LOVED it. We had this tradition where we would always go see the Harry Potter movies together and I would always have to explain stuff to him. But I am really happy that he pretty much got everything he needed to from the movie. I only had to explain the history of the hunger games a little more to him after.

  • Jimmy Pautz

    I would disagree about the shaky cameras.  I think that it was also used as a tool to display Katniss’ feelings of emotion and let the audience experience what she is experiencing.  How she was overwhelmed with everything.  A really good example of this is when Caesar Flickerman asks her the first question.  The camera is spinning and the audio is jumbled, just like Katniss would experience it.  It was really effective for me.

  • Jacob

    On the next Podcast you should talk about if they made a Hunger Games video game or Hunger Games simulation at Universal Studios or something.

  • Logan

    For selfish reasons I would have wished that the film would not be PG-13. The first day when I went to watch it the cinema was filled with 13/14 year-olds, and they are the most immature bunch of them. Laughing at parts which I did not find the least bit amusing at all, and just generally reacting inappropriately at certain scenes. However, something amusing happened and I laughed pretty loudly which I got glared at for. It was during the scene where Katniss and Peeta were in the dark before the mutt jumped out of the bushes. Someone behind me had farted pretty loudly and immediately, with oddly coincidential timing, Peeta in the movie said, “Did you hear that?” It was hilarious.
    I don’t really have many complaints about the movie because I’m usually not one to expect much, so over all I am pretty happy with it. I’ve watched it 4 times already and if any of my friends ask me, I’m pretty sure I would watch it a fifth time and more.
    I wasn’t bothered by the shaky camera, in fact I kind of liked it.
    Of course, the acting was impressive. They were all amazing. Josh Hutcherson as Peeta was great, but I wasn’t really blown away. Jennifer Lawrence, on the other hand, wow. That is all I can say: Wow.
    I don’t care for the fact that it wasn’t very violent and gore because that isn’t the point of the books. If we went into the theatre wanting to see all that blood and gore, does it make it us any different than the Capitol who likes watching these brutal killings? There was just enough in the movie to show us the cruelty of the games and that is good enough for me.

    • RabbitRabbit

      I didn’t mind the shaky camera either, which is saying something. I get nauseated so fast and so easily. A one minute shaky youtube video will have me in bed with a headache. I puked 5+ times while watching The Tourist (I only kept coming back to watch it because it’s johnny depp ). I had to leave while watching Inception after 30 minutes, and in those 30 minutes I took two Tylenol hoping my headache will go away. Therefore, when I say the shaky camera wasn’t that bad, and that I enjoyed the effect it gave, and it didn’t bother me, that’s saying A LOT!

      Furthermore, I may be at a minority but I thought the movie was gory. Not intensely gory but enough to frighten me. The two scenes that shocked me the most were the bloodbath when they first rush to the cornicorpia and the tracker jacker scenes. That sudden violence but these little kids, after watching an hour of them just sitting around and such, was impactful and disturbing. The tracker jacker scene scared the shit outta me because I have an intense phobia of bugs and I literally started hyperventilating while watching that scene, and part of me wanted to leave the theatre to get some fresh air. 
      I agree with you about how wanting to see violence and gore makes the audience like the capitol. It was more than disturbing for me to see these little kids murder people and have to deal with it.

  • Bibb Herrod

    Great podcast guys! I think you make good points about needing a bit more violence but definitely not Saw levels.  It also needed to be a lot dirtier and “hungry” looking.  I never got the vibe that these people were in need or starving.  I am not an advocate of stars starving themselves for roles but I do believe something could have been done to add that effect better (at least dirt on their faces) My favorite character in the movie was Caesar! He was so perfect! I had some friends that had not read the books when I watched the movie with them and I was starting to explain things they needed to know about the scene but Caesar would come in right about the same time and explain it for me. It was brilliantly done.

  • belac889

    Who was everybody’s favorite actors?

    Mine is all of them, they were all so good

  • lastyearswishes

    Okay, question. When you all were talking about Sting’s version of “Deep in the Meadow” Andrew mentioned that a version with Jennifer singing it was available for download on iTunes. I checked and can’t seem to find it! Maybe I just don’t know what to search for, I don’t know. /o

  • Shannon Wong

    I love your podcast and really apprecaiate Richard’s very honest analysis. On your last show you played Sting’s version of Rue’s Lullaby, when I heard that version, I thought it might be used in future films as Katniss father’s voice. Just a thought.
    Keep up the great work. Love the podcast!

  • Brittany W

    Commenting on the Scenes added and Scenes lost. There were scenes that I really wished the added, more that they needed to see more of the notes and communication between Haymitch and Katniss.
    Can we talk about Katniss’s breathing. I think we could have cut out the minutes of her taking deep breaths and added more to other scenes. I get that it was to build up suspense but really! I found it almost irrating.

  • HeleeenaB

    You guys were talking a lot in this episode about advertising of the movie outside of the US. I would just like to point out as an Australian fan of the Hunger Games, there has been no shortage of advertisement here, there are plenty of “The World Will Be Watching” posters around Melbourne at least and people know about it. I was with a group of about 300 16/17 year olds from all over my state. We were doing an Amazing Race around Melbourne Uni campus. The girl in charge said to us all that “competitiveness is good but remember this isn’t the Hunger Games”, everybody got the joke and was laughing, and again when she said “and may the odds be ever in your favour”. So yes the Hunger Games are big here, if you say Hunger Games, people know what you’re talking about. Maybe you’re right Richard, maybe Lionsgate just doesn’t like the Brits.

    I didn’t get to go to a midnight screen so I couldn’t gauge the reaction there but the people in my cinema when I went to an afternoon screening
    the day after the premier, all, reacted appropriately except for two men behind me who obviously hadn’t read the book and were talking and laughing the whole way through :/ Everyone did do the awwww when they cut back to the sad Gale after Katniss kissed Peeta, but I think most of us Australians have a soft spot for Liam Hemsworth because he’s Australian and we get excited when there’s and Australian in a movie like this. I loved the revolt in district 11 after Rue’s death, I cried more in that than when she died. I also loved Alexander Ludwig as Cato and I thought his speech just before he fell off the Cornicopia was perfect. The shaky camera REALLY bugged me, I understand why they used it to hide the violence but especially in district 12, I just wanted to take in the world Ross had created! Also my Dad hasn’t read the books and her came with me to the movie, the only thing he didn’t really get was what killed Foxface because I think they rushed through that bit, he even figured out how the tessera worked, even though there was no distinct definition because they did such a good job of hinting at things like that throughout the script until it stuck with the audience.

    • Franki94

      I agree about the advertising here. No one knew about the Hunger Games before January, and then when March rolled around there were posters EVERYWHERE and promotions on tv as well. 

      As for the audiences, there were a mix of ages in my screening, but as a rule, Aussies are pretty quiet in films. I say this, however when I saw Deathly Hallows pt 2, the cinema was pretty active. But then, that was the Wednesday it came out, and I saw the Hunger Games a week after it was released.

  • Josh K.


     I hope this will be worthy of discussing on the next podcast, but if not at least I can get it off of my chest.  During the last episode of The Hunger Games Chat, you discussed the relationship between Katniss and Peeta as not being of a romantic nature at all.  I disagree with this and have a couple of reasons to back up my statement.  First of all, in the book Katniss mentioned that she did not know how to separate her feelings for Peeta.  The second instance occurs when they are in the cave (book version), Katniss states even says that she actually wants to kiss him and for the first time she found herself wanting more.

    These two instances supports that in the movie the look that Katniss and Peeta share when he is putting the medicine onto her cut show that there could be a blossoming romantic relationship. During this same moment you see the emotions and how moved some of the gamemakers staff is. In fact one man looks as if he wants to cry.  Also, the next morning when Katniss wakes she has a slight look of excitement of being there cuddled with Peeta.

    In my area, I do not anyone to talk to about  The Hunger Games triliogy so this has been a great relief. Sorry for just now commenting on this topic, but I just got around to listening to your podcast because I haven’t been able to watch the movie until this week. I love all of your shows, especially Mugglecast and Hunger Games Chat.

    • Josh K.

      Sorry for misspelling trilogy!

  • MariusAquarius

     Please stop saying ”Like” so much, it makes my ears bleed. But a nice podcast in generall. Keep it up:)

    • katie

      Also, cut “I feel like….” I don’t care how you feel! Tell me what you’re thinking! hahahahha, but I love the podcast, too. “I feel like” is just another ears-bleeding instance.

  • Faith H.

    Maybe this was just me, but was anyone else annoyed by the fact that Peeta and Cato looked similar?  During the wolves scene, Katniss was attacking Cato, but I thought he was Peeta.  It confused me to the brink of fear.

  • Ken A

    Great podcast.  Just wondered if you guys had rethought the age group that the film would appeal to?  In ep 11 someone says they think it might appeal to mainly 15-21 year old.  I went to see it with a friend (no we had not seen any advertising or trailers for it in the UK either) and we are both male in our 30’s and we loved it, the best film we had seen in a long time.  Great acting and good subject material make this a film that, I think, will appeal to any age group.  
    Now we have also gone away and read the books and love them as well.

    • Franki94

      And I know kids who were younger than 15 (ie 12) that went to see it and were fans of the books. Good literature has no age limit….

  • Mayaconsuelo619

    Hi guys great podcast. I go way back to Smart Mouths. Anyway I just wanted to see if any of you noticed the seen where Katniss and Peeta get picked up after the Games end and the doctors work on peetas leg, katniss is screaming her head off and is handed a nice glass of water with a frilly umbrella on it and she stares at it and has this speech about how food appeared with the touch of a button and all that. I dont know if its just me, i thought it would have been a nice little scene to signify how we also take advantage of what we have, pouring food and water down the drain when thee are people out there who are dying to have just on drop of it to survive. Your podcasts are amazing. Total Andrew fan! I hope you do another smartmouths reunion, the last one was hilarious!!! 
    Lots of Love forever,
    -Stephanie Pinto

  • Luna97831

    Awesome podcast!!!! Love all of you guys.

    I would have liked Thresh’s speech about Prim to be a little longer, to get the audience to understand the full weight of his words. Ah well.One thing you guys never mentioned was Peeta’s leg! Do you think they’ll just never bring up that plot point?

    I wanted to mention how much I loved what we saw in the movie because we weren’t in Katniss’ head anymore. Haymitch arranging the sponsors, the Hunger Games control room, Gale’s reaction to the Peeta-Katniss stuff, President Snow’s little talks with Seneca, and especially Seneca’s imprisonnement (sp?). Wes Bentley was INCREDIBLE!!! Too bad he won’t be coming back :( Jen, Josh, Liam, Willow, Amandla, Woody, Donald, Alexander… they were all incredible!

  • phoenixjay

    Did we ever find out Foxface’s real name?

  • Colleen McAdams

    I am just listening now and I completely agree with Richard. The audience in my theatre reacted in a very Capitolistic short of way. It is a very tragic, dark and deep film about society finding entertainment within other peoples pain and suffering (and death). It may be partly due to the lack of understand of how to react in this tension but I think it shows a bad direction that our society is heading if they truly find pleasure in other peoples pain. 
    Overall, I really enjoyed the movie (other than the CGI bits during the chariots- it was very badly done). I am looking forward to seeing it again!

  • Tripnipmagee

    hey i was just talk to some one on a other chat room a he say katniss had drak skin i can now this is drive me crazy did she

  • Mark Mitchell

    I personally agree with Richards issues about the audiences acting in a very odd and somewhat bothersome way. In my theater the audience repeatedly cheered when they flipped back to Gale and it seemed very out of place. Not to mention the jerks behind me who loudly vocalized there issues with the fact its “just another twilight” (which it clearly wasn’t.)

  • Franki94

    hey guys, brand knew listener here. I have been listening to MuggleCast for a while though.
     I agree with your comments on the shaky camera, especially in the introduction. I didn’t mind so much in the action, because they didn’t want to slaughter too many people on screen, and because it was supposed to be more Katniss’ point of view, however the opening was really distracting for me. I spend the first five minutes of the film trying to keep my breakfast from making an appearance. I know that it’s supposed to be artistic, and its really in vogue right now, but it is the biggest complaint I’ve heard from everyone I’ve talk to. 

    Anyway, until next time,

  • isabelle

    Listening to the latest hunger games chat episode,the movie review show,I first of all have to agree with Richard that a resident of the u.k. although there were many posters everywhere leading up to the release of the movie,there was no additional promotion.At all.As Richard said,the US is not even half of lionsgate’s market and it does come off as offensive if nothing else.Sort of like we are second class fans or something? In addition I have to add that after seeing it twice (first with my friends that are all avid fans) who clapped and cheered at the end,and then again with a non fan based audience that the latter audience did not laugh at any of the comedic moments!!! As Richard said british audiences are usually quiet…but you could hear a pin drop.

  • Julia

    Hey, I just wanted to let Richard know that there may not have been a lot of advertising or media hype surrounding The Hunger Games movie in the UK, but there certainly was in Australia. There were posters on buses and trains and trams here and on bus stops and other public places. There was also a lot of references to the movie in the local newspapers and a lot of my friends who had never read the book had heard about it.
    Maybe it’s just the UK that Lionsgate ignored… though that still seems strange to me.
    Anyway, love the show :)

  • Jasonlynch777

    I agree with the comments on the show that the shakey camera was used to cover up the more violent moments. They also did the “Saving Private Ryan” technique after the explosion went off to turn the sound low so you couldn’t hear Cato snapping the neck of the boy left to guard the career’s supplies. I feel for Richard not getting any HG promotion in the UK. If Harry Potter was filmed and then not promoted in the US because the cast is british, we would feel left out too.

  • andrew

    It seems that a non-responsive audience is a vast problem for this film. I saw the movie today and the audience was dead quite even when Effie says “That’s Mahogany”. I really loved it though. One of my sisters friends said they hated it because they felt that Rue’s death was exaggerated. Any thoughts?

    I disagree with that person by the way….

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