Posted on 6:33 pm,
September 30, 2012

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Our show is dedicated to in-depth discussion about the Doctor Who universe: show and cast commentary, filming locations, rumors, tie-in video games/other products, spin-off series and more.

Three of our regular hosts from around the globe are back on this episode. We cried massive buckets of tears, but we do have an awful lot of questions. We aren’t 100% sure we were fully satisfied.  Hypable’s regular Doctor Who writer, Laura Byrne-Cristiano leads the discussion with Jen Lamoreux, and Natalie Fisher joining in.

– This episode we decided to do it a little differently and stick to the episode itself. We are saving a news discussion, spoilers, and mailbag for next week because we have so much episode specific ground to cover.

– After a brief recap, we start out with our instantaneous, gut reactions to the episode and we all agree it was emotionally gut wrenching, but we have a few problems such as why the Doctor couldn’t see Amy and Rory in say Philadelphia in 1947, or why we didn’t get to see Amy and Rory’s reaction at being reunited and knowing they’d never see the Doctor again.
– Next we proceed with discussing our favorite:

  • quotes from the episode
  • emotional moment in this episode
  • companion departure episode of all time

-We proceed with an in-depth discussion of of many questions:

  • Two theories on timelines: when and where are Rory and Amy past, present, and future
  • Who tells Brian and what do they tell him?
  • Is April 3, 1938 significant in the future
  • What will be the end of the Ponds and will the Doctor have to tell Brian bad news?
  • He has a time machine, can’t he solve this down the line?
  • Since when are the angels also metal statues
  • What is the current nature of the Doctor’s and River’s relationship? Are they mutually in love?
  • Where did River get that vortex manipulator and is her timeline ending?

– Moving into our New York specific section

  • Why a quay is a bit distracting and the geography doesn’t quite work out
  • Bizarre traveling on the weirdest paths ever…TWICE!

- Make sure you read this entry on Doctor Who toys (warning possible spoilers) because we are talking about it next episode!


As we say in the show, our listeners are the most important thing to us. We want you hear from you. What do you want us to discuss? 

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This episode's hosts: Harri, Laura, Natalie, Jen

  • Dlmarvin05


  • Nikki

    Just finished listening to the episode. You guys were trying to figure out what year it was when Amy and Rory started traveling with the Doctor. At the end of The Eleventh Hour, it is explicitly shown to be 2010. So, if Rory and Amy are 10 years older, either it’s now 2020 in their time or they’ve just aged 10 years during their travels. Both are possible.

  • matthewhpg

    While I was listening to the episode, I realized that, although to us and the Doctor the Ponds are dead, they didn’t technically die. They lived out their lives fully, just in the past. Is this another one of Moffat’s “dead but not really dead moves?”
    Also, how do you think the Doctor will react next time he sees the Weeping Angels?
    Also, (again, sorry, a lot to say today), what’s with the Moff and people jumping off buildings?

    • Sherlocked101

      Yeah I get what you mean first Sherlock and now this

    • WhiteOnRye

      I honestly think this will be the last time that 11 sees the Weeping Angels. I can’t see Moffat bringing them back at least during this Doctor’s time. I don’t think he wants to overplay them the way the Daleks showed up every year during 9 and 10.

  • Zeo

    This may be a stupid question with a simple answer but I was confused when Rory was sent back in time the first time and appeared in front of River. She immediately says something like “Hello Dad”. How on earth did she know that he wasn’t a Rory from a point in his timeline where he didn’t know that River was his daughter yet? It would have been awkward if she’d gotten that wrong.

  • Selina

    *tear* just watched it today. Terribly sad, though it had the happiest ending we could have hoped for.

    I did wonder why Rory (and later Rory and Amy together) didn’t just leave New York? If the problem was the city, and the crossing timelines, why not just go to like Iowa or whatever and then send the Doctor a message to come get them? Eh. Whatevs. I feel bad for Rory’s dad though!

  • Sherlocked101

    I just listened to a bit of the podcast (i was in bed and fell asleep) and you were discussing why they didn’t show the ponds after they got hit buy the angels. I saw this on tumblr. You know that scene at the end, where river tells the doctor ” I’ll tell Amy to write an afterword, maybe you’ll listen to her” maybe they weren’t so well off but only told the doctor that she was well so he won’t become depressed and sad. I was pretty much bawling when I saw that post. :( and for the age gap, it is either Amy was sent back to the same time as rory or that she was sent a few years into the future and had to find Rory and that could explain the age gap? Now I need to listen to the rest of the podcast :)

  • DrWho-Glee-HP-Fan

    I have a story about the angels at Bethseda Fountain. I was there with a few friends in May or June, and we knew they had been filming in New York recently. The three of us that are Who fans were freaking out, not blinking ( we didn’t know they had filmed with these statues at the time), while our other friend was rolling her eyes (“You guys know that show’s fiction, right?”). And then three months later, those are the angels that send Rory back in time. Good thing we didn’t take any pictures as a precaution…. :)

  • Simone

    so just a few thoughts….

    1) If River can visit Amy with the vortex manipulator without creating a paradox why can’t the Doctor? It was established in ‘Last of the Time Lords’ (Season 3 finale) that you can take passengers using a vortex manipulator (Jack helped Martha and the Doctor get around)

    2) I’m pretty sure River DID get the manipulator off Jack, just not directly. She brought it off Dorium who said it was ‘fresh off the wrist of a handsome time agent’, a popular theory going around is the ‘handsome time agent’ was Jack, and his got beheaded and dismembered by the headless Monks (thus becoming the face of Boe)

    3) the bottom of the Tardis was looking really gray near the end, was that the Tardis turning to stone situation that has been rumoured? or was it just damage. Also did you guys notice the extreme focus on the rolls royce sign inside the Tardis?

    4) I LOVED the family dynamic they had going on as a group of four too :) the parallels between the couples were actually kind of adorable. Doctor/River are really really growing on me too. I agree with you guys on those things .

    5) I really hope we see The Doctor tell Brian SOMETHING. I loved Brian and I really feel like he deserves to know something.

    6) Since the angel was a survivor from the 1938 Winter Quay paradox I’m going to assume that Amy and Rory were sent to the location of Winter Quay, but it would just be a street now since that building would no longer exist.

    7) POOOONNNNDDSSSS!! :'( that exit broke my heart, if the Doctor’s reaction, Amy’s goodbye and my Pond feels weren’t enough, we got the mother and daughter interaction too :( It’s so sad that this episode is the closest we’ve ever seen the four of them as family and it just has to be their last :(

    • Dlmarvin05

      thank you for telling the thing about jack. I always wondered lol

  • WhiteOnRye

    It seems like when Rory references his age earlier in the series, he means that they’ve spent 10 years total in real life and on the TARDIS. Like, its still 2012 in earth years, but the Ponds have spent so much time on the TARDIS, and the Doctor takes them away, travels with them for seven months, and then drops them off maybe a month down the road. It feels like what the Doctor did during their anniversary is typical, where he takes them and returns them only a few minutes later.

  • Jon

    I just wanted to note that in the podcast, someone mentioned that Amy had written the book. When actually River was the one who wrote it. Amy just edited and published it along with writing the Afterward.

  • Emma 16180

    The reason why Amy and River don’t want the Doctor to travel alone is obvious. He becomes more and more inhuman when left on his own. We can see that all through Series 7 (but it was also a case with the Tenth Doctor- for example when he meets Donna, he is really angry and cruel, so Donna has to stop him form overstepping the lines). Doctor usually avoid killing people, even if they are evil. There are different way to punish them… but in series 7, Ponds are not travelling with the Doctor full time and he becomes more… well… not himself. He kills off Solomon completly unneccesary in Dinosauers episode and than in the next one he just wants to sacrifices the other Doctor Kahler-Jex, but at that point Amy has enough and tells him to stop and even says outloud since when is it okay to kill people and if she has missed a memo or sth. That is why she also doesn’t want him to travel alone… he gets carried away.
    As you can probably tell from my English, I am not from America or UK and i just wanted to stress out that the disscussions like what way Rory goes to get coffee seem kinda silly to us… It is a “movie” scene, so it does not really matter how that realtes IRL.
    I am kinda wondering the same thing as most people… Why can’t Doctor go back in some other year and visits them. Or why can’t they use the vortex munipulator…
    As for the time line… have you seen a close up of Rory’s hospital ID from the Eleventh hour? It says it was issued in 1990… So that could kinda make sense with them being around 40-ish in 2012… But the other theory that would also make sense… is that they have been traveling with the doctor for more than 10 years of their own time line, but they are returning to the “normal” earth time line… (Like when the Doctor takes them on a trip for their anniversery, he says to Brian they were gone for seven weeks, while in “earth time” they were missing for an hour tops…)
    Sorry for all the confusion of this post, but thank you for doing this podcast :) I find out a lot of interesting stuff and it makes me think about things a little more…
    P.s. Harri you are missed, but good luck with collage :D

  • Morgan

    One of my favorite moments was River and the Doctor on the stairs.

    River- “When one is in love with an ageless god who insists on the face of a twelve year old, one learns to hide the damage.”

    Doctor- “It must hurt.” (Refering to the wrist.”)

    River- “Yes. And so does my wrist.”


    I want to start watching Doctor Who, but don’t know where to start. Any advice?

  • Russell

    I thought it was clear why the Doctor can’t see Amy again- he read the table of contents of Melody Malone, which told him that it was Amelia’s Last Farewell, keyword being “Last”. He can see Rory again though.

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