Posted on 2:50 pm,
March 6, 2012

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The latest episode of our Hunger Games podcast has arrived! In it we discuss the biggest news stories making waves over the past month and host a character discussion on Gale!

– Kimmy gives us a report from the first official Hunger Games fan event
– We listen to a few of the soundtrack songs released so far and provide a review.
– Who ordered the pig?
– The Hunger Games film is tracking very well.
– Author Suzanne Collins has seen the film and gives it high praise.
– Why was Kellan Lutz not allowed to audition for the film?
– Character discussion: Gale!
– Selina provides an overview of his character.
– How would the series have been different had Gale been selected for the Games?
– Who would be a better romantic partner: Gale or Peeta?
– Spoiler warning! Mockingjay spoilers are discussed.
– If Gale loved Katniss, why didn’t he try harder to win her over?
– If Gale liked Katniss 6 months before she was sent off to The Hunger Games, why didn’t he say anything then?
– Listener Comments address Gale and Episode 10 of our podcast.

This episode's hosts: Andrew Sims, Richard Reid, Selina Wilken, Kimmy West

  • Ceilidh

    Hunger Games Chat – answering the biggest questions since “Who ordered the pig?”

    • Cris van Eijk

      LOL And Selina’s “OH! HE’S DANISH. YES!”

  • Hibaq Farah

    Richard is back! I usually always agree with him. 

    • Johanna

      well, i don’t always agree with him, but i love hearing his criticisms anyway! so yay richard!

  • Laura Jones


  • Cris van Eijk

    Why is Richard completely silent for a whole 20 minutes? I didn’t expect he could do that. XD

    • Richard Reid

      I was biding my time.

      • Selina

         And then he made up for lost time! :D

  • Dally

    Interesting that The Hunger Games is so under-promoted in the UK. The promotion in Denmark hasn’t been great either. There’s definitely interest, though, and the movie is being pushed forward franchise style. Tickets went on sale today, and they’re doing “gala” premieres, special viewings etc.

    I was rather surprised how many people rushed to get tickets at the pre-sale… the site experienced overload and they added a few screenings. 

    • Selina

      En dansker, hurra! :D

      • Dally


        Heh, tænkte også “Det er Mads Mikkelsen!”, da Casino Royale blev bragt på banen ;)

        Blev ret begejstret, da jeg første gang hørte en dansker i en af Hypeables podcasts. Fandom er så ukendt og virker ofte meget fremmed for folk her i det danske (siger min erfaring), så det er altid fantastisk, når en dansker træder frem et eller andet sted! Og så er det rart også nogle gange at høre ting fra et ‘dansk’ synspunkt.

  • God

    you’re young, andrew!

  • Allie Rose Mellark

    FINALY!!! :D

  • Misswriter18

    I was so happy to see that Richard was on this episode. I tend to agree with him when it comes to the Hunger Games stuff. And this time, I definitely did. I am definitely more of a Gale fan.

    Peeta is simply too useless, and puts too much of the burden on Katniss. Gale saw Katniss as an equal, whereas Peeta kind of put her up on a pedestal because of his feelings. And I think that’s where Gale is better. You should always see the one you love as your equal.

    I think Gale’s weapon was a convenient way to have Katniss pick Peeta and sort of ruined the ending for me. I didn’t trust Peeta in the end, and felt that Katniss shouldn’t have ended up with anybody. Really, I didn’t see why she trusted him. He could explode at any moment.

    I think Gale is the better man in the end, and what happened to Prim wasn’t his fault. He didn’t know Prim would be there. Again, it seemed like a convenient way to get rid of Gale to give Peeta the perfect situation. 

    • Grace

      The problem i have with Gale is that he’s too ambiguous, i know he’s written that way but is it so hard to accept that Peeta is not a natural born ‘hunter’ or on the same physical level as Gale, he’s not useless, he’s just not good at that kind of stuff.

      I know that those skills were essential to have in the games and all but really think about it Peeta has that special talent of being able to talk his way out of things, chaming the people in the Capitol and just generally being charismatic. I think those things more so than how well he was able to fight kept them both alive in the arena. He does become a liabillity to Katniss but it doesn’t mean that he was completely useless.

  • Erica Trapasso

    Have any of you read this article “Why Jennifer Lawrence Shouldn’t Play Katniss”?  It’s so ridiculous and so completely bias.  The author of the article claims that Katniss is a girl of color and should have been played by a minority and not a blonde white girl.  I think this person forgot that her mother and sister are both blonde and pale skinned.  And to base someone’s acceptance to a role based on race and not their acting skills is so outrageous!

    • katnissfan

      btw it is written for a high school newspaper so likely written by a highschooler

  • Smasloan

    Thanks Richard for providing depth to the character discussions. First I did come to love Peeta but he is worthless in the first book. The way that he gives into Katniss every time is a big turnoff. Even though Gale wasn’t in most of the first book I was wishing he was there the whole time. Gale had character depth right away as he was strong, opiniated, and tortured with his love for Katniss from the start. I think one of the reasons she ended up with Peeta is because he wouldn’t force him to face her issues like Gale would have.
    Main point, much love to Richard!

  • Yvette Beausoleil

    Something occurred to me on the bus this
    morning, but I’m not sure if it’s answered in the books.  Do you think that the Careers
    have killed people before going into the games? I mean the actual act of killing someone must have severe and deep emotional consequences.  Maybe it’s just the way that they were raised in their society that it would be ‘okay’ for them to kill the other tributes in the arena? 

    • Sasha Pasquini

      I don’t think they would have let it go to that point… There would still be Peacekeepers around, and they technically aren’t allowed to train for the games… Maybe they practiced on animals? If anything at all.

      • Yvette Beausoleil

        Yeah I suppose…It’s just that the Careers seem to be able to kill other tributes without a second thought in the arena.  I guess it all just comes down to how messed up society is that the Hunger Games are even a thing.

  • katnissfan

    I have to agree with Richard that Gale mostly just thinks about the big picture and the greater good, often skipping over the details like his family and friends. This is the biggest difference between Gale and Katniss. While Gale wanted to round up all the fellow District 12 citizens and start an uprising, Katniss wanted to just take her family and friends to the woods and escape. Gale also thought up the idea for the bomb to kill Capitol children, not thinking through the idea that other innocent people would also get killed, including (spoiler!) Prim. Katniss, on the other hand, was appalled when Plutarch told her that while rescuing the Tributes Johanna, Peeta, and Annie from the capitol several other soilders got killed. 

    In regards to “Gale or Peeta?,” I was always a Peeta fan. Gale has loved Katniss for years, but more in a respect/hunting partner type of way, and it was only a few months before the reaping that he started to love her in a romance way. He wouldn’t tell her because he was scared of her reaction when she found out. Any other girl might have figured out that Gale loved her, but Katniss is so oblivious to it. Once he kills (spoiler!) Prim, he understands Katniss so well to know that she will never be able to love him because of his actions. He must let her go, and probably doesn’t say good-bye because he is scared that seeing him will make Katniss hate him. I imagine that Gale will do fine after, working at his “fancy new job,” because, although he is very sad to lose Katniss, he was never broken, like Katniss was. Peeta loved Katniss since kindergarten (not sure how a five-year-old can pick out his true love) and has stuck with her throughout the series. He was in two Hunger Games with her, and even when he found out that the love story was all an act for Katniss, he still loved her and continued to protect her in any way he could. He is a soft, kind guy, and it is good for depressed, broken Katniss to have that in her life. Gale is an intense guy and is very similar to Katniss but would never be able to help her out of her depression very well.

    It puzzles me why Katniss would but the mockingjay pin from Greasy Sae instead of food, because in The Hunger Games, when seeing the pin on Madge, she remarks; “Real gold. Beautifully crafted. It could keep a family in bread for months.” Katniss seems to be a practical person, so why would she buy an expensive ring instead of food for her family?

    I love the trailers and video clips from The Hunger Games movie and can’t wait for March 23rd! Love the podcast, guys! Keep up the good work.

    • Sasha Pasquini

      Does it make me a bad person if I’m neither a Peeta or Gale fan? I personally feel as though Katniss isn’t interested in either one with everything going on in her life, and therefore also making ME not interested in either one. 

    • Tygridia

      (SPOILER ALERT) I think Prim’s death WAS Gale’s fault. He created a bomb that would kill not only those who were around when it exploded the first time, but those who would go to help. He knew he was killing innocent people, he DID know… What’s the difference between him killing Prim or any other nurse that was going to help? 
      That’s why I never liked Gale, he always seemed too practical, he could see “the big picture” but he couldn’t see how killing somebody is bad and how even in war there are things that are just wrong, like getting thousands of workers burried alive…

      • Vani

        I ABSOLUTELY agree! If it wasn’t someone Gale knew or cared about, it didn’t matter to him. And that’s why I didn’t like him. Plus, that way of thinking was SO different from Katniss’s, especially after going through 2 Hunger Games. Life was precious for her.

        • Tygridia

          Ikr, it took Katniss two books to understand what Peeta knew from the very begining and what Gale will never learn, that life is a gift. 
          That’s why Peeta is not useless -like some people claim-, it’s not ‘I won’t fight because I can’t’, it’s ‘I won’t fight because I choose not to’ and it’s rebeling by saying ‘I choose Katniss’s life beside mine’. Somehow I always thought HE was the mokingjay even if she was the one that had the idea of the berries, he is the one that gaves them power before the viewers when he claims he’s in love with Katniss.

  • Rachel Paxton-Gillilan

    I think Richard is great, but why is he so anti-love in every episode of Hunger Games Chat?  I know the book isn’t about love, but there is a romance arc.  You can’t just ignore it and pretend it didn’t happen.  Although Katniss denies having feelings for anyone throughout book one, there are points in book one where it is pretty obvious she has feelings for Peeta and Gale and just doesn’t want to admit it.  I understand that different people get different things out of books, and maybe that’s what it is, but it comes off like he would just never accept anything that has love in it. 

    • Cmh123321

      I don’t agree that the series isn’t about love. I mean, the main focus isn’t romantic love, but love is still very important. We wouldn’t have the same story if Katniss hadn’t gone into the arena. She got there by volunteering to take the place of someone she loves, after all.

      • Caroline

        Grr, hypable keeps doing that! My name is Caroline, my e-mail just happens to have that user name in it. Sooooo annoying!

  • Zack

    So, no soundtrack in the film?! YAY!

  • Arle

    Its not actually same day world wide. I live in New Zealand and im seeing it at 12:01 on the 22nd, but since we are a day ahead of Britain and the states that’s actually 2 days early. Its strange because usually a film will be released anything from a month to a year later than in the U.S or U.K( which btw is really freaking annoying)

    • Sasha Pasquini

      I originally wanted to go to midnight showing with my boyfriend, but he hasn’t even gotten around to picking up the book… and I’m not bringing him unless he reads it!

      Harry Potter movies made him not read the books…

      *crosses fingers the movie it won’t butcher the book*

    • Tygridia

      It’s on the 20th of April here in Spain… I’m in a rage!

  • jordan.d

    I agree with Selina – If Katniss hadn’t gone to the Hunger Games she would have ended up with Gale.  Prior to the Games, she and Gale shared a connection from the loss of their fathers and having to provide for thier families that Peeta could never understand.  Going through the Games with Peeta (twice), Katniss formed a bond with him that Gale could never fully understand, which is why she ended up with Peeta in the end.

    Also, Selina you forgot about the Trio of Buffy, Willow and Xander! Which is 2 girls and 1 boy ;)

    • Mary

      And The Lightning Thief trio, Percy, Annabeth, and Grover!

      • Tygridia

        And The Lost Hero trio: Jason, Piper and Leo. Or the one from Son of Neptune: Percy, Hazel, Mike.

      • katnissfan

         which is 2 boys and 1 girl

  • Caitlin

    I know this subject was discussed a loooooong time ago, but I just came across another great name for fans of the Hunger Games: Panemaniacs. I think this is a great name for us fans, and admittedly rolls off the tongue better than one of my old favorites, Hunger Gamers (sorry Richard!)

  • Sasha Pasquini

    The hype is finally picking up here in Montreal, Quebec, despite that most francophones don’t even know what it is. I see at least 5 people a day on public transit reading Mockingjay, and some girl even grabbed my purse like a maniac demanding that I tell her where I got my Mockingjay pin I had pinned on (from comic con but now available at Chapters and Indigo in Canada). She threatened to tear it off if I didn’t tell her where I found it!! And coincidentally, I was actually listening to hunger games chat at that precise moment.

    There is a poster at each subway station, and it’s getting a little annoying since it’s always the same picture, and anyone who hasn’t read it thinks it looks terrible.

    Anyway, just wanted to share my experience with the crazy girl in the subway, and to bring up a little thing I noticed when reading the first book a few months ago.

    Did anyone notice the coincidence that Peeta is “the boy with the bread”, but Pita (spelt differently but pronounced the same), is in fact, a type of bread?
    Sorry if this has already been discussed, but it’s been bugging me for quite a while and wanted to know your thoughts on it.

    Keep up the awesome job you guys are doing, and I’m looking forward to hopefully having a chapter by chapter discussion like in Mugglecast.

    Thank you for keeping me company on those long rides to work and to school.

    All my love, 

  • kristen

    Ok so I am rereading Catching fire and am at the reaping and it got me thinking what would have happend if peetas name came out and not haymitches name would he have volanteer for peeta or let it be and if he did would peeta have gone for it .

  • Courtney

    I can definitely sympathize with Richard and Selina about the lack of advertising in international countries. I am a New Zealander and there has been next to nothing in the way of Hunger Games movie advertising. I have seen a few displays in bookshops advertising the books but no posters, TV advertising, anything. We do have midnight screenings though which is good (extra good in fact as the movie is released on midnight of the 22nd, and as we are a day ahead of most of the world we get the movie a full 2 days before the U.S.)

    • LilyLuna

      Honestly I live in the US and I don’t see much hype. I’ve yet to catch any TV spots and when I drove past the local theatre last weekend there weren’t any THG posters up. I do hear alot of people talking about the series in school, but the fact that it hasn’t reached outside of my contained school environment is a bit peculiar.

  • Max Norris

    I think the promotion for the hunger games has been absolutely amazing, for me as a fan of the books, but I also think it is doing very well and getting non-book-readers to want to watch the movie. Today, my sister got a hunger games disc with her magazine and I was excited, me being a fan and we both decided to look at it together. Unfortunatly it was only the trailers, but after watching them my sister wanted to see more. I showed her the clips from YouTube and she seemed really excited about it. Now tonight, I realised that my Hunger Games book was missing from my book shelf… Really Amazing!

  • Alexis

    Hey Richard, 

    Just wanted to say thanks for being a cynic (no sarcasm there). You made the Mugglecast HP movie discussions really interesting, and your anti-love opinions are sometimes a necessary medicine for people who are too caught up in the Peeta-Katniss-Gale love triangle of Hunger Games. You create a balance on the podcast, and I really appreciate that. Never change! 

    P.S. Andrew do you ever talk with the Cinema Hype guys? They had such a great podcast, but seem to have disappeared…Tell them we miss them and would really like them to come back. :)

  • Mary

    My friends and I are having a Hunger Games party a weeks before the premiere of the movie. We have a lot of good ideas (some inspired by your podcast), but I was wondering if you guys have any suggestions to help relate it more to the theme. Thanks! Love the podcast SOOOO MUCH!

    • Selina

       Hmmm maybe when the guests arrive they pull a slip of paper out of a hat which tells them what District they’re in, and then later in the evening some kind of contest (either a team game like Charades or a Hunger Games trivia quiz) will see the “Districts” compete against each other in teams? Might be fun! Works best for 24+ people I guess, but you could just divide the people into the most well known Districts otherwise. Hope that helps! :)

      • Mary

        Thanks! That’s a really good idea, I will try it if I ever have a “Catching Fire” party (:

  • LilyLuna

    I’m a bit late, I only just listened, but Richard I salute you for virtually everything you said regarding the Twilight comparisons. The two series are completely different and I don’t care in the slightest about Twilight and find it incredibley annoying how often I hear about it associated with THG. I just wanted to thank you for speaking up about that and I totally agree. :]

  • Everlark

    I initially didn’t mind Gale that much (sorry Richard, I always loved Peeta more), but what made me REALLY dislike him was how he acted in Mockingjay. He was so violent and ruthless, caring SO LITTLE about other people’s lives (for example the innocent people in District 2 that he decided to bomb because they weren’t helping). Katniss, on the other hand, having gone through the Hunger Games TWICE, well, killing a bunch of innocent people is kinda a tough subject for her. And Gale never can, and never will be able to understand her fragility about that. (UNLIKE PEETA) 

    Also, I’ve always been more of a pacifist, so a sweet funny strong baker boy will always attract me more than a violent i’m-kinda-indifferent-about-human-life-when-i-don’t-really-know-that-person boy.And that’s how I see Gale.

  • Sonia

    This isn’t really relevant to the actual episode, but I’ve just always wondered what your thoughts were on what the rest of the world and the rest of the US (assuming that THG universe only occupies a part of it) were doing during the 75 years all that stuff was going on. You’d think they’d know what was happening, and tried to stop it… the Capitol can’t win against a world army, can they?

  • Katie ‘ktb’ Bryant

    I was listening to the samples of the soundtrack and Amazon and I realized we’ve heard one before without an official release.  “Come Away to the Water” was on “Episode 7: Blushing” at about 12:20 with a small introduction.  The clip was from a listener who recorded the song at a concert. I bet that he was the writer and then Maroon 5 was just the recording artist.

  • IdiL

    Hey guys!

    While listening to the show I couldn’t help but shake my head and disagree wholeheartedly with some of the comments Selina and Richard were making. I gather that Selina lives in Wales and Im not sure where Richard is but here in London, they are advertising the movie really well.

    I get a bus and the tube to school every morning. The bus garage is right next to my house and I can safely say 80% of the double-deckers have a Hunger Games poster on them. And the further central I go into London in the train, the more advertising there is on the tube for the movie.

    In a place like London where the target audience, teenagers to early 20s, usepublic transport several times everyday, advertising the movie and putting posters on public transport is an excellent idea I think. 

    Oh and also, there are MANY midnight screenings in cinemas as well. Where do you guys go to watch movies?!!!!??Anyho, sorry for the semi-rant. Love the show, and Richard stay cynical for my entertainment. Peace out

    • Eliza

      That’s what I was thinking – I live in a town near London and there’s loads of advertisement, and an early showing at our cinema. There aren’t a lot of buses, but the one’s I do see around have Hunger Games posters on the side. I think it’s going to be pretty huge here!

  • Adam

    I need help, I got The Hunger Games in e-book, and Katniss did her individual training session, and then, she is suddenly in the launch chamber. I feel like i missed something HELP ME!   

  • 7Starrchasers

    I find it a little strange that the UK hasn’t had much publicity when it comes to THG, when Aussie is crawling with HG posters! I’ve seen so many busses, billboards, poster slots at the bus stops…its pretty exciting!

  • HungryStarkidGleekwithHP

    Amen Richard!!! Andrew, you are so much nicer on this podcast than you are on Mugglecast. Richard, thank you for mentioning Percy Jackson. I recommend them to the more teenage audience but I think all the hosts would like Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus series who also have Three main trios
    Percy, Grover, Annabeth
    Jason, Leo, Piper
    Percy, Frank, Hazel

    I am slightly off topic!!!

    Anyway, I was flying home from Florida and I couldn’t stop laughing! People on the plane were annoyed with me but this episode was great. 
    I think Lionsgate/Summit/Kellan Lutz are creating just enough hype (at least outside of LA) At airports, bus stations, pools, beaches and so many other places, people are just reading them. I was walking around Florida and I saw several people reading the trilogy while walking. Also, people were talking about it everywhere. Liosnsgate is doing something right.
    Let’s face it, as much as I hate Twilight (with you on that matter Richard) Kellan Lutz releasing that statement only raised more awareness for Twilight fans. Do I want a bunch of Twilight fan girls? No. Am I a Harry Potter fan girls? Yes. So, I have a gender related question. Since this is a female dominate podcast, it will be more even. Not four males talking about Harrietta Potter WITHOUT Laura. (BTW Leakycon2012) Besides that. Other than the fact that the main character is a girl, why do not more males read the books? I guess there should be more males discussing this topic. (Get Jaime, Ben, Micha, Eric, and Kevin to read the books) Please tell me what you guys thing.

    Someone said, “Gale must be thinking, ‘Crap, I hope it won’t be me next year.'” Did you guys forget that he is 18 so next year the reaping would not concern him. Just wanted to let you guys know about your mistake.

    You guys are great and hilarious.

    Glad the HungryGamer was back this week.

  • HungryStarkidGleekwithHP

    EPISODE 10 ERROR!!!Someone said, “Gale must be thinking, ‘Crap, I hope it won’t be me next year.'” Did you guys forget that he is 18 so next year the reaping would not concern him. Just wanted to let you guys know about your mistake.
    You guys are great and hilarious.

    This is just in case you guys don’t read my longer comment. Please do though :)

  • seesaw

    For some reason, the whole time I was reading the books, I had this nagging feeling that it had a camera and that’s how President Snow knew about the kiss. There was a time when she didn’t have it on her and someone (I believe from the Capitol) handed it to her, which I was thoroughly convinced was the time they bugged it. Did anyone else think this?

    • seesaw

      oops. I’m talking about the mockingjay pin. Didn’t realize I never mentioned it.

  • seesaw

    About Kellan Lutz auditioning for the Hunger Games, I’m actually not too opposed to it, I can picture him as Cato, but I don’t think I can see him as anyone else. Although if he ended up being Cato I can already imagine the vampire strength jokes :P

  • Somebodypersons


  • Emberscorpio

    You said a few episodes ago that Hunger Games had only $80 million budget.  I’d like to point out that Fellowship of the Ring ran on $93 million.  Albeit, $93 million went farther in 2001 than today.  Still just think of what the film achieved with $93 million!  Filmed at the same time was Philosopher Stone on $125 million.  I don’t know which movie had more special effects, but every time i think of Lotr, I can’t imagine how they managed to make the entire series on only $281 million! and HP5 had a whopping $250 just for one movie!  

  • Julia

    Just got my hands on the soundtrack and it’s amazing. The whole tone is exactly what I imagined while reading the books and is very similar to my own THG playlists that I’ve made.

  • katnissfan

    I don’t think that Richard has a heart. AT ALL.

  • Lisa Tav

    You briefly discussed that the director has an idea of who he wants to play Finnick. I would like to see Hunter Parrish play Finnick. I heard he was passed over for playing Peeta but i’m glad it’s Josh. Hunter’s got the look for Finnick and is fairly unknown. The only thing that may keep him away is that he is currently on Broadway and a tad too short. 

  • 7Starrchasers

    I need a new episode please!!! and this time please talk about all the reviews, negative and positive and if they were well deserved.

  • Sydney

    Okay, has anyone else noticed that in all of the video’s and photos from this movie, Peeta’s eye’s are brown? THEY ARE BLUE! For some reason this really bothers me…Does anyone else feel this way or do you guys just not care?

  • Camilla

    I litterally JUST saw the movie like an hour ago and it was AMAZING! I’m from Denmark and the guy working at the movie theater actually told us all that since we were the first to watch it, even before people in the US, NO cellphones were permitted during the film (in case anyone would film it) and if he saw any he would  immediately stop the film and there would be no refonds. Luckily no one had their phones out and we got to see the whole film. Both me and my friend (who hasn’t read the books) LOVED it! 

    By the way Denmark is awesome (You know it Selina!) and I love the show.
    – Camilla

    • Somebodypersons

      Ooooooooooo! What was the best part!?!?

  • jens156

    Funny moment from a midnight Hunger Games screening I went to last night in
    Melbourne, Australia that I thought I would share – during the “tender” cave scenes between Katniss and Peter, the dialogue and
    the reaction shots of Gale (which were just a little bit lame, don’t you think? :-P) made everyone crack up
    laughing!! Did this happen at any other screenings??

    • Sydney

      10 more hours to find out! It sounds hilarious though! I may move to Australia for the second movie…:)

  • Aimee

    You guys should check out this music video! It is by some of the same people who did the I wanna go (I’ll bake you pies) parody. They have a whole EP on iTunes its really cool.

  • LotRFreak

    This has nothing to do with the episode, but after I read Hunger Games I listened to the first couple episodes of this podcast. I went on to read Catching Fire soon after. I have no idea why this happened but when I started reading it I heard Selina as the voice of Katniss. Ive since finished the entire series and up until the very last page it was still Selina’s voice in my head. Haha, I know they sound nothing alike, but I cant dissassociate them from eachother.

    LOVE the podcast and cant wait to hear your reviews on the movie!!!! :D

  • Jen

    I have a comment in regard to something Richard said. He said: “Gale gets rightly over protective in the last book. Katniss is an emotional wreck, and Gale is the only one that realizes it.” I dont agree with this at all. Because, really, if possible, I might even say that Peeta is an even MORE emotional wreck. He was completely brainwashed to hate and completely despise the girl that he loved. He was tortured and forced to hear his friends tortured in the rooms next to him. The only reason Peeta wasn’t there for Katniss is because he was in the hospital trying to become ‘un-brainwashed’, and in a way was scared to see her because he didnt want to hurt her. And to Richard’s other comment about Peeta being a ‘whiny douche,’ would a whiny douche sacrifice his life for Katniss and be tortured and brainwashed for her? Just saying.

  • jordan.d

    Just saw the movie… and I don’t think they mentioned Foxface’s real name – did I miss something? If you guys heard it please let me know what her name is!

  • Guest

    Hunger Games Movie Discussion live call-in show? Please?

  • Pbjcrazed

    richard keep voicing you thoughts! even though i LOVE peeta i think you should have the rights to say what you think.. so people back off :)

  • Pbjcrazed

    hey andrew and company:) (i really don’t know how to spell all your names) i just wanted to say something about the movie. i watched it at this run down theater and HATED IT! iwas soo surprised how back the special effects were.. the only thing i really liked was the acting, which was soo spectacular! but today i saw the movie again at a really nice theater, and i LOVE it! i think it stayed really ture to the book and was surprised at how amazing the camera shots were. the acting was as great and perfect as ever, except gale, and i loved the added scenes with the gamemakers. thanks for your consideration your all my favorite, pickles:)

  • Merina

    Just saw the movie, ’twas awesome. My British theatre was half empty, but the people who WERE there were both dedicated and respectful; dressed in costume, but silent as the grave throughout the entire movie.

    And at both the reaping and Rue’s death, everyone raised their hands in ‘the sign’ to those on the screen. It made the moments impossibly more moving :)

  • NarniaPotterGoneHungerGames

    Here’s a thought: Make a Hunger Games TV show instead of a movie (I know the movie’s already out) This would solve pacing problems. They could make 10 hour long episodes rather than 1 2hour movie

  • moonshoespotter1712

    I’ve always been a Gale person :)

  • Taylore Thompson

    Hey it’s March 26th… are we going to get the movie reaction podcast anytime soon??? ;)

    • Allie Rose Mellark

      Yah I keep on looking and it is not there. This and Mugglecast have really not been keeping to their schedules. Disappointing…..

      • Bridget

        and hype

        • Eoin

          They made an announcement it was on hiatus until April.

      • Eoin

        They had been on schedule. Mugglecast made it’s last episode at the beginning of this month. Same here. Remember they are doing this for FREE.

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