Posted on 11:25 am,
September 23, 2012

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Our show is dedicated to in-depth discussion about the Doctor Who universe: show and cast commentary, filming locations, rumors, tie-in video games/other products, spin-off series and more.

Don’t worry if you are trying to stay spoiler free for the upcoming series. We even have a specially marked spoiler section with a little help from River Song herself so listeners can skip around that information if they wish.

Three of our regular hosts from around the globe are back on this episode. Generally speaking we liked the episode with a couple of reservations with the ending.  Hypable’s regular Doctor Who writer, Laura Byrne-Cristiano leads the discussion with Jen Lamoreux, Natalie Fisher, and newbie guest host Tariq Herzallah joining in.

– We start out with our instantaneous, gut reactions to the episode and for the most part we like the episode despite the defeat of the Shakri seeming a bit rushed
– Next we proceed with discussing our favorite quotes from the episode
-After a brief plot summary we proceed with an in-depth discussion of:

  • The comedy of the childish Doctor
  • U.N.I.T. and it’s transformation to science. Is it the new Torchwood?
  • Timelines again, but this time be think we have it about 90 % nailed down
  • What will be the end of the Ponds and will the Doctor have to tell Brian bad news?

– Moving into our news we discuss

  • Peter Jackson possibly directing an episode and do we think this plausible
  • The unwritten rule that the Doctor and companion shouldn’t see each other romantically in real life

Our spoilers cover:

  • implications on what happens to the TARDIS during the Angels Take Manhattan episode

– Back from our spoilers we dive into our mailbag clarifying how people and Timelords age in Doctor Who and what we think of the every changing title sequences.

As we say in the show, our listeners are the most important thing to us. We want you hear from you. What do you want us to discuss? 

You can contribute  to the next episode of the podcast by commenting on this post, emailing or tweeting us @whohype

You can also catch our hosts on Twitter:

Harri @HarriFSargeant

Laura @Laura__BC

Natalie @nataliefisher

Jen @JenLam26 

Tariq @TRQhz

This episode's hosts: Harri, Laura, Natalie, Jen

  • Dlmarvin05

    I always get so excited when you guys post these! Thanks and keep up the amazing work!

  • Dlmarvin05

    I’m having some issues getting it to both play now or download :/

    • LauraBC

      Checking in with our tech guy

      • Dlmarvin05

        thank you!

        • LauraBC

          It should be up shortly. Totally my bad I messed up our internal notificatuin system

          • Dlmarvin05

            it’s cool, I can listen via the download one now so you guys rock and thank you :)

  • Dlmarvin05

    The download one works, but the play now goes to last weeks. Sorry, don’t mean to keep bugging you guys!

    • Tariq

      No it’s okay! We appreciate it. We’re working on it now. :)

  • Pete

    I have a strong feeling that Brian’s gonna die and the doctor knows it…maybe that’s why he says ‘not them Brian’ but what about him? :D we will see

  • Dlmarvin05

    I still want to know how you guys all feel about how quick the Doctor has reverted to being ok with guns. 10 was so against them and I can’t get past how easily here lately 11 has just latched onto them, particularly in A Town Called Mercy

    • LauraBC

      My gut is that it’s as a direct result of seeing the demise of Amy and Rory. Remember how vicious 9 was at the beginning and 10 would have been unstoppable in the Runaway Bride were it not for Donna being there (based on Turn Left info) so that’s my theory. It comes down to he’s angry, hurt , blaming himself, and alone and not necessarily in that order.

      • Dlmarvin05

        that is true! from what you guys said about the timeline that would make sense too since he may have already seen what happens to them. thank you :)

  • Matsemann08

    I just have one problem with WhoHype.
    The timecode for when the spoiler section ends is kinda wobbly.
    Sometimes it’s wrong. sometimes it doesn’t make any sense. This episode I think you only said “1 minute, 8 seconds”. What does that mean? It seemed like you edited out something there. (I found the mailbag by skimming through the spoiler section, it started at 1.08.04 in this episode.)
    I wish you could be more precise with the timecode, and maybe when you leave the spoiler section, play a little audio clip like you do when you enter the spoiler section, just so I know the timecode has led me to the right place. If it isn’t just that the mailbag starting signals the end of spoilers.
    Keep up the great work :)

    • LauraBC

      Maybe I’ll add a TARDIS sound in the next time on the end of the spoilers to give an exact audio marker. I try to get it exact.

  • Laura Jones

    I loved Tariq! He was a great addition! Please have him again! :)

  • rsprague

    Tariq was a great addition. I also went through a similar situation in which I watched all of the reboot Doctor Who in an insanely short amount of time–but mine span was three weeks, not less than one week!!

    I also love the idea that the Doctor met the Ponds for the Angels Take Manhattan during his first stint leaving them in this episode, and that “A Town Called Mercy” took place during their seven-week trip at the anniversary party. I love listening to you guys work out the time frame, because it is so wibbley-wobbley. I know I’m going to be sobbing next week. I’ll miss Rory the most. But I can’t wait for Jenna-Louise Coleman.

  • American Moth

    I love you guys && this podcast :) I was just wondering about you guys opinion on my crackpot theory. I think that the Doctor is going to end up sacrificing his tardis to save Amy && Rory. We know that the Angels feed on time energy, and that for some reason they’re after the ponds. So maybe, in order to save the pomds, the doctor feeds the angels something with a ton of time energy that would make them forget their appetite for Amy && Rory…something like his tardis.

  • Codey White

    itunes has it listed as a repeat episode by the way well for me at least

  • Cristina321

    @LauraByrneCristiano:disqus When doing the time stamp for spoilers… you keep saying one minute eight seconds!! It’s one hour and eight minutes!!!!!! haha, just something I noticed that happened in the last 3 episodes… haha! Other then that, amazing discussion!!!! totally agree with the timeline, and love the idea that AIM happened during the PO3!!!!

  • Cristina321

    Something I noticed with this season of doctor who… there have been two instances now of “who legend” coming to life. This last episode with the Shakri and the Asylum of the Daleks. Do you think the “legends” could be coming out because they think the Doctor is dead and now have a chance to do whatever they want? The Shakri would have never targeted the earth if they knew that the doctor was still around, and I don’t think they do know since he was just talking with an automated system. I know he was brought by the Daleks to deal with the asylum but I found it strange that they would trust him enough to bring him in to deal with it. Now that the Daleks don’t remember the Doctor, what havoc are they going create???

    Sorry if that didn’t make any sense………

  • aemattson

    Okay, so regarding the timelines, I think the show is still meant to be set in 2012 when the Doctor comes back to pick up/hang out with Amy and Rory. I found a gifset on tumblr today of the scene in which Amy mentions that its been ten years. She says “We think its been ten years. Not for you, or for Earth, but for us. Ten years older, ten years of you, on and off.” This leads me to believe that the Doctor drops them back within a few days/weeks of their departure, causing time to pass for Amy and Rory (while traveling) but none to pass for their families, friends, jobs, etc. I also remember Amy mentioning that their friends were going to start noticing Amy and Rory aging faster than them (I can’t remember the episode!) and thus they thought they should take a break from traveling with the Doctor. I hope this makes sense! Its the most logical answer in my head.

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