Posted on 1:04 pm,
February 5, 2012

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The latest episode of Hunger Games Chat has arrived! Listen in as we discuss the biggest news stories that’ve hit The Hunger Games fandom. We also go in-depth on the new trailer!

– Does Jennifer Lawrence or The Hunger Games film have a shot at an Oscar?
– Could Lionsgate split Catching Fire into two films instead of Mockingjay? … or split both?
– We review the new Hunger Games trailer and go scene by scene.
– Could it be the final trailer? Will it appeal to football viewers?
– Katniss is giving Prim the Mockingjay pin. Why the change?
– Will we ever see Madge appear in the film series?
– Is Alexander Ludwig a suitable Cato? Andrew has a hard time seeing Ludwig in the book’s role.
– Cinna gives Katniss the prim, and Selina is very impressed with Lenny Kravitz’s casting now.
– Listener comments address our last episode.

Leave a response to this episode in the comments section below, and we may read it on the next episode! Vote up any comments you like to suggest ones we should share on the show.

This episode's hosts: Andrew Sims, Selina Wilken, Kimmy West

  • Emma

    I haven’t even listened to this yet, but I saw that Andrew has a problem with Alexander Ludwig playing Cato. For me it’s not so much him as Cato, but Isabelle Fuhrman as Clove. Clove is supposed to be big, strong, and a ruthless killer. I’m sure she won’t have a problem with the ruthless killer part, after seeing Orphan, but ever since she was cast I have felt they got it wrong. She’s only 14, and I couldn’t find her exact height but she definitely looks smaller and shorter than Jennifer Lawrence. How is she supposed to pin Jennifer down and try to torture her when it looks like Jennifer can just throw her off herself? Sorry about my mini-rant, I just kind of wish they had cast someone different as Clove.

    • Janielovespeeta

      I agree that her holding Jennifer Lawrence down may seem farfetched, but I think Clove balanced the brute strength of Cato by being totally fierce and bloodthirsty, plus, with the knives she doesn’t depend on strength alone.

  • Lauren Gizzi

    I think it’s too soon to think about who will win an Oscar and who won’t. We haven’t even seen the film yet!

    I don’t know if I’d want to see Catching Fire split into two films. There’s enough story, but where would they split it?? It would seem awkward to end the film in the arena.

    Katniss apparently buys the mockingjay pin from the Hob from Greasy Sae…I think on reaping day. And when she told Prim that while she’s wearing it she’ll never be hurt, I think it was mostly a “big sister looking after little sister” thing and just trying to giving her hope. I can’t think of a good reason as to why they changed it, other than to cut out that five minutes of dialogue Katniss and Madge would have had when she gives Katniss the pin. She does play a slightly big role in Catching Fire, but if they keep her out of that film too, there’s no way they would show (SPOILER) her remains (END SPOILER) in Mockingjay.

    I’m happy with Alexander Ludwig as Cato because when I was reading it, I kept getting Cato and Marvel mixed up, so neither of them really developed faces. lol

    I love Caesar, too! He did such a great job portraying the kind, caring man he was described as in the book. He was a favorite character of mine in the series and he reminded me a lot of Cinna.

    I love the shot at the end of the trailer with Cinna and Katniss. It gives me chills every time. It kind of seems to be some sort of foreshadowing. It could be hinting at the fact that the impending revolution is coming, and the mockingjay will become that symbol, but hardly anyone knows it yet. As we find out later in the series, Cinna knew from the first time Katniss was in the Hunger Games that she would become the leader of the revolution against the Capitol, so the “ssshhhh” may have been hinting at that huge secret. But I don’t really know. I’m not sure if the filmmakers would have been thinking that far ahead, but that’s just my opinion.

    Sorry for writing a book. haha I just wanted to make sure I covered everything that was on my mind. (: (I keep talking to myself when I listen to this podcast, voicing my opinions to you guys. haha So I figured I might as well type it out.) I love the podcast, guys! Keep up the awesome work.

    • PotterJayKay

      Omg if that is how Katniss gets the pin I will be pretty angry. Isnt supposed to be like a family heirloom? If Madge’s mother and Katniss’ mother were friends and then Madge gives it to Katniss, it is supposed to be something special and important, not a random pin that Katniss buys from a lady that makes soup out of dogs :)

      I also like how Jennifer Lawrence is already getting a little bit of Oscar buzz. I would love to finally see one of my favorite characters from one of my favorite books get some recognition!

      • Lauren Gizzi

        I saw a leaked photo on the Peeta Mellark Facebook page: So I’m not sure… :/

        I don’t even really care what the Oscars think of Hunger Games. I don’t need a bunch of snobby, arrogant, better-than-thou people telling me which films are good and which aren’t. :P As nice as it would be to some to have our franchises recognized for once, I’ve given up on them because I’ve realized that their opinions just don’t matter to me.

      • Caileigh

        I was thinking that the Mockingjay pin might be an heirloom from Katniss’s father. I was also wondering if they are going to have the Mockingjay be the symbol of the first rebellion as well as the second. Maybe that’s why Cinna was sneaking it into the games on Katniss, because it was a little jab at the Capitol. That would explain why it wasn’t allowed in the games. Just a thought.

    • Emma

      In regards to the Mockingjay-Cinna thing, it looked kind of to me like they were hiding the pin? It made me wonder if they were going to make it so that the tributes can’t have a token in the games, but Cinna makes sure it’s on her anyways. It just looked like she wasn’t supposed to be wearing it, but she was anyways.

      • Lauren Gizzi

        Yeah, my thoughts are that they won’t even discuss tribute tokens and make it seem like taking anything other than the clothes on their backs into the arena is just not even considered an option.

    • Courtney Gibson

      Great points! If you wrote a book though, i apparently wrote a series :P

      • Lauren Gizzi

        haha That you did! ;D

  • Rachel

    dang it! i didnt realize madge wasnt going to be in the book.. i was looking forward to the scene where gale snaps at her when they sell her the berries. the scene shows how unfair the games are, with poor people getting the worst of it.

    • Rachel

      whoops i meant movie, not book**

  • Mare Marie

    On the topic of the trailer, I believe that this trailer was designed specifically for commercials on regular television (it is not reasonable to have a 2 minute movie trailer run during a 5 minute commercial break) and the Super Bowl is simply the debut of the trailer.

    On the split of the movies, I think that splitting Catching Fire and combining the second part of Catching Fire with part of Mockingjay.  Catching Fire could end right as Katniss is lifted into the arena and somewhere Katniss’s voice is heard saying “but this is no place for a girl on fire.”  The second split could occur when Peeta is “reunited” with Katniss; the second part of Mockingjay could be filled with more information about what happens after the revolution- this type of split would fill each movie with enough content.  This would make the franchise into five movies, but it would be worth the extra film.

    This wasn’t included in the podcast, but on the soundtrack, is it same to assume that Glen Hansard(sp?) wrote “Come Away” on his own and will not be featured on the soundtrack?

    • Mare Marie

      *…with part of Mockinjay would be the most interesting and most practical.

      *…safe to assume…

      Sorry ’bout that…

      • Lauren Gizzi

        You know you can just edit it, right? ;D

        • Mare Marie

          Yea, but I was being lazy.  :)

    • Anonymous

      I think that could work if they did it right

    • Ekta

      I totally agree with the breakup of the books…they shud just take the 2nd and 3rd books as a huge chunk and strategically break them up as you mentioned! Any way we can mention this to Lionsgate? haha…

  • sarah_layla_777

    i just started listening to this podcast and i think it is brilliant. I LOVE Selina on the show she is so much fun and interesting and i find myself agreeing with all of her opinions!! 

    i really hope this isn’t the final trailer because i would love to see more of the actual games in the trailers. I am loving Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence as  Peeta and Katniss and i think they’ll do an amaaazing job.

  • PotterJayKay

    Maybe I just totally spaced out at one point, but did you guys not mention the part with Gale and Katniss and Katniss saying “Take care of them Gale, whatever you do, don’t let them starve”? I thought that was the best part of the trailer and was surprised you didn’t focus on it at all. This part actually made me tear up and it showed how great of an actress Jennifer Lawrence is. Her voice breaking while she says this line shows that she is trying to stay strong but just for a moment, her fears shine through. 

    As for Alexander Ludwig playing Cato, I am still not convinced. I guess we will have to see how his acting is. As for the look, I am kind of annoyed that he looks so much like Peeta, couldn’t they have at least dyed his hair? I’m sure they will make it obvious who is who in the movies, but it just annoys me. 

    The mockingjay pin situation is also pretty strange. I do not understand why they couldnt have just made the pin a family heirloom and have Prim/her mom give Katniss the pin. The whole part where Katniss gives Prim the pin is really confusing. 

    On the split of the movies, I am still not sure where they would split Mockingjay or Catching Fire. I believe the books are too short to be split up so they will have to add new made up material which may or may not be a mistake. If Suzanne Collins were to come up with the extra material herself, I may be fine with it. But if we have another  “Weasley house burning down” situation on our hands, I will not be happy. 

    I am also REALLY excited to hear Jennifer Lawrence sing!!!! I have a feeling that is going to be one of my favorite parts of the movie. I have loved all of the songs they have released so far for the movie and Safe and Sound has been my number on most played song on my ipod for a month! :)

    Sorry for the essay…But im getting really pumped for the movie!!!


    • PotterJayKay

      *number one* not *number on* …typo :)

  • Jeff Dodge

    I want to bring up a topic that as far as I can tell, no one in the Hunger Games fandom has talked about. And I’m sorry that I’ll be bringing up the T word – Twilight, but it’s the only way I can bring up this topic.

    With such book series as Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, the main title of the series is already in the title of each book, so it was easy to just do the same for the movies.

    But with Twilight, each book had a different title and the word Twilight was only in the title of the first book. So for marketing purposes, they added The Twilight Saga to the start of each movie’s title (The Twilight Saga: New Moon, etc). We all know they did that because it makes it clear for marketing purposes what series this movie is from instead of just saying New Moon or Eclipse.

    The Hunger Games does the same thing. Each book has a different title and the phrase Hunger Games is only in the title of the first one. Again, for marketing and promotional purposes, do you think they will do the same thing here and add The Hunger Games to the start of the rest of the movies’ titles (such as The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1, etc)?

    Like I said, I don’t think I’ve heard any fan online talk about this at all. But it’s worth bringing up because when it comes to marketing the movies, they almost need to do something like this. What do you think?

    • PotterJayKay

      That is a really interesting point! They are going to have to do that, unless they market the movie really well.

  • Hagrid’s Coat

    During the show, you guys mentioned that football fans probably wouldn’t be encouraged to see the Hunger Games from that one minute trailer. That’s probably true, but there are many more people than just football fans watching the Super Bowl. Also, the book has been growing in popularity recently, so it’s likely that at least one person gathered at a Super Bowl party will have read the book and have the opportunity to tell others what it is about and why they should see it.

  • Anonymous

    So I have been thinking a lot about the idea of 4 films, and I really think the best thing to do would be to split Catching Fire. I reread the book the other (the whole thing, I was sick in bed), and there is a lot they could do with it.  For the first part, they could include the tour of the districts, the different meeting with Snow, when Katniss wants to run away, Gale’s whipping, the engagement and trying on the gowns, when she meets Bonnie and Twill out in the woods, her idea of the rebellion, and all of the uprisings.  They could end it at the reading of the card, or they could continue and add the training they do to prepare for the games, the reaping, training, interviews, and end the film with the countdown to the start of the hg.  This would still leave all of the action of the games for a second movie, and that hunger games had a lot more action and dialogue than the games in the first one anyway.  I know that it is a long shot they will split this film, as it is not the last in the series, but I think that it would make for the best possible film.  Catching Fire is what starts the talk of the rebellion, and the more they can show the better I think it will be.  Also, as I remember it, Mockingjay did not have nearly enough material to split into 2 films, unless they add quite a bit.  (But I have not read Mockingjay for quite awhile, so I could be wrong).

  • KayJayGee

    Regarding the “love triangle” (in terms of the books), I agree that Gale has always had strong feelings for Katniss, a lot more so than she does for him. And I also agree when you guys said that she had always inferred that it will always be the two of them regardless of romance or passion. Peeta just “messed” that all up.

    Although, I think Katniss has always had a “connection” of sorts with Peeta. By this I’m referring to the “boy with the bread” scene and her association of the dandelion that gave her hope with him. During the train ride to the capitol, she even admitted that she had been keeping track of him. In my opinion, if neither Peeta nor Katniss were reaped for the Games, nothing would have come to this minute yet powerful connection between them. Just like Peeta would never have acknowledge his crush on her. And it would always be Gale-and-Katniss. 

    I think them being in the Games together, in a way, was the trigger Peeta and Katniss needed for this “connection” between them to grow into something so much stronger than what Katniss and Gale have or would have gotten. Just my opinion.

    I love you guys and please never stop this podcast. I’ve always been a fan since Mugglecast and you guys always run the best podcasts out there. 

    • Laura Pitts

      Good point about the Games being Peeta and Katniss’ relationship catalyst! Although you could argue that its possible that if there was still a war, it might have still driven a wedge between Katniss and Gale (and their priorities) and Peeta might’ve stepped up…but I guess that’s what fanfic is for!

  • Trisaratop34

    Richard, o, Richard! Where for art thou Richard?

  • Cassie Drake

    About Madge not being in the movies, I bet it’s because they didn’t want to have to explain 1) one more character and 2) that there’s different dynamics of wealth in District 12. I bet they’re just going to be like “District 1 is all rich people, District 12 is all poor people. END OF STORY” and simplify it like that.

  • Megalen

    Hi guys just finished listening to episode 10 and thought i should let you know what i found out  about the movie over the summer.  I went to Johnson and Wales’ baking and pastry program in Charlotte, N.C.  and the chef working with my group had asked if any of us had read the hunger  games.  She later mentioned that the school had made all the pasteries and breads  for the bakery. 

  • Courtney Gibson

    I know this is so long, i apologize!… but if you read anything in this please scroll down until you see READ THIS… because its a point i’ve tried to get across several times. 

    I am definitely planning on buying the mockingjay pin, and maybe a necklace. Though at hot topic for Harry Potter they had Deathly Hallows symbol necklaces and key chains, but the key chains were cheaper than the necklace, so i bought the key chain and put it on a chain for a necklace for the midnight showing. I might do that, who knows. The first time i looked at the clothes the first thing i thought was the only reason anyone would buy those would be to dress up as Katniss. I’m sure that is different for other people though.I trust what every they choose for the run time, though i remember thinking Harry Potter 8 was kind of like…. go go go go, wait its over already!? And Breaking Dawn seemed to drag on for a long time. I think pacing is an integral part, but it always is for films to keep poeples attention.If the director thinks a new scene is vital and ‘fits a piece that was missing’ and the author actually is perfectly fine with it, i am 110% okay with that decision they make. It does make since to know who Snow is and what he looks like before he just shows up at the end, and its like ‘oh hello, i’m snow. katniss you know me but the audience doesnt know me so we have to do this awkward explanation of who i am at the end of the film.’ it just makes since.I think it is different because all of these well known actors in THG are american actors, and we arn’t really used to that. no one in twilight was really well known when they were first cast, but a lot of actors in HP were well known, even if just in Britain.It is too soon to decide whether its Oscar worthy. Seeing someone acting in front of you, and then on screen can be two different things. I’m not sure if it would have a chance as a young adult film, but the story line does have a large political adult film thing so it is different. And it isn’t super high budget like with the magic of HP and stuff. So it might have an independent film type. And if i am right, Avatar wasn’t nominated for like actor/film oscars, just special effects. I could see  Jennifer getting nominated and maybe Cinna, Effie or Haymitch. But who knows. I still think it is way early to decide. And especially because this movie comes out in March, and not a lot of films that come out within the first sixth months of the year get even considered for award season. But maybe Hunger Games will change the stereotype we see when it comes to award ceremonies.’The World Will Be Watching’ reminds me of the line in HP something like ‘every person will know his name’. but that is in the book, and was like everyone in our world knows his name as in the actual story. So this HG line sort of makes me thinks of this.I think they are really focusing on obviously the main characters and then Cato because *spoiler* he makes it to the end along with them, and its a three way battle in the end. Who knows.I’m sure Suzanne is watching over the script if not whole heartedly working on it. But maybe she feels confident after going through the whole first movie with Gary that she feels okay with him takeing lead on the script.Maybe they’ll push the date back instead of forward like HP. If they finish the movie early they may be like ‘hey, were done lets release catching fire this summer instead of winter’ but that is unlikely.Personally i don’t think they should split any film, the books just seem too short and its just weird in my opinion.I remember thinking when they split HP that they were doing it all for the money, but after seeing them it was totally worth it. So maybe its too early for us to be thinking about the splitting. I can see this being the final ‘new material’ trailer. But they’ll probably have 30 second tv spots start popping up over the next month. Not to forget they are still showing the trailer in theaters, i just saw the second trailer today and it is still jaw dropping. Seeing the trailer on TV though made it actually feel real, like something that isn’t living within the internet anymore. I’m sure that where the pin comes from will make more since in the movie. And Madge isn’t in the books that much, and she really isn’t a crucial point. We don’t need to expand Gale that much, especially in this movie, and even if they did that the could choose anyone, not even Madge. I bet when Effie says that line maybe its when Haymitch falls off the stage? where she has to laugh it off, but it really annoys her?!READ THIS!And i want to emphasize this again… they can show blood and say cuss words and lots of stuff in a pg-13 rated film. Breaking Dawn showed so much blood during the birth scene it was ridiculous, my friend actually had to leave the theater it was so bad. People are worried that there won’t be enough blood, even though that really isn’t the point of the story!! I know there arn’t any cuss words in the book, but i just saw Chronicle, which is pg-13 and they did a lot of mild cuss words. not f-bomb, but pretty much everything else. I think people don’t realize how much you can get a way with in pg-13 films. Stanley Tucci looks amazing and is amazing in everything role he plays so i’m sure he will be perfect.I could see it making it easier for film to get rid of the whole story line of having 1 thing with you. It seems sort of like a pointless story line for a film. Such a small detail, and the pin really isnt that important compared to the rest of the story. As long as it’s in the movie its fine.All the trust towards cinna in the book was probably in Katniss’s mind, so they have to play it out on screen in some way. Just like the way Katniss is scared inside but doesnt want to show it, we wont know she is scared unless she shows it.I can see HG being like Twillight, because there are a lot of fans of Twilight who saw the movie before the books, same with HP. So it would make since for the second film to make more than the first.I completely agree with Selina with the syfy thing and why HG is blowing up unexpectedly. I think they are going to have to show the feelings Gale has, even if Katniss doesnt pick up on them. Because the reader wouldn’t know right off the bat if gale liked katniss because its from katnisses point of view. So they’ll have to show it in the film to make the audience understand there is something there, and it not to just jump up in later films.I can’t wait till HG comes out because its going to take off so much from our shoulders as fans, looking to this film and wondering how it will all go, love triangle and feel and everything. So for CF we’ll have less to speculate about. Ya if you look just at the trailers, you don’t get any love triangle thing, because you get nothing from Peeta to Katniss, because a lot of that happens in the arena.I’m not sure if i’d like a video game, the last HP video game i owned was for Goblet of Fire for the Gamecube, because all of the games after that were poorly rated. I think they would have to make it really good, but if they did it good it would have to be something like Medal of Honor or Call of Duty. With Good graphics. They have such good video games now a days with such good graphics its a shame to see such potential go to waste. I’m sorry this was so long!… great podcast, can’t wait for the next one, hope for several more before the release date! 

    • Courtney Gibson

      i apologize there are no paragraphs… i had them, but i guess they didn’t register it :/

    • Trisaratop34

      Holy cow, longest review ever! I aplaude you for writing all of that! Wow:)

  • Patricious

    Australia gets The Hunger Games movie before everyone else does!
    (March 22) YE BOI!

  • Ekta

    Hey Andrew and HGChat Co.! Thanks for reading and discussing my comment from the last episode…and also for appreciating the writing. I really believe what I said and have been contemplating writing for you for months now. Don’t know if this is the best place to ask (or whether you even have time to read this!), but if you need a writer/editor or perhaps an opinion from this part of the world (Asia) I’ll be more than happy to chip in! Anyways, great show. Cheers till next time!
    PS: I’ve gone throught he requirements, so…

  • akacj18

    the thing that is going to get the hunger games REAL cinematic acclaim is going to be gary ross & co’s ability to convince the audience that this world is absolutely based in reality, the characters are REAL human beings, and probably most importantly, make the audience forget that they’re watching an adaptation of a YA fiction phenomena. the audience needs to be totally absorbed. those who have read the book need to forget that they’ve read the book, and those who haven’t read the book need to forget all the twilight comparisons and annoying hype. christopher nolan’s dark night trilogy and LOTR are excellent examples of that effect. all that being said, the chances of it getting nominated for an oscar are probably slim, mostly due to its genre, but i can accept that. 

  • Laurie

    Hi guys! This is just a little comment to clear something up: during the scene by scene review of the trailer you guys mentioned the scene Katniss is wearing a yellow dress, and you sounded confused as to which part that was. That scene is from after she and Peeta have won, right before she goes out for the interview. 

  • Lindsay

    The responsibility for future book-to-movie adaptions of SO MANY young adult dystopian thrillers now rests on the shoulders of this movie. There must be about 50 authors lining up in the queue right behind Suzanne Collins, watching expectantly to see how it goes down…

  • RueLovegood98

    I would much rather see Catching Fire cut into two movies because it seems to be cut into two clear sections. The first half, where Katniss tries to recover from the games, sort out her feelings, and find out what’s happening in the revolution, and the second half where she goes back to the games. I know the part 1 would be dull, but it has more emotional intensity than Mockingjay, plus the idea that a revolution is starting. I think they should cut the movie right when President Snow announces the Quarter Quell. Her mother would gasp and Prim would grab her Katniss’s hand as the camera zooms in on her face as she says “I’m going back.” And Catching Fire Part I ends! Sorry I got a little carrried away… I really want them to split Catching Fire!!

  • Pbjcrazed

    i think its bull that they could even think of nomining Jen. Lawrence for an award if Dan Radcliff could get his hands on one!!

    • Rae

      That was just a prediction from Gary Ross. Don’t take it too hard.

  • Rae

    I have a very valid complaint (more like a compliment): YOU GUYS NEED TO DO MORE EPISODES MORE FREQUENTLY (like weekly)!!!! Seriously though, Andrew, Selina and Kimmy, you guys are AWESOME. Keep it up, and please please we need more episodes, especially because the release date is nearing and more and more news are coming everyday! I am sure a lot of us want more of you guys!

    • Rae

      Ooops, I forgot to mention Richard!! Please bring back Richard! We need our “hungrygamer” :D

  • Anonymous

    I must applaud the work that has been done concerning the trailers.

    It would have been so easy to show Katniss and Gale’s relationship, and then Katniss and Peeta in the Arena, and by doing so try to appeal to what they consider the “Twilight fandom” and over-explore the love triangle thing. It would also have been easy to show more action-packed scenes from the Arena.

    But, unlike so many trailers nowadays, the surprise hasn’t been ruined.
    Instead they have shown only glimpses of the Arena, keeping all the good stuff for the movie experience. And the things that have been shown of Peeta are still true to his character, but just like in the beginning of the book we don’t know if he is an ally or another tribute ready to do everything to survive. The viewer will be able to fallow the story on screen just like the reader did on page – they will wonder: is Peeta really in love with Katniss or is it just for show to gain popularity in the Games? Does Kantiss really love him back? What will happen to each tribute?

  • Morgan J

    In regards to where to split the Mockingjay movie, I could totally see it when the Star Squad is assembeled in command when they reveal the Holo. The final line(s) should be Katniss and Finnick say “Ladies and Gentelman, let the 76th Hunger Games begin!”

  • Rachael

    What if it’s the first movie that has been split and nobody has told us? Both trailers and any images we’ve seen have all been outside of the arena….yeah I am actually joking here Lionsgate wouldn’t be that stupid. That would be a pretty boring movie.

    As for video games I would love there to be a Lego game cause they are so much fun and really popular. Lego has a huge fan base already and I know there’s people who buy all the games (Harry Potter, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean) even when they haven’t seen the movies because of how good they are.

  • Tyler

    You guys talked a little bit about that last shot in the new trailer, of Cinna with Katniss, and I had a theory different then yours. When I watch it, I didn’t think that Cinna was “shushing” Katniss because she wasn’t supposed to be given the pin. I merely thought that he was trying to calm her before she went into the games, as she looks extremely upset and shaken in the shot. Just a thought, thanks for reading :)!

  • Nusaiba Mockingjay

    I  love the podcast, it gives me something to listen to in my hour long bus trip to college which is like a God given miracle.
    What interests me though is how  though you said that the book touches upon a whole circle where are we going thing u find it touches more on almost where we are  the similarity between the hunger games and the current revolutions in the mid-east is uncanny fear of government , starvation in a huge percent of the population… I personally live in one of those countries and while reading the hunger games I felt that the fear I grew up with was in this book exaggerated to a degree  of course since there has been no hunger games in my country however I sometimes think that should the revolution fail there would be no children left for anything like the hunger games. Anyway i digress I think Collins brilliantly was able to touch on a fear of government that I think a lot of those in the west are unfamiliar with my worry is that because it’s such an unfamiliar feeling in the states/western society will they be able to portray this accurately in the films?

  • Glee+ THG=Me

    Well my opinion is that they spilt mockingjay. It just makes more sense then spilting catching fire, the begining is just to slow and i think the movie would just start to get boring cuz all there doing really is going to the capital, and katniss thinking about her personal feelings, nothin really happens untill she go into the games again. In mockingjay they could split it (SPOILER) just when shes about to go into district 2, because thats right after the get peeta. I think that would be a good place to end it.
                 Anyway LOVE the podcast! keep it up! 

  • Bibliocat

    Harry Potter is FANTASY and Hunger Games is part of the Alternative Fiction which falls under Science Fiction genre so for anyone who things SF is not “cool” to bad!

  • Janielovespeeta

    Hey Guys! just had an idea for a fandom name. Don’t know if its good, but “Hungarians” ??

  • Janielovespeeta

    Oh yeah, and where is Hungrygamer??????

  • Gkcgirl

    Hi guys! Selina mentioned that she is worried that people watching the movie, especially non readers, will have a problem distinguishing Cato and Peeta. At first I totally agreed with you, but on reflection I don’t think it will be a problem. We meet Peeta right off the bat at the reaping and learn a lot about him, and the way he looks, on the train. But we don’t meet Cato until the parade, except for maybe a brief shot at the District one Reaping. If they had been introduced to the story at the same time there probably would be confusion, but I think intelligent watchers should figure it out. Someone on the comments did mention that he should dye his hair, but unless he died it raven black or red he might have been confused with dark haired Marvel who he is introduced with.

  • Anonymous

    So, my sister got me the “Illustrated Movie Companion,” and there are a few things I thought might interest y’all.  First of all, there’s a quote saying that “The districts were going to be a very limited palette. Since District Twelve is for mining, we decided to go with a lot of gray. Not like a sepia-toned film, though — a sort of blue-gray.” So the part in District 12 will actually have that blue overtone that y’all talked about, but not the whole movie.  Secondly, there’s a quote saying, “Since you see Gale so little in the film, we just wanted to keep him really handsome…” So, while we’ll see flashes of Gale during the film, maybe it won’t be such a prominent love-triangle theme since apparently we see very little of him. One final note, the costumes look FABULOUS.  Just thought I’d share :) Love the podcast! Keep having fun!

  • Grace Nzita

    I made my cousin watch all the Hunger Games trailers, as she’s some people constantly talking about it at her school and when i asked her who she thought Katniss was in a relationship with and which guy they put more emphasis on she said Gale. I totally see where she is coming from, the trailers play of Peeta as just another character, i hope they’re keeping his story-line as a sort o element of surprise towards those who haven’t read the books. I’m not going to lie though when i first read the HG i did kind of think that Gale was Katniss’ somewhat un-spoken for boyfriend (like he would always choose her if it ever came down to choice)
    But anyways i don’t want them to turn this into a team this guy team that guy thing, there is romance involved but if they pushed too much for this then the meaning of the story would be lost. 
    Awesome show as always… But where is Richard????

  • Coleheimer

    How do I download on mobile without itunes

  • Joey Andrea

    Do you think they’ll have a cast for Mr. Everdeen?? :D

  • TwiGleeStarGames34

    I use Fanfiction to cope, while waiting like a crazy person for this movie!

  • Flyingcricket

    Hey guys. I just had a question about the soundtrack. I was looking at the different track names, and keeping my eyes out for the track that we heard earlier on your podcast from a Glen Hansard concert called Come Away. I was very surprised when I saw that Come Away is actually a song by Maroon 5. I am a little disappointed, because I really like Glen Hansard and I do not like Maroon 5. Is Glen Hansard involved at all? just wanted to get your opinion

  • Trisha

    I’m okay with Alexander Ludwig being Cato. I just really like the contrast between how Cato looks and what his character is really like. Sure, when you first see him, you think he’s good looking (and looks a bit like Peeta). But once you see him in the training area, you see Cato for who he is, a brute. He’s a Career who was trained to win. Once he’s in the arena, it won’t matter that he has a pretty face. He’ll just do whatever he can to win the Games, no matter what. Which sounds terrifying to me.

    Anyways, I loved the episode. You guys are awesome!

  • Bayley

    I think Cato is great! Its how I actually imagined him in the book. I really love your guys podcasts! I listen to them all the time! You should upload podcasts more! If you do, do more podcasts, and there is no news to share… you could talk about the book, and give it a podcast, by podcast review/ helping people understand stuff, that maybe they didn’t understand. Well, that’s just a suggestion anyway.
    From Bayley

  • Colleen McAdams

    Regarding the Hunger Games reaching a more male audience, I’d have to say that I think it will have a huge male attendance. My husband was the one who first read the books and got me to read them. Even though the protagonist of the story is Katniss (a female), the overall themes of people vs government is a very masculine. In fact, I think the combination of the masculine themes told through the eyes of a very strong (physically and mentally) female character, allows the books and the movie to appeal to the widest audience possible. Thanks for doing this podcast- I am a big fan (brought over by Mugglecast). It makes me happy, as a reader, to see so many people our age analyzing and dissecting great books. Thanks again- Colleen, 24, SoCal

  • Stephanie M.

    This is looking a little ahead (end of 4th movie), but do you think they will Hollywoodize the ending? Mockingjay ends echoing ‘1984’ in that the hero, in essence, personally doesn’t win. Katniss ends up an empty shell of her former being, with nothing to live for (Winston, in ‘1984’ get murdered). Yes, at very end of the book she’s doing a little better, but it truly is not a happy ending, and it shouldn’t be. I believe that this book, like ‘1984’, should help us understand that we need to fight for good, but that we may come out the worse for it. The Man is very powerful. Think of Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi (just to name the famous ones, there are many more) who fought for human rights and were murdered for it. To me, this is one of the main themes of the books, and it almost scares me that they would try to give it a Disney ending, for the sake of the silly fan girls who want that kind of ending. 
    Also, as a side note, I believe a happy ending would be a sure way to NOT get nominated for an Oscar, as Oscar movies often have more tearful endings.

  • Pbjcrazed

    dude where is Richard? or Matt? hey at least Mickey B was there( on mugglecast.)!

  • Pbjcrazed

    Kullen Lutz would be PERFECT for Cato.. but we can’t “crossbreed”

    • Sydney Rose

      When I first read the books he was exactly how I pictured Cato to look like! A little bummed. :( But I think Alexander Ludwig will be great!

    • kristen

      hr went to play gale but they would not let him crossover

  •!/ChareeSavedra Charee

    Are you guys still going to do a Gale episode? I know it got postponed because of the new trailer, but I hope you still dedicate an entire episode discussion to him! I am a huge Gale fan and usually find myself defending him to all the Peeta lovers out there.  I have a theory on how to find out if you have feelings for Gale or not.  When I first read the Hunger Games, I was truly torn on who I liked more, Peeta or Gale.  I feel that combined, they would make pretty much the perfect man.  So it was really hard to choose between the two.  But I saw that when Katniss and Peeta were sharing their first kisses in the arena, all I could think about was how Gale must be feeling and how he was dealing with seeing the girl he loved kiss abother guy.  So it hit me that I was truly Team Gale because I kept him in my thoughts throughout the book.  So you must ask yourself, when Katniss and Peeta were in the arena together, did you think of Gale? Or were you too wrapped up in them to care?  Or if it even crossed your mind, you at least care about his character enough to think of his feelings.  I myself would choose Gale because I am looking for a best friend and someone who truly knows me inside and out.  And I feel Gale has that.  He is more subdued than Peeta, but I really love that about him because I am the same way.  And the fact that he is a protector is very attractive.  So those are my thoughts on Gale and I hope you guys still do a show about him! Love the podcast and have been a fan of Andrew’s since 2006! :D 

    Love, Charee 

  • DreamNox58

    You guys mentioned in this podcast episode that you wanted to know if any of the football fans watching the super bowl would pick up The Hunger Games books after seeing that trailer.  Well, they were smart to do that.  My one friend I work with, who hardly ever reads, is a complete football fan, and just days after the superbowl he had the first Hunger Games book at work reading it nonstop.  It made me laugh because I know that is where he seen The Hunger Games.  He is now on book number two.  Only reads at work so there is that.

  • Camillo

    Since you guys aren’t very regular, or upload often, are there any other podcasts out there that are even half as good so I can listen?

  • HungryGamerStarkidwithHP

    Finnick Actor Discussion please!!!
    I think Zac Efron would be perfect. Such a charismatic humanitarian (starkid moment) He is the right age and fit/active/attractive. 

  • HungryGamerStarkidwithHP

    Shownote mistake! It says “Cinna gives Katniss the Prim” Andrew, don’t you mean mockingjay pin!?

  • Georgie R

    I haven’t actually listened to this podcast episode yet, as I am listening to them all in order and only discovered them recently. But I am amazed at how accurately all the hosts describe my feelings towards the series and if not the hosts then the listeners who comment! Also it’s good to get some international podcast hosts, with Mugglecast only having US hosts.
    I am really excited for the Hunger Games Film/s and hope to get EVEN more news and updates from the show,
    Georgina, 14, the UK

  • Grace Nzita

    I think this podcast is way to infrequent, the fandom is in full swing. Is there any chance of the hunger games chat being more frequent like mugglecast was in the old days?

  • Kathleen

    Hey guys, I just finished reading “The Hunger Pains”, which was actually pretty hilarious (though I admit before I started, I was hesitant). My question is, have any of you read the Hunger Pains, and if so what did you think?

    Also, the book (humourously) brought up something I hadn’t thought about before – how did Katniss’s lack of father figure during a large part of her formative years affect her? If her father didn’t die, how would she be different (other than her having to hunt/provide for her family)? Whenever Katniss recounts memories including her dad, she seems like a totally different person – way more calm and at ease. Just wondered what you thought! Love the show!

  • kristen

    do you think we are going to get full sceenes from the moive

  • Emma Jean Rooney

    hey guys I love the podcast and i was thinking about the names you were thinking of for the hunger games fans and I saw this one on a couple fan facebook pages,Panemaniacs! likw Panem and mainacs you know. Keep up the awsome podcasts!!!! 

  • Emma Jean Rooney


  • Emma Jean Rooney

    hey saw this name for hunger games fans on a facebook fan page and I really like it:Panemaniacs! Really love and keep up the awsome podcasting!

  • kristen

    I was just wondering if you think we are going to get more clips before hunger games comes out and if you would likr to see the.

  • AlasEarwax

    I took a few notes on my cellphone when listening in the car so I would remember to eventually post them in the comments section.

    Not positive if it was this episode but you guys recently talked about this book appealing to a large in audience in part because it isn’t sci-fi.  I just want to clarify that there is an important difference between sci-fi and fantasy, which I’m sure you already know but didn’t actually mention on the show.  The Hunger Games is set in a dystopian society in the future and it’s a sci-fi story because of a few things important things: this situation is plausible and could theoretically occur in our world; everything “different” to the Hunger Games universe is possible because of technology.  There are no “rules” to Suzanne Collins’s universe that she has to set down to tell the story, like the rules of JK Rowling’s magical universe.  People might like this story more than Twilight or Harry Potter (I know people will complain to hear those books mentioned) because it is possible.  Do you guys think that sci-fi has a bigger audience?  And why does fantasy have a stigma?
    I also wanted to share my thoughts on the promotions for the movie.  I agree with you guys that some aspects of the promotions (such as a dozen overpriced glittery nailpolishes) is exactly what one of The Hunger Games’s messages is against, but I think the people in charge did a good job promoting to all of the Hunger Games’s audience.  They covered the superfluous and indulgent area for fans who really want Hunger Games memorabilia in the merchandise area, and covered the political aspect with getting put into a district, reapings, etc.  There’s nothing wrong with either.  The film people covered all their bases in their promotions which to me is the best decision.

    Thanks for the podcast!

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