Posted on 10:04 am,
August 15, 2011

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Today Hypable is pleased to present its second podcast exclusively available here on our site. Hypable’s HeroHype will update fans on the latest news about all things comic book movies and super heroes!

First on our table is a discussion of the leaky Pittsburgh filming of The Dark Knight Rises and the glorious amount of footage, photographs and behind the scenes information that we’ve been getting!

We dish on our first look at Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman costume, Bane’s look and voice, the big Batman vs. Bane brawl on the steps of City Hall, the possible secret identity of Marion Cotillard’s Miranda Tate and a special Hypable exclusive: a set report from Heinz Field!

The Amazing Spider-Man then steals the limelight as we discuss our thoughts on the teaser trailer as well as our first look at The Lizard and Marc Webb’s darker interpretation of the Spiderman universe.

Tune in for more updates, news, speculation, confirmation, conversation and behind-the-scenes information about the expanding world of superhero flicks!

This episode's hosts: Jimmy Bean, Patrick McCoy, Andrew Sims and John Thrasher

  • Morgan Tiberius Rangel

    is this on iTunes?

    • Anonymous

      We are currently waiting for iTunes to approve our podcast feed. At the moment, no. But it will be within a week or so! Thanks for reminding me to add that to the post! :)

  • Morgan Tiberius Rangel

    lol yeah I didn’t see an iTunes link, So I freaked. 

    cool. so I’ll be listening to this.

  • Me

    So glad there’s a podcast for this! I’m curious to know what you guys think of Selina Kyle/Catwoman. Can’t wait to start listening!!

  • laurajamieson_

    i will listen to this just to hear andrews voice :)

    • Camillo

      Exactly. I’mm not even that big a fan of superheroes.
      BTW, is your username a reference to Jamie Lawrence? <3 Because if it is…You are AWESOME.

    • Rose_x

      Exactly what I was thinking!

  • Matt Pummell

    i totally agree with Pat about Garfield being to hipster for peter parker,from his thick rimmed glasses to his high socks really just not a fan. liked the podcast though i kept forgetting it was recorded and went to make a comment=p

  • RScar

    Great podcast guys, looking your next episode

    • RScar

      Looking forward to your next episode, I wish you could edit

  • jimmyqex


    • jimmyqex

      For non-iTunes Podcast downloaders?

  • Jennyleighx33

    Geez, Andrew Sims does so many podcasts now. Will he be able to keep up with them all?? :p

    I love him though, he has such a good radio voice that is so easy to listen too! It also helps that he’s funny and loves everything I’m into :p

    • katie

      Ok, I mean no disrespect by saying this, but I feel like Andrew was pretty useless in this episode. He didn’t seem particularly interested or knowledgeable about the subject matter of this podcast. 
      I’m a huge fan of Andrew and am a faithful listener of all his other podcasts (except Imprint, since I’m not a Twilight fan), but I think Jimmy, Patrick, and John (+ maybe a girl to get a little diversity in there) can handle this one on their own. I’d have preferred if Andrew had recorded another Hype instead of participating. 
      *ducks, covers to protect myself from impending attacks*

      • bridget

        haha actually i sort of agree

      • Anonymous

         Maybe he’s there just to make sure everything runs smooth for the first time out?

        • Richard Reid

          This is exactly the reason! I doubt Andrew will be a regular on the show.

        • Richard Reid

          This is exactly the reason! I doubt Andrew will be a regular on the show.

        • Eoin

          That was exactly my thoughts. And as Richard pointed out that is correct.

  • 7Starrchasers

    YAY! awesoooome

  • 7Starrchasers

    YAY! awesoooome

  • Jimmy Pautz

    I like the podcast, but noticed that the audio quality was sketchy on some of your microphones.  That is my only complaint.  I also found it funny that Andrew was there and didn’t say much.  That alone was entertaining to me :)

  • Tess905

    I agree that there so many films based on comic books and there’s going to be even more in the next few years… I guess what I’m most interested in is the new take on Superman since knowing Nolan’s style I just can’t imagine how you could make a Superman-movie without any supernatural elements.

  • Poppymay

    Can Andrew keep up with all the pod casts he is doing..

    • Eoin

      Definitely because if I have this right he isn’t doing this podcast regularly because his name was not listed at the top where it said all the hosts of the show. I’m preety sure he will just be with this podcast for the first two episodes to help the other people who aren’t as experienced with podcasting. They’re creating glee chat too. But that is not Andrew for sure.

  • Lucien

    Please guys, will you talk about The Avengers on episode 2?
    I really want to know what you all thought of the ending of Captain America as well!

    • Patrick McCoy

      The Avengers is up for episode 2!

      • Eoin

        When is episode two I’m guessing maybe next Monday? Hopefully. It would be good if guys did the second Monday of every month. Because Hunger Games Chat is the third Monday and Mugglecast is the day right beofore that.

  • michael filipovic

    Maybe every couple episodes a short super hero film review, Captain America, Fantastic four, Iron man, Incredible Hulk, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, the Spider Man trilogy, other

    • Eoin

      Maybe just the more recent ones but the idea is good.

  • Jennifer McKelvay

    i want to listen to those on the go, I’m from Canada so i am unable to get the podcast on iTunes ): what do i do????

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