Posted on 5:40 pm,
October 10, 2012

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Natalie and Karen bring you the very first episode of Hypable’s brand new podcast, Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast, which is dedicated solely to the MTV hit show Teen Wolf.

During the episode:

-They introduce the podcast, including where you can find them all across the internet
-They reveal their plans for the show, including rehashing the first two seasons and opening up the floor to guest hosts
-Guest hosts will include staff from Hypable and YOU, the listeners
-Natalie and Karen play twenty questions, talking about what else they do on Hypable, who their favorite character is, and whether or not they’d want The Bite
-Other questions include what they think of Sterek, what guest stars they’d like to see on the show, and why they think coach hates Greenberg so much
-The hosts wrap up the episode with news about Matt possibly returning, a casting call for werewolf twins, and the reveal of the title for 3×01

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This episode's hosts: Natalie and Karen

  • BlueHuMac


  • Tariq


  • theaterboy1

    I was SOOOO HOPING you guys would create a Teen Wolf podcast!! Only one of the best shows ever!!!!

    • Rip Van Tinkle

      best show EVER?! ehhhhhhhhhhh

  • Saskia17

    Yay awesome! After hearing so much about Teen Wolf, I recently watched both seasons in the timespan of about a week. I immediately fell in love with the characters, especially Stiles (of course). I’m really interested to see what you guys have to say about the show and Natalie you always seem to have such a comprehensive understanding of shows and characters, so I can’t wait to listen to it. Thanks for putting this together :)

    • Karen Rought

      Isn’t she awesome? Couldn’t ask for a better partner in crime. Thanks for listening!

      • Saskia17

        You guys were great :) Loved the discussion of your favourite parts/lines and the most heartbreaking ones – even though I only just watched it recently, I’d forgotten how many amazing moments there were. Will definitely rewatch them as you guys go over the old episodes.

  • BlueHuMac

    I just finished the podcast. Great first episode!

    Btw the scene, in season 1, between Stiles, Danny and Derek, in which Stiles makes Derek change shirts in front of Danny, I call that scene “pimping of the werewolf”. :P

    Best line of the episode: “damaged lonely little puppy”

  • CaptainJackHarkness

    Gah I have to wait til I get home, bloody school internet

  • Phlossy

    I love you all. Teen Wolf podcast is my new favorite podcast. Lol.

    • Karen Rought

      That is really awesome to hear. Thank you!

  • Julia

    Yay can’t wait to listen to this later :)

  • Lupita

    I’m super excited about this new podcast!

  • caroline.taylor078

    I’m finally listening to this now and am THRILLED theres a podcast dedicated to this wonderful show. I do adore Stiles, his one liners and comedy are amazing but I wouldn’t put him on such a high pedestal above everyone else, I think the whole cast are so good on this show, I adore Scott, Jackson (sore point at the moment), the coach is HILARIOUS, I literally think everyone on it is great!

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