Posted on 12:56 pm,
August 27, 2012

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Welcome to Vampire Hype,’s podcast all about vampires – from True Blood and The Vampire Diaries to Twilight, Buffy and much more! This is the podcast formerly known as Secret Diaries Chat, revamped. Hehe.

After the cancellation of The Secret Circle. Hypable’s Secret Diaries Chat podcast lost half of its content! We’ve been wondering what to do about the show, and have decided now that rather than drop The Vampire Diaries completely from our podcast line-up, we have started a new show which would incorporate even more fandoms: thus, Vampire Hype was born.

Featuring the same good old group of Hypagirls (Selina, Laura, Jen, Sonya and Sarah), we are also joined by Tariq, co-host of The Sorkin Series and one of the Hypable forum administrators!

In this premiere episode, we talk Vampire Diaries news, the penultimate True Blood episode of the season, a potential new Dracula show with Jonathan Rhys-Meyer, and of course Twilight and our expectations for Breaking Dawn: Part 2.

As with Secret Diaries Chat, we will provide you with time codes if you wish to skip any of the segments. This week we start with The Vampire Diaries, then follows True Blood at 24:40, Dracula at 35:30 and finally Twilight at 47:15. Enjoy!


– Intro: it’s Secret Diaries Chat, but not!
– What other vampire fandoms we might talk about in the future
– We reveal each of our favourite vampire fandoms, Laura comes out of the Twilight closet
– This show: The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Twilight, Dracula
– Welcome to Tariq, our newest member of the fang gang
The Vampire Diaries: Casting news, Elena as a vampire
True Blood: Recap of “Sunset,” our predictions for the season 5 finale
– The new Dracula show: Will it be picked up? Can a period drama survive on NBC?
Twilight: Yes, we do like it, and we’re excited for Breaking Dawn!

As we’ve just started this show, we’re very keen to get feedback both from old and new listeners! You can leave a comment here, or tweet @VampireHype! Also follow this account for all news about Vampire Diaries, True Blood and Twilight!

This episode's hosts: Selina Wilken, Sonya Faria, Jen Lamoreaux, Laura Byrne-Cristiano, Sarah Maloy, Tariq Herzallah

  • Amanda Douglas

    I was literally JUST thinking about how much I miss this podcast! I’m so excited that it’s back! I never watched The Secret Circle, so I love that it’s all about vampires and shows/movies that I love…other than True Blood. :P

  • Vladan V.

    Wow, nice! I love it! But please make sure you put up timings every time so I can know what to skip.

  • Emily Zitterkopf

    OMG YESSSSSSSSSSSSSssssssssssssssssss.

  • Shelby Walker

    Well, I can’t say I’m excited about the inclusion of True Blood…. I never could get into that show. But the rest I can enjoy (even the Twilight segments). Great idea to make it all vampires. 

  • Guest

    This can’t replace Imprint

  • d3erudite

    A vampire podcast? My life is complete! (Besides that themepark podcast that I know Andrew wants to make)

  • Merina

    On the one hand, I’m so glad Secret Diaries Chat isn’t dead. 

    However, I miss Imprint! And I dislike having THREE separate fandoms covered in the same podcast. If I just want to follow Twilight, I don’t feel it’s worth my time downloading a whole episode of this. 

    Just a personal opinion, as you all do a fantastic job, and I’m sure plenty of fans will appreciate a ‘vampire’ podcast. But is there any chance at all that you’ll bring out a ‘mini-cast’ in the future for Twilight?

    • Selina

       We’re hoping to implement the ability to actually skip through the different segments like tracks on an album. It can be done, it’s just figuring out HOW! Hopefully when we get that working, that will help out the people who aren’t into all of the fandoms. But we actually quite like the idea of grouping fandoms into one podcast, and I think there are a few similar ideas kicking around. Again, hopefully the skip function will make everyone’s listening experience a little smoother.

      As for Twilight, we’ll definitely have episodes of Vampire Hype dedicated to just one fandom, and there’ll probably be a few Twilight-centric shows closer to the release of the movie. :)

  • Jessica Lancaster

    Thank you so much for not just cutting Secret Diaries! Luckily for me, I’m at least a little interested in all of those fandoms, haha. There’s probably a lot of crossover among the fan bases for vampire-based series, so it does make sense to stick them all together. Well, except for younger kids who probably shouldn’t be watching True Blood! ;-) 

  • Alyssa Vanskyock

    I can’t find the new episode on iTunes. I keep going to the Secret Diaries podcast and the new podcast doesn’t exist yet.

    •!/SonyaWrites Sonya Faria

      Did you find it on itunes? Sometimes it takes a while to show up but It’s definitely there now

      • Alyssa VanSkyock

        I found it.

  • Alexis

    OMG. Thank you for creating this podcast, Selina!!

  • Kristine

    Can I listen to this without having the two last episodes of True Blood spoiled?

    • Sarah Maloy

      There are no finale spoilers, but we do talk about the Aug. 19 episode! If you don’t want spoilers from that, you might want to skip over the TB section (which starts at 24:40) until Dracula starts at 35:30. :)

      • Kristine

        Thanks :)

    •!/SonyaWrites Sonya Faria

      We only speculate about the finale :] We’ll be talking about it on episode #2

  • Riku

    Love that you’re including True Blood. :)

  • Jenny Leigh

    This is exciting. Although I don’t read Twilight or watch Vampire Diaries, I love True Blood and many things vampire :) And Selina! I love her too!

  • Sarah

    I’ve always been really into vampires. Ever since I read Dracula in elementary school I’ve been obsessed. I grew out of Twilight around the time the movies started coming out and I’ve lost interest in True Blood because of how many plot holes are in the show, as well as it just seems to have taken on more than it can handle. I just recently got into The Vampire Diaries though, so I’ll probably listen just for that and whatever you include Buffy with. Maybe you guys could maybe include other vampire fictions in here, like Vampire Knight?

  • Lupita

    This is pretty fantastic news! Finally all my favorite vampires in one place wooot!

  • Cara Payan

    Really disappointed in the complete dropping of imprint. At least address your fanbase before you go dark. Hope this is not meant to be a replacement.

  • Alexandra Salva

    I miss IMPRINT !

  • daisyduck

    Sounds great, as long as it’s not replacing Imprint…?

  • summcohen

    Great podcast but could you please put the timestamps in the iTunes description as well? It’s a bit annoying to have to open Hypable and look for the episode page to find the timestamps. Thanks!

    • Selina

      We usually put them in the actual podcast recordings, and will definitely keep doing that in the future. And we’re working to get actual skipping points into the sound file, too. :)

      • summcohen

        Okay thank you :)

  • Earthcrosser

    The thing about Imprint is… it’s kinda done. With the final movie coming out this year, what more is there to say? Mugglecast is able to continue because there’s a lot of analytical depth to discuss in those books (plus, the franchise lives on in many ways), but Imprint? Twilight is fun and entertaining, but it’s not deep. I’m not saying that to bash it. I read the books, I watched the films. It’s good fun. But what more is there to say?

  • Tariq

    Everyone, please take a listen before commenting! Selina actually mentions that this is in no way replacing Imprint. We’re just a bunch of vampire fans and from time to time Twilight will naturally come into conversation as exciting stuff comes out. But this definitely not a Twilight exclusive podcast.

    • Jeff Dodge

      I agree, Tariq, that people need to stop thinking that this is replacing Imprint. But at the same time, it actually brings up a good point that Andrew Sims needs to address: Imprint hasn’t had an episode is almost a year. We need to know if that podcast will continue. At the very least, we need a movie commentary on Breaking Dawn Part 1, a BDpt2 movie review episode once that movie is released as well as a movie commentary for it next year once out on DVD. If there’s any way these Imprint comments people are bringing up can make their way to Andrew’s attention.

      • Selina

        When we have Andrew on Vampire Hype, we’ll ask him to address it for himself. The truth is, we don’t feel comfortable speaking on the Imprinters’ behalf about the future of their podcast. But I can say that while we are absolutely not trying to be “the new Imprint,” you can expect to hear some of the Imprints hosts come on Vampire Hype to talk not only about Twilight, but True Blood, Vampire Diaries and other vampire fandoms too.

        • Jeff Dodge

          Oh, yeah, I get that you might not be comfortable speaking on their behalf–very understandable.

          And that’s great to hear that some of the Imprint hosts will be on Vampire Hype…looking forward to it!

        • Brittanaheya13

          When will he be on them…. Tell him to look at the coment section on Imprint…. People are really asking…. I know when I say this I’m speaking for all the Imprint fans so ” Imprint was one of the most popuar hypable podcast. Whoever doesn’t think that is nuts….. We all love Imprint and can’t wait to hear new podcast though.
          Good luck with Vampire Hype,
          Alex (Brittanaheya13)

  • Jeff Dodge

    When you all were talking about Dracula and you couldn’t think of any period pieces that aired on network TV, here are the two most recent attempts: The Playboy Club and Pan Am. Playboy Club was quickly cancelled. And Pan Am aired 14 episodes (not even a full season) and was not renewed.

    Period pieces just do not work on network TV. With Pan Am, they were trying to replicate the success of Mad Men. But I just don’t think the networks know how to do it right. And maybe it’s not possible to do it right, since you can get away with a lot more on cable (and thus make it more realistic) than on a network, where you have to tone it down and make it more accessible.

    With Dracula, even though it’s way too early to tell its level of success, the main thing that makes it stand out from other period pieces is that this one has a fantasy/sci-fi element, so maybe that’ll be the thing that helps it out. Only time will tell.

  • VMRx

    Such a great idea to lump all of these fandoms in together! It makes the show much more sustainable as well. Now… if only there was a Book Hype podcast :)

  • FairyTaleVampire

    I love this new podcast :)
    As a huge fan of Vampire Diaries and True Blood (and pretty much all the other vampire fandoms) its great to hear other people discuss them!
    For future episodes (as I know this podcast will be around for a long time) it would be cool to hear about comparisons between books and tv shows/films (as the Vampire Diaries books are so different to the show…which I don’t mind!)
    Again, great podcast guys, can’t wait for the next one! :)

  • Danielle

    I LOVE this idea! I’ve been wanting a True Blood chat or something similar and this is perfect. I especially love the timecodes so I can skip the shows i don’t watch. can’t wait to listen to this later.

  • Alex

    Will we ever hear anything on if Imprints returning…. I get that you guys don’t feel comfortable talking about whats gonna happen with Imprint….. But searously how long does it take to say if it still gonna have new podcats.

  • Jazz_18

    I truly wish listeners would stop expecting the hosts of this podcast who aren’t even a part of imprint to speak on their behalf. Perhaps imprint hasn’t come back because there honestly isn’t much news becides Kristen cheating on Rob which has been publicized to death. OR perhaps those hosts have other projects they are working on. Regardless I too was a huge fan of imprint but perhaps we should appreciate the multitude of podcasts that hypable already has to offer? Just saying.

  • melgreenwood1

    Great job guys!!! Really enjoyed all of it! So happy that there is someone else out there that loves Buffy like I do :-) Just wondering if you were going to cover other vampire related books like Vampire Academy, Bloodlines or Blackdagger Brotherhood? If not they could probably be in the book related podcast you were discussing, which by the way sounds fantastic! Vampire Academy has a huge fan base and they are trying to find a studio at the moment to make it into a movie. Keep up the good work!!!

  • Peggy

    I think yall should really read the Sookie Stackhouse novels. They are not great books, better than the TB. They’re short fast reads. The last book, #13, comes out next year. It might give you a little more insight into some of the characters. But then again, TB is very much like a fanfic made by Alan Ball.

  • Alaina Grant

    I was wondering what was going to happen to Secret Diaries Chat now…This is a great idea for a podcast. My new favorite.

  • Kourtney Winchester

    Just listened to the Podcast and you asked if any Period Drama’s ever made it on regular network television. Dark Shadows was set in the 1800’s and had a good run in the 70’s and was remade as a series on NBC in the early 90’s

  • Carissa

    Glad to see you guys back. I’m very sad to see The Secret Circle canceled, but now we have a podcast with The Vampire Diaries and other vamp news. :) Btw, I know you’re not replacing Imprint, but whatever happened to it?

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