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October 8, 2012

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Tariq, Sonya and Selina are your hosts this week for a Vampire Diaries-centric episode in preparation for the season 4 premiere. Three seasons in one year?! Preposterous!

In this episode, we prove just how long of a hiatus it has been, as we all seem to have forgotten everything that ever happened on the show (stay tuned for more outtakes at the very end of the show, too). Good thing The Vampire Diaries returns next week, and we can’t wait to talk about each new episode as it airs. Tell your friends!


– We discuss the new cold open of season 4: is it a good introduction for new fans, or does it feel redundant?
– Two new clips have been released from 4×01 “Growing Pains,” showing Elena’s discovery and the brothers’ reaction. Sonya and Selina question whether the first episode is going to be able to wow us since we already know that Elena is going to complete the transition.
– The return of Miss Mystic Falls prompts a lengthy and confusing debate about whether the past three seasons could really have taken place within the span of a year?!
– Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder have hinted at “vampire sex” in season 4. Could it be… with Elijah? No, Sonya says. It could not. Meanwhile, Tariq is still staunchly defending Team Stelena.
– Speaking of vampire sex, will Elena feed off Matt to complete her transformation, Bangel-style?
– The description of Phoebe Tonkin’s debut episode 4×03 “Born to be Wild”The Rager” has been released, and we discuss the information we learn about what has happened in the first two episodes.
– Who turned Katherine, anyway? Are there more Hybrids out there? And who the hell is Trevor?
– Two pieces of listener feedback bring up theories about the return of Ripper Stefan and Bonnie turning evil.

A note on the next couple of episodes: Vampire Hype will be dedicating itself to discussing the new season of The Vampire Diaries, which begins airing this Thursday. We will put out weekly episodes discussing the show, but you can still expect coverage of big Twilight and True Blood news, as well of course as extensive review shows for Breaking Dawn: Part 2. Follow @VampireHype for a heads up about what’s going on in each episode.

This episode's hosts: Tariq Herzallah, Sonya Faria, Selina Wilken

  • Emily

    It is not opening for me, it says Unable to load feed at this time.

    • Kristin

      Same here

    • Tariq

      I’m listening to it via ListenNow, and that works fine so far!

      • Emily

        Oh you just have to hit play…technology fail

  • Emily

    Ok guys, Season 1 – 1st half of junior year, Season 2 – 2nd half of junior year, Season 3 – summer and 1st haf of Senior year, Season 4 – 2nd half of Senior year. The college stuff comes in because they have to look at where to go to college and stuff since they are seniors.

    • Selina

      Thanks for the rundown, Emily! We were all very tired in this episode I think, and clearly out of the TVD mindset. ;)

      • Emily

        Haha totally understandable.

    •!/SonyaWrites Sonya Faria

      That makes much more sense!

  • Martrel A. Howard

    Hehehehe you read my comment :-D Sidebar Stefan made Klaus order his hybrids to leave Mystic Falls

  • Gary65

    OK class, welcome back to Vampire Diaries. Ms. Farya, Ms. Wilken, Mr. Herzallah, wonderful to see you again after such a long summer. My name is Gary and, for those among you who are unaware, I will be your teacher this semester in all things Mystic Falls. I think the best lesson plan for the first few weeks is to start at the end and revise last year’s material

    Lesson #1: How the fuck did this all start anyway? AKA Ancient History

    Following the death of her youngest son, Henrik, at the hands of werewolf savages who lived up the road and whom she was boning on the side, Esther(henceforth referred to as The Original Witch, or OW for short) decided it was a good idea to turn her family into a new breed of superbeings. She went about this by casting a spell on both her family and a local 10th Century wench called Tatia Petrova(henceforth referred to as the original Petrova doppelganager, or OD for short), for whom both her eldest sons felt love’s sharp pang. Esther & her husband Mikael then proceeded to brutally murder(we assume) said wench and drain her blood. They mixed her blood with wine, fed it to their children and then proceeded to murder them too, with Esther finishing off Mikael to boot, with a trusty sword through the heart.

    Thus the spell was complete and the Original Vampires were born. However, when Klaus went on his first blood-hazed killing spree(aw bless), his werewolf gene was activated and Esther’s infidelity was exposed(the result being Mikael brutally murdering the mutt who cuckolded him, which started a war between vampires and werewolves that rages on to this day. No bigee). Realizing that she had created a super-race too powerful to be allowed to exist. Thus she availed of OD’s blood once more to cast a second spell that repressed Klaus’ werewolf genes. Unhappy with this demotion, Klaus then slaughtered his mother and framed his father for the act(Very Cluedo. It was Mikael in the hut with his bare-fists).

    Klaus spent years researching a way to break his mother’s spell. The fruits of his labour were a lot of witchy heads on spikes(going through his Westerosi phase). He also learnt that the only way to break the spell was to avail of his mother’s failsafe, the Petrova Doppelganger. As an exact biological copy of the OD, her blood could be used to break the spell. All he need do is complete a very complicated ritual that no one cares about and drink the doppelganger’s blood dry. As dumb luck would have it, a young woman called Katerina Petrova just happened to be passing through. He immediately had eyes on his golden ticket.

    However, as time went by, one of Klaus/Elijah’s lackies, Trevor, developed feeling for the damsel in distress. Upon learning of Klaus’ plans for her, he freed her. Katerina fled through the woods arrived at a quaint cottage, where she was met by Trevor’s dear friend, Rose. Declaring she would rather die than return to Klaus, Katerina attempted suicide with a trusty kitchen knife. Knowing that Katerina’s death’s in their presence was tantamount to a death sentence, Rose forcefed Katerina her blood to heal her and left her to rest. However, Katerina bounced back fast and hung herself at the first opportunity, killed Rose’s “landlady” and thus became a vampire(it was Rose who changed Katherina. Rose was changed by Mary Porter, whose origins are unkown as Col saw fit to have her kebabed).

    Lesson #2: Hybrids AKA Biology

    One key ingredient in creating a hybrid is doppelganger blood. A were can only transition if they have fed on the blood of the Petrova doppelganger. Any other attempt will result in hospice care. However, in order for Klaus to break OW’s spell, he had to drink his doppelganger dry, thus killing her and ensuring there were no more hybrids. Fortunately for Klaus, Bonnie’s got powers that seem hellbent on screwing everyone over. She placed a spell on Elena’s father, John, so that when she died, she would be resurrected and John would die in her stead. The Petrova lives and Klaus can make as many hybrids as he pleases. He proceeded to do just that which led to the founding of The Salvatore Slaghterhouse: Exterminator’s Extrordinaire. Taking care of your local hybrid infestation in 30 seconds flat or your blood back.

    Well, that’s all the time we’ve got today class. A few extra pointers:

    1. Matt can see dead people too so by Sonya’s own definition, he isn’t human either.
    2. Yes, Tyler is a hybrid(Klaus’ first successful hybrid)
    3. Jeremy has died. A lot. But the first time was in s2 finale when Sheriff Forbes tried to shoot Damon and hit Jeremy instead, killing him. Bonnie resurrected him, offending nature and leading to the witch spirits abandoning her.

    Thank you and good night.

    • Tony

      Thank you professor for the enlightening and entertaining lesson, I should warn you thought that your time at Mystic Falls High won’t last, seeing as probably whoever hired you didn’t inform you of the fates of your predecessors. Feel free to look up on Mister Tanner and Saltzman in Season1 and 3 of TVD. :)
      Regarding extra pointer 4: We never heard Mary say who turned her, but we do know that it was Klaus. Not because he says so (his trustworthiness can be questioned), but because Elijah and Rebekah confirm this fact in the last episode of season 3. And they do so only to the viewer, during a private moment, which leads to the informations credibility; after all, they already know, there is nobody that needs to be deceived present.

      • Gary65

        Oh no that’s alright. I do night-time tutoring in my home and I spray everyone in the face with a vervain-wolfsbane cocktail before inviting them in. I also have an AK-47 in the dresser. You never can be too careful :)

        Personally, I think it might have been Tatia who started their blood-line. We have to meet the Original Doppelganger at some point and the only way she can still be alive is if she’s a vampire. Thus, she must be an Original. The blood-line is supposed to be connected to their respective Original by blood, not by their soul. Thus, if it was Klaus, they should all have died when his body died.

  • sjmorris31

    Weren’t Matt and Vicki brother and sister? That would be a pretty strong emotional bond! Not romantic, but strong, nonetheless. So maybe the idea that the blood of people you’re close to having a stronger pull is still valid.

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