Posted on 10:49 am,
November 22, 2012

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Hump day this week was crafted in the fires of a dragon jaw to bring you Selina, Eric, Zack, and Micah’s joyous readings of the next chapter in the Game of Owns read-through of A Game of Thrones. Arya, Sansa, and Septa share a conversation that reaches volcanic
temperatures, forcing the both of them to be sent to the Principal’s Office.


– The Circle of Life
– Time for a girl chapter
– Blinded by lust
– Lady and Sansa
– Sansa vs. Arya
– Principle Ned
– The big reveal
– Owns of the Show
– Selina hearts Twilight a lot… (no she doesn’t!)
– Reading your iTunes reviews

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This episode's hosts: Selina Wilken, Eric Scull, Zack Luye, Micah Tannenbaum

  • K8_8K

    Is it just me, but I can’t get the podcast to download. :(

    • Selina

      Oh yeah, we’ll look into it. Meanwhile, you should subscribe on iTunes! ;)

      • RabbitRabbit

        Damn it. We need the word for the heteronormative equivilant for iphones being considered the norm.
        Guess ill have to wait till tomorrow to listen to this.

        • RabbitRabbit

          Just realized that the gamofowns site might have a working download link for non-iphoners. Duh

          Edit: nevermind, the goo’s download link doesn’t work either.

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