Posted on 10:33 pm,
September 9, 2012

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This episode of Vampire Hype brings in Imprint hosts Andrew and Pamela to discuss the final Breaking Dawn: Part 2 trailer, and we also analyse the new Vampire Diaries season 4 promo!

We begin this week by talking about the Vampire Diaries promo released last week, in which Bonnie sets out to save Elena from becoming a vampire, and scary vampire hunter cops come to town. In the Twilight discussion, which begins at 28:00, our panel of Twilight experts break down the Breaking Dawn: Part 2 trailer, and discuss whether the big battle will actually take place and kill off main characters that didn’t die in the book.


– In The Vampire Diaries discussion, Selina, Jen and Tariq note that it’s not like they characters will succeed in stopping Elena’s transformation, so why the drama?
– Could Stefan’s feelings for Elena change once she becomes a vampire?
– Bonnie going to bring Elena back: does this mean that Elena is NOT Elena once she becomes a vampire? Yes, there’s a Buffy connection to be made here.
– And look, another connection: is Bonnie gonna go Dark! Willow?
– Caroline and Tyler/Klaus frolic in the woods – a much needed break from the action?
– We discuss whether this trailer is more action-packed to bring in a male audience
– Where is Katherine?
– Discussing the final Breaking Dawn trailer in depth, Laura, Jen, Andrew and Pamela talk about whether the final film will live up to fans’ expectations
– Renesmee is the cutest!
– Is Breaking Dawn: Part 2 actually going to contain the final battle scene not found in the book?
– If the battle does happen and isn’t a dream sequence, will any of the characters die?
– Which of the characters would die, if a battle did happen? The hosts give their picks
– It’s inevitable that the Saga will end, but where does the fandom go after the finale film?
– Laura suggests that the fandom could become Stephenie Meyer-centric, ala what happened to JK Rowling and the Harry Potter fandom.

Tell us what you thought about what we had to say and share your views on the Twilight and Vampire Diaries trailers in the comments, or tweet us @VampireHype!


This episode's hosts: Selina Wilken, Jen Lamoreaux, Tariq Herzallah, Laura Byrne-Cristiano, Andrew Sims, Pamela Gocobachi

  • Tucker

    Great, Bonnie is going dark. Give us even more reason to hate her character.

  • Martrel Howard

    Bella”s shield protected everyone on team good all the vamps and wolves and her attachment to nessie strengthened her power; her emotional tie to all of them fueled her shield, Personally I cant WAIT to see Jane get pissed when shes trying to attack everyone with her power but cant because Bella is sheilding everyone and Bella lets out that laugh… SOOOOO FUNNY

    • Merina

      Yeah, you’re right! Bella had no trouble defending them all in the end! I do agree with Stephenie: I think the Volturi and Cullens are evenly matched, and a lot of death would result from a fight between them.

      And I also can’t wait to see Jane get pissed. And Bella laughing. And then Jacob rolling his eyes at her like she’s gone bonkers…

      • Martrel Howard

        that was the funniest part in the book to me other than when bella went after jake when she found out he imprinted on ness… it gave me Molly Weasely “Not my daughter you B*****” line in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

  • d3erudite

    I think you guys have started an amazing podcast and I’m looking forward to the next episode. I think we’re definitely see Bonnie go into dark magic and I’m excited to see how that works out. P.S, Can you discuss how the filmmakers will show the vampire powers in breaking dawn part 2?

  • Merina

    In response to your Breaking Dawn trailer discussion:

    Call me crazy, but…I swear there were a load of articles about a year or so ago discussing how Alice will indeed show Aro a vision of the battle, instead of it happening in ‘real life’ and that this had been confirmed by a leaked script? I must admit, part of me likes the idea. It gives us a whole load of (hopefully) intense action, emotion, death, etc. – but there’s a way out! We don’t have to deal with repercussions of it actually Being Real! And it’s an excuse for more of an Alice-Aro interaction than in the book, when she returns…

    Whilst I’m on the subject of the Volturi and Alice – does anyone else their costumes give the impression of fluffy, mammoth-sized Russian dressing gowns inspired vaguely by Michael Jackson? Poor Michael Sheen’s not the tallest of guys, bless him, and he looks positively swamped by his robes…Alice would have a heart attack.

    Lastly, some questions: what are your thoughts on the portrayal of Alec’s power? Creepy and cool, or reminiscent of car exhaust fumes? Who do you think the new black Volturi guard is? Afton? Santiago? Someone invented for the films?
    …what can I say, I’m a Volturi fan…

    • Martrel Howard

      Speaking of Russians… where were those 2 creepy vampires from the book? I dont remember seeing them in the trailer … I hope theyre in the movie. The Alice vision theory has been circulating since before part 1 came out… its a viable way of adding action and conflict to an otherwise underwhelming ending. The Volturi robes are horibble…in a world so modern and their overly enforced rules to not expose themselves to the muggles, wait lol i mean humans… It makes no sense for them to be soo Outdated with the robes. Alec’s power reminds me of Zafrina’s power except that he antithesis the victim, essentially she can do the same thing through sensory deprivation but I still believe their powers are the same but just manifested differently… there was a black person in the mix???? Where??? lol I clearly missed that.

      • Merina

        If by the Two Creepy Vampires you mean the Romanians, I think they are in there – but easy to miss. Jumping from the trees and onto the ground in the forest towards the middle of the trailer, one of them with white-blond hair? I might be mistaken. And I agree completely about the costumes – way to scream ‘obvious’ to all the humans!

        There is a black Volturi guard throughout the trailer, at a couple of points :) chasing Nessie at the end, opening the door for Irina at the beginning, etc.

        • Martrel Howard

          LMFAO yes Romanians (Brain Fart) oh yea yea that vampire,welp i guess thats their way of adding diversity since they took at the one original brown guy in the series lol

    • TwilightNewsSite

      Yes, there were, as I recall. I expect some confusing circumstances, like Caius kills Alice right then (in the vision), so it’s unclear whether its dream or IRL. Since we already know it didn’t happen, I expect that for some viewers, this will be a step beyond their willingness to suspend disbelief.

      And, since they’re adding things, maybe they’ll add a speech from Jessica, who can show up and say if they’d all been more profligate they might have been as awesome as she is…???

  • Martrel Howard

    People Can hate Bonnie all they want but i LOVE her. Shes a great character. Bonnie emobdies the struggle between whats right, whats wrong and peer pressure. She’s grown so much since the beginning of the show but her path has been set for her to cast out and rebel against everyone. Im hoping that she delves completely into her own strength and power and take control over her own life. “Dark Bonnie” is gonna rock…can we say Bonnie and Elena showdown (Dark Willow and Buffy) I CANT WAIT!!!

  • Kay Marie

    I’m not able to download the podcast- when I click on the “download podcast” button it just reloads the episode page. :(

  • Rachel Gay

    hey guys great job on the new podcast really loving it so far just a quick comment on the Twilight series yall where saying something about what will happen to the fandom after the movie is over i just wanted to point out there is still a possibility that Stephenie Meyer will someday finish Midnight Sun which incase anyone forgot is suppose to be Twilight from Edwards point of view myabe you should ask Stephenie about that Andrew!

  • Gary65

    I don’t think it’s necessarily that it isn’t Elena or that there soul isn’t there. In order to become a vampire, some human part of you has to die. I think that is what Bonnie is going witchy scavenger-hunting for.

    In a way, it does make sense that they’re different people. Caroline was just a shallow socialite-in-waiting in season 1. Once she became a vamp, she was awesome. Something changed. I compare to having a nice house, blowing up part of it, and re-building a new extenstion so the house is bigger than before. It’s still the same basic house but with bits tacked on and changed.

    • Tariq

      I absolutely love your analogy! That makes a lot of sense.

  • M

    I believe the battle scenes we see in the trailer are from Alice’s vision. She sees, as Stephenie said in her Q&A, 90% of the Cullens and Volturi die. Most importantly, she sees Jasper die. This gives her the initiative to leave the Cullens before the battle happens. The pacing is hard for this one. The vision should be a little over halfway through the movie. This gives time for the hunt, meeting Renesmee, the cottage, and Bella attacking Jake. So, I think we’ll get five minutes of the battle. Alice and Jasper leave, and then the Cullens go on a search for the other vampires. They celebrate Christmas. In the mean time, Bella visits Jenks. The Cullens and the other covens come to Forks, and eventually the battle begins. The mental battle will also have some physical aspects. Irina has to die, Kate has to use her power. When Irina is killed by the Volturi, the new characters Henri and Yvette of the French coven retaliate. They feel it is their duty to defend Irina since they knew Laurent (just a guess). Henri and Yvette die, but not before they take out a guard or two. The Volturi begin to attack, but Benjamin uses his power to make a gap in the field (ignoring vampire canon–they could jump across it, but it won’t happen). This gives time for a discussion. Alice comes back. Happy ending. Viola.

  • Melissa West

    I was just able to listen to the show and I wanted to say something about the comment on Bella’s shield power. When they meet the Volturi at the end and she must use her power to shield the group she in fact does this with almost no problem at all. She’s able to let the shield hug closely around each of them including the wolves. She doesn’t struggle with it like she did when learning how to use this power in the beginning. Sorry if this point was already brought up.

  • Agrant26

    I really liked the analysis in this podcast. Talking about Vampire Diaries, I think that it does look like Caroline and possibly Rebekah in the car. Good thinking that they are in the car because they are getting rounded up by the vampire hunters. The more I think about it, there was a promo picture a Rebekah in a cell so maybe that really is her in the car. Anyway, I agree that I don’t like the whole concept of Elena being this whole different person now that she is a vampire. Not to bring in another fandom, but is it possible that a human part of her does have to die, like in Harry Potter? Not that these are very relatable, but when Harry dies he comes back completley himself but one aspect of him is gone. So, when Elena died a piece of her left that made her physically human, but does not change her personality at a great level. That’s my attempt to wrap my head around that idea. Lastly, I think that eventually Elena’s transformation will effect Stefan’s feelings for her. He told Lexi way back in season 1 that when he was around Elena he completley forgot what he was. Now, he does not have that grasp on his humanity becasue Elena is not reminding him of it. I think it’s possible that he could go “ripper” again.

  • Shaft Almasy

    I can’t download the podcast using the Download Podcast link I remember trying ages ago thinking it was just a temporary thing but it still hasn’t been fixed. Can you guys fix it?

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