Lucy Lawless, aka Xena Warrior Princess, aka Ron Swanson’s new lady interest, returns to Parks and Rec Season 5 in this week’s episode “Halloween Surprise,” which airs at 9:30 p.m. Thursday on NBC.

NBC released that this week’s episode will focus on the following eerie themes [spoiler alert]: Ben receiving a job offer that makes Leslie worry about their future, Tom searching for a new business scheme (hopefully with Jean-Ralphio), and Ron and Andy trick-or-treating with Diane (Lucy Lawless) and her kids.

Diane’s two daughters make her dress as a Princess every year, and not the warrior kind that she’s used to. Check out the video below for a snippet of this week’s episode:

Though we, at Hypable, are Lawless lovers, Andy steals the show in this particular video as he attempts to work on his observational skills: “Tree, leaves, night, sky, hand, Andy’s hand … I think I can do this.” It’s his facial expression of upmost confidence at the end that gets me every time.

But Andy jokes aside, this episode seems disconcerting. Bad news for Ben and Leslie? Say it ain’t so! What do you think will happen to the seemingly unbreakable duo? Also, if Ben is getting a job offer … what does that mean for April? Though April and Andy, our favorite alliterative couple, are the most stable on the show, so no real worries about their longevity.

Finally, why is Tom looking for a new business scheme? Since Entertainment 720 bombed somewhat (perhaps if they hadn’t given out so many iPads?), why is he searching for a new business? Will he perhaps pursue Anne’s “Sparkle Skin … Twinkle, Twinkle, Big Star!” What do you think Tom has up his sleeve this time around?

Also how do guys feel that Parks and Rec Season 5 is going so far? What are you looking for as the season continues this year?

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