Earlier today, Paramore released the official music video for the first single off its greatly anticipated self-titled album and gave fans an insight as to the concept for the shoot.

The music video for “Now,” which premiered live on MTV, was directed by Daniel ‘Cloud’ Campos and features the band fighting against an army of soldiers on the battlefield.

Paramore sat down with MTV for a short interview just after the video went live and talked more about the concept for the shoot.

Lead singer Hayley Williams explained how the concept for the video kind of mirrors the message of the song which is all about “moving forward to something more positive.”

“That’s what the video is about — we’re sort of on this rebel team fighting for love, and there are these soldiers that don’t know about that [because] they come from a world where it’s just darkness,” said Williams. “It was all about just spreading that message and fighting for that cause.”

The band’s self-titled fourth studio album drops worldwide on April 9.

Watch the official music video for Paramore’s “Now” below!


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What do you think of Paramore’s new music video? Are you excited for the group’s new album?