Outlander is filming season 3 in Scotland, and they have just cast the pivotal role of Lord John Grey.

Technically speaking, the role of Lord John Grey was already cast last season when Oscar Kennedy played the part. Since there is going to be a twenty year time jump this season, the youthful Oscar Kennedy would no longer be able to play the role other than in flashback sequences.

Viewers will remember the scene where a young Lord John Grey attempted to ambush Jamie. John Grey was quickly overpowered by Jamie, and he suffered a broken arm in the process. Grey valiantly refused to give up information on the whereabouts of the British troops until he thought Claire was an English hostage about to be attacked by the Scots. Grey then spilled full details in order to “save” Claire’s honor.

Jamie spared Grey’s life owning to his honesty and his youth. He ordered Grey to be taken outside the camp and tied to a tree where his troops would presumably find him in the morning. Then, with the information supplied by Grey, Jamie and the Scots disabled the British troops’ cannons.

Before being lead away, John Grey informed Jamie that he now unwillingly owned Jamie a life debt. At the same time, once that life debt is paid, Grey will again consider Jamie his enemy.

Without spoiling for fans who have not read the books, Lord John Grey plays an important part in Jamie’s life for the rest of the book series.

According to EW, “Australian actor David Berry will take over as Grey.” Berry is mostly known in his native Australia where he has received accolades for his work. Notably, in the series called A Place to Call Home. Check Berry out in an interview about that series below.

Outlander was greenlit earlier this year for both season 3 and 4. Showrunner Ron Moore has stated that he anticipates a spring 2017 broadcast for season 3; however, no official air date has yet been announced.

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