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Women’s March gets the support of celebrities around the world

Some awesome celebrities turned out today to support the Women’s March on Washington movement, in order to send a strong message to the Trump administration that women’s rights are human rights!

Uber offering free rides to LGBT centers, bars in 40 U.S. cities all weekend

Uber is making it easier to stand up to fear this weekend by offering everyone free rides to numerous LGBT-oriented places of interest from Friday to Monday in the U.S.

Abolitionist Harriet Tubman will replace racist Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill

The United States Treasury will announce on Wednesday that Harriet Tubman is replacing President Andrew Jackson on the front of the $20 bill.

Bill to designate magic as a ‘national treasure’ enters United States House of Representatives

Who says our elected officials can’t get anything done? A new bill entered the House of Representatives on Monday that, if passed, will “recognize magic as a rare and valuable art form and national treasure.”

Here’s a 45-minute video of Nick Offerman simply sipping whiskey by a fire

Nick Offerman. A warm fire. A glass of whiskey. For 45 minutes.

NASA reveals: There are ‘definitive signs of liquid water’ on the surface of Mars

NASA’s exploration of Mars has paid off in a major way, as scientists believe they have found liquid water on the planet’s surface.

Doritos Rainbows, a.k.a. Coolest Doritos Ever, will help fight homophobia

Doritos Rainbows are now available from Doritos, and all sales are going towards the fight against homophobia.

Stephen Colbert celebrates SCOTUS’ gay marriage ruling, mocks justices in new ‘Late Show’ vlog

It feels like Stephen Colbert’s Late Show has already begun.

Zookeepers perfectly re-create Chris Pratt’s ‘Jurassic World’ raptor handling in new meme

It was inspiring to watch Chris Pratt remain in control of his raptors in Jurassic World — but he’s not the only one who can control wild animals.