Actress Maria Thayer will be appear on season 2 of New Girl as one of the roommates college sweethearts.

Ever wonder why Nick is so bad at relationships? Maria Thayer’s new character could be to blame! Her character, Amelia, was Nick’s college sweetheart. Amelia is also responsible for breaking his heart which he never quite got over. In the Halloween episode of season 2, Amelia will pay him a visit which will reveal a flaw E! Online desribes as terrible and hilarious.

Jess will also be having her own romance this season with a bad boy, although it doesn’t sound as though it will be lasting very long. Especially since she will be tricking him into thinking she was his blind date! The New Girl writers have revealed that Nick and Jess will be having more chemistry this season. So how will Nick’s college sweetheart showing up affect the way Jess feels? In the past she’s been bitter towards his female companions, could we see more jealously come out?

You may know Thayer from Eagleheart, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, or Accepted.

Also appearing this season: Parker Posey, David Walton, Keenyah Hill, Josh Gad, Raymond J. Barry, Rob Riggle, Anna Maria Horsford, Nelson Franklin, and Niecy Nash.