A new poster was revealed today that shows the Fringe team on a wall in graffiti form.

Take a look at the grunge-themed poster below!

Fringe returns September 28 at 9 p.m., and we’re so excited to learn more about the mysterious Observers that have been in the story since season 1. We’ve already got the synopsis for the first episode, and if you’ve missed it here’s a recap:

The fifth and final season picks up from the ominous events of last season’s “Letters of Transit” episode, in which the year is 2036 and the overpowering Observers rule. The Fringe team – preserved in amber for 20 years – is now a rebel resistance team fighting for freedom. Peter, reunited with his now adult daughter, Etta, sets out to find out what happened to his wife and Etta’s mom – Olivia – as they start their mission to save the world from the Observers in the “Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11.”

We’re curious to see how the episodes will feel since almost everyone on the Fringe team has referenced this season as a “13-hour feature film,” and we’ve got the word that more than one character will possible perish this season. It’s sure to be a thrilling ride, and we can’t wait to see who will survive to see the end of it.

What are you most excited about?