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Everybody “simmer Dean” and listen! NBC has given us our longest uninterrupted look at continuous action from season 4 of Community yet. And we won’t lie to you, it’s pretty Deantastic.

Check out the full clip below for one minute and 47 seconds of goodness from episode one, “History 101,” (hard to believe that episode title hadn’t been picked yet over three seasons), airing Thursday, February 7.

Initial thoughts on the trailer? Dean, Dean, DeanDean, Deanledeanleadoo, DeanDean, DeanaDeanaDingDong. Jim Rash’s gloriously depraved, hopelessly outgunned Dean of Students has seen his role grow pretty much exponentially from the moment he appeared on screen. This is definitely appreciated, since he’s a treasure. We know that despite all the positive signs we’ve seen from the new version of the show, there must still be a lot of fan concern about the transition from Dan Harmon to Moses Port and David Guarascio. But if this is any indication, we should trust that at the very least they’ll be able to nail Dean Pelton’s narcissistic, manic and pansexual craziness.

In non-Dean developments? Britta is wearing adorkable Deschanel-esque glasses. With her character’s descent into hipsterdom, we’re surprised it took her this long to fill out a corrective thick-lens prescription.

The Hunger Games spoof, “The Hunger Deans,” looks to be shockingly well-thought out and expansive. How on earth did Greendale fit that into budgets between paintball debris cleanings?

The fact that NBC is releasing content from the first episode and not just general trailers for the season itself means that February 7 is fast approaching. Streets ahead!

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