Need more books? Do the Reddit gift exchange!

5:00 pm EDT, February 5, 2013

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Sometimes you just need an excuse to give and receive gifts other than birthdays or holidays, and redditgifts is offering you a chance to do a book exchange!

If you’re unfamiliar with redditgifts, it’s an exchange website that people can sign up for to do random gift exchanges with people world wide. They’ve had the classic Secret Santa exchange, a Doctor Who exchange, and multiple other themes.

Now redditgifts is doing a book exchange, and we had to tell our readers!

To participate you just register an account, put in your information, and sign up for the exchange. It’s all completely free! Once the signups are over, you’re randomly assigned someone from around the world (or if you prefer you can stick to your home country) and it tells you which books they like, and it’s up to you to decide what to give them! In return you’ll be assigned to someone else, and they will do the same.

This author has participated in both the Doctor Who and Secret Santa exchanges, and it’s been great giving someone a gift they were looking forward to and getting gifts that were more than satisfactory in return.

Signups end February 18!

Click here to go to redditgifts

Will you participate?

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