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My Mad Fat Diary series 2 is set to start this February and now we’ve got our first trailer! Check out what everyone’s talking about as one of the best shows of 2013.

Late last year we explained to you five reasons why you should watch My Mad Fat Diary, and now you have one more: The second series is coming soon!

Series 2 of My Mad Fat Diary is set to air in February, with an unknown release date, and it’s bound to give us some awesome and epic fun times with Rae Earl and the gang. The synopsis for the second series reads:

Series two kicks off at the hazy end of the long hot summer of 1996, just after Rae has finally revealed the truth about her mental health to her gang of friends and shared that moment with object of her lust Finn.

Things are pretty much as good as they get in Lincolnshire. But there’s something looming on the horizon which threatens to disrupt the glorious status quo… COLLEGE.

And the trailer tells us that the second series looks to be just as funny, emotional and amazing as the first.

Plus, in addition to the trailer, we’ve got a couple of promotional photos of the cast that feature them on a bus. We can’t get enough of Finn and Archie; they’re just too adorable!

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A series 1 recap

Obvious spoilers ahead if you haven’t gone ahead and watched series 1 yet!

At the end of last series we saw a few major developments happen to Rae and her friends. Tix was hospitalized for over exercising herself while Rae attempted to get hit by a car to end her life. While Rae made it out all right, we still don’t yet know the fate of Tix, which will hopefully be given to us in the first few minutes of series 2.

Rae managed to get over her fear of not being liked by Finn and now they’re going out, and Archie is still gay as ever, although he never managed to tell the gang just yet. Only Rae knows so far. However, the gang does know about Rae’s past with self harm and being hospitalized, and they’re accepting of her. When asking Kester, her therapist, if she needs to be hospitalized again, Rae is told that she doesn’t, but she’s still in need of therapy, so you can expect to see more scenes between Kester and Rae in series 2.

Are you excited about series 2 of ‘My Mad Fat Diary’?

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