Hugh Jackman dons Ryan Reynolds mask to roast him on Instagram

The only thing better than Wolverine and Deadpool’s quarrelsome relationship is the constant ribbing between the actors themselves, Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds.

You have Hugh Jackman to thank for ‘Logan’s’ R-rating

The final Wolverine movie Logan will be R-rated, but that wouldn’t have happened without a sacrifice from lead star Hugh Jackman.

FX sets release date for X-Men series ‘Legion,’ premieres new trailer

Legion, the highly anticipated series set to premiere on FX which brings Marvel and Fox together for a new X-Men installation, now has an official premiere date!

Watch: First ‘Logan’ trailer heralds the arrival of a new Wolverine

Hugh Jackman is back as Wolverine in Logan, the final movie about the grizzly X-Men hero. Watch the first trailer now.

‘Wolverine 3’ officially titled ‘Logan’

The third and final Wolverine movie is titled Logan. Further, director James Mangold has shared some interesting plot details.

X-Men spinoff movie ‘New Mutants’ adds ‘Fault in Our Stars’ writers

New Mutants will reunite The Fault in Our Stars writers with Director Josh Boone for the brand new X-Men project.

Does Hugh Jackman’s Instagram post show us our first look at Old Man Logan?

Plot details are still under wraps for Wolverine 3, but it’s expected to follow Old Man Logan, and now we may have our first look at the aged-up character.

Patrick Stewart is (probably) done with ‘X-Men’ after ‘Wolverine 3’

Sir Patrick Stewart’s version of Professor X won’t be back for more X-Men movies after his turn in the final Wolverine movie.

Fox orders ‘X-Men’ pilot series from Bryan Singer, Simon Kinberg

Marvel is coming to Fox television. Today the network announced that they’ve committed to a pilot for a new X-Men series produced by many familiar faces.