Star Trek

Meet Ben, Sulu’s husband in ‘Star Trek Beyond’

As we learned earlier this month, Star Trek Beyond slides in a pleasant surprise about one of its characters: Sulu (played by John Cho) is gay. But it’s no big deal!

Paramount announces ‘Star Trek 4’ with Chris Hemsworth returning in lead role

Star Trek Beyond doesn’t hit theaters until this weekend, but Paramount already knows you’ll love it so much that you’ll want to see a fourth.

J.J. Abrams says ‘Star Trek 4’ is definitely a possibility

If you were worried Abrams’ reboot Star Trek series would end with the trilogy, rest assured that the team behind the franchise is already thinking ahead.

First ‘Star Trek Beyond’ reviews warmly compare it to the original series

Select critics saw Star Trek Beyond on Wednesday night, and the first reviews have arrived via Twitter.

George Takei clarifies comments about Sulu’s sexuality, says he appreciates the decision

It’s been a he-said, he-said sort of dialog about Star Trek Beyond’s Sulu and his sexuality, and George Takei is once again addressing the situation.

Simon Pegg offers a word about ‘Star Trek’ canon and Sulu’s sexuality

The discussion about Sulu’s sexuality is not over, and Simon Pegg has jumped back into the ring to further explain his take on the matter and that of Star Trek continuity.

Zachary Quinto isn’t pleased with George Takei’s comments on gay Sulu

Openly gay Star Trek actor Zachary Quinto is “disappointed” in openly gay Star Trek alum George Takei’s disappointment in making Sulu gay in Star Trek Beyond.

‘Star Trek’s’ Simon Pegg defends gay Sulu: A new character would have been ‘defined by their sexuality’

In Star Trek Beyond, Mr Sulu is revealed to be gay. George Takei opposes this “change,” but Simon Pegg shares his very valid reasons why they chose to make an existing character LGBT as opposed to adding someone new.

You’ll never guess who’s disappointed about ‘Star Trek’s Sulu being gay

Following today’s news that Sulu will be revealed to be gay in this summer’s Star Trek Beyond, it would’ve been easy to guess that original actor George Takei — who’s gay himself — would be thrilled by the news.

Welp, you guessed wrong.