Indiana Jones

Disney CEO Bob Iger says ‘Indiana Jones 5’ won’t be the last, hints at reboot

In a lengthy new interview with Disney’s CEO Bob Iger, the studio chief hints that they are planning a series of new Indiana Jones movies.

Steven Spielberg promises Harrison Ford won’t die at the end of ‘Indiana Jones 5’

In case anyone thought Indy might pull a Han Solo in the next Indiana Jones film, director Steven Spielberg is promising that won’t be the case.

Sorry Chris Pratt, but Indiana Jones probably won’t be recast

If Indiana Jones producer Frank Marshall has his way, no one but Harrison Ford will ever pick up Indy’s whip and fedora.

Chris Pratt sets the record straight on ‘Ghostbusters’ and ‘Indiana Jones’ rumors

Is there any truth to the rumors about Chris Pratt’s involvement with Ghostbusters and Indiana Jones? See what the man himself has to say about it!

Harrison Ford likely to appear in new ‘Indiana Jones’ film

Yesterday a fifth Indiana Jones film was officially confirmed by Lucasfilm, and a new report says Harrison Ford will appear.

Lucasfilm says a new ‘Indiana Jones’ movie is happening — but when?

Speaking to Vanity Fair for their big Star Wars: The Force Awakens feature, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy has confirmed the studio will be creating a new Indiana Jones film.

No, Chris Pratt hasn’t been cast as Indiana Jones… yet

Is Chris Pratt really the new Indiana Jones? While there’s no concrete evidence yet to back it up, the actor continues to give curiously vague responses when asked about the iconic role.

Steven Spielberg wants to direct ‘Indiana Jones’ reboot with Chris Pratt

With Disney looking to reboot Indiana Jones with Chris Pratt in the lead role, Steven Spielberg is reportedly looking to direct the reboot.

Disney plans to relaunch ‘Indiana Jones’ with Chris Pratt starring

Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World star Chris Pratt is reportedly being eyed by Disney for their relaunching of the Indiana Jones franchise.