The Hunger Games

‘Mockingjay’ director developing AI horror drama ‘Basilisk’ for FX

Three-times Hunger Games director Francis Lawrence is teaming up with Curtis Gwinn for Basilisk, an FX horror drama centered on artificial intelligence.

Missing ‘The Hunger Games’? ‘Rogue One’s Jyn may as well be called New Katniss

The first trailer for the first Star Wars spinoff, Rogue One, has arrived. And hot damn, the lead character strongly reminds me of Katniss.

Post-Millennials have been labelled ‘The Katniss Generation,’ for depressing reasons

According to a new study, Gen Z — or ‘Generation K,’ for Katniss — will inherit a “dystopian, unequal and harsh” world from Millennials.

2016 MTV Movie Award nominees feature ‘Star Wars,’ ‘Deadpool,’ ‘Ultron’

Those Hollywood blockbusters that everyone saw are very present amongst the 2016 MTV Movie Award nominations.

Watch an exclusive clip from ‘The Hunger Games: Complete 4 Film Collection’

Experience The Hunger Games series like never before with Lionsgate’s four-film collection, set for release in March 2016. And while you wait, we’ve got an exclusive preview clip from Mockingjay – Part 2!

The REAL reason Katniss needed to kill Coin instead of Snow in ‘Mockingjay’

In my last article on Hypable, I talked about why Prim NEEDED to die to complete some of the overall themes of the story. I mentioned that a lot of people who don’t like Mockingjay don’t understand that point. Yet another problem people have with the Mockingjay is that there is all this build up toward killing Snow and having Katniss do it, and we never get that payoff.

Jennifer Lawrence is literally Katniss, ‘wouldn’t be involved’ with more ‘Hunger Games’ films

Lionsgate is planning to make more Hunger Games films, but it’ll be without Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss.

Lionsgate: ‘The Hunger Games’ will ‘live on and on and on’ thanks to prequels

The studio behind The Hunger Games series is once again reminding us that yes, they are totally going to do a couple more Hunger Games movies.

‘Mockingjay’: Why THAT character NEEDED to die

Ever since Mockingjay (the book) was released, I’ve heard people say that THAT character died at the end for nothing more than shock value. As a writer myself, I have to strongly disagree.