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Exclusive: Harry Potter play ‘Puffs’ reveals ‘Fantastic Beasts,’ ‘Cursed Child’ parody posters

To promote their Wizard Nights series, the creative minds behind off-Broadway’s Puffs have created posters for their other Puffs parodies.

J.K. Rowling squashes ‘Cursed Child’ movie rumors, but the source is reputable

J.K. Rowling has taken to Twitter to step on a rumor about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child being adapted into a three-part series starring Dan Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint.

#FollowTheSpiders? What the hell are the official Harry Potter social media accounts teasing?

On Thursday morning, multiple official Harry Potter social media accounts began teasing something called #FollowTheSpiders.

Zoë Kravitz says Newt and Leta’s ‘complex relationship’ will span several ‘Fantastic Beasts’ films

Leta Lestrange is set to play a big role in coming Fantastic Beasts films as her path crosses with Newt Scamander’s.

‘Fantastic Beasts’ box office finally surpasses one of the eight ‘Harry Potter’ movies

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them has matched one of the worldwide box office pulls of a Harry Potter movie.

‘Puffs’ Wizard Nights announces parody performances of ‘Fantastic Beasts,’ ‘Cursed Child’

The off-Broadway play Puffs is launching a series of Wizard Nights in the next month, where performances of the play will be followed by wizard rock concerts or staged readings of other shows in the Puffs universe.

‘Fantastic Beasts’ picks up 5 BAFTA nominations, ‘La La Land’ continues to dominate

The BAFTA 2017 nominations are in: La La Land, Arrival, and Nocturnal Animals lead the field! But the British awards show has some love for Fantastic Beasts, too.

You can finally listen to Bruce Springsteen’s long-hidden Harry Potter song… if you visit D.C.

Once upon a time, amazing human being* Bruce Springsteen read the Harry Potter books to his children, and J.K. Rowling’s work inspired him to write a song for the first movie.

J.K. Rowling’s new edition of ‘Fantastic Beasts’ reveals magical covers, new details

Scholastic, Bloomsbury, and Pottermore have pulled the invisibility cloak off the new edition of Fantastic Beasts.