Disney Channel reveals first look at the villains’ offspring in ‘The Descendants’

The forthcoming Disney Channel Original Movie The Descendants has revealed four of the villains’ children and they… don’t look how we expected.

Guillermo del Toro drops out of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ starring Emma Watson

Director Guillermo del Toro has now departed the live-action film adaptation of Beauty and the Beast with Emma Watson in the role of Belle.

Disney announces ‘Lion King’ spinoff television series ‘The Lion Guard’

Disney Junior is developing a spinoff to The Lion King titled The Lion Guard which will debut as a television movie and then run as a television series.

‘Finding Dory’ adds co-director alongside Andrew Stanton

The highly-anticipated Finding Nemo sequel Finding Dory has added a co-director to work alongside Andrew Stanton.

Disney’s live-action ‘Beauty and the Beast’ reportedly sets director

Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast has reportedly signed Bill Condon as its director.

What did ‘Maleficent’ change from ‘Sleeping Beauty’?

Maleficent is now in theaters, and one of its most controversial elements is how much it deviates from the 1959 Sleeping Beauty. Here we discuss some of the differences.

Everything you need to know about Sleeping Beauty

If previous versions of the story and the upcoming release of the Maleficent movie have taught us anything, it’s that there are quite a few ways that the story of “Sleeping Beauty” can be told. So, we thought we’d give you an abbreviated history of “Sleeping Beauty” up to this point.

‘Maleficent’ movie review: Dishonest nostalgia manipulation

Maleficent will lure you in with Sleeping Beauty nostalgia, but what’s inside is even more twisted than the titular villain.

Pixar’s ‘Inside Out’ gets new synopsis

Pixar has released a new synopsis for their original 2015 film Inside Out which is set within the head of an 11-year-old girl.

Disney’s ‘Descendants’ unveils who will play Jafar, the Evil Queen, and Cruella de Vil

The Disney Channel Original Movie The Descendants has announced who will play the iconic villains in the new story about their children.

Disney Animation releases trailer for their first Marvel film ‘Big Hero 6′

Walt Disney Animation Studio’s next film is not the Frozen sequel everyone is asking for. It’s a Marvel property: Big Hero 6.

New ‘Maleficent’ trailer cleverly mashes up ‘Sleeping Beauty’ and the Angelina Jolie movie

Disney has released a new Maleficent preview, which puts the film’s live-action footage next to Sleeping Beauty’s animated scenes.

Disney announces ‘Frozen On Ice,’ launching this September

Disney’s popular On Ice arm has announced a Frozen show which will tour the United States beginning this September.

Three stills from Disney Animation’s first Marvel movie ‘Big Hero 6′ released

Coming off the huge success of Frozen, Walt Disney Animation Studios will release Big Hero 6 this November. Today, the first three images were released ahead of a trailer.