Tonight’s Modern Family on ABC at 9 p.m., called ‘Planes, Trains and Cars’ gives us high school reunions, impulse purchases and uh-oh Lily moments. Check out the leaked preview photos featuring Phil gone wild (well … for a middle-aged man). Is this episode an homage to the renowned comedy featuring Steve Martin?

In episode 3×20, we saw Haley throw an unsupervised party (well, supervised by Manny), Cam’s dad with Jay and Claire learn not to smile when giving bad news. Tonight, there is more in store for the one and only Modern Family:

The Dunphys are in the market for a new car and Phil makes a spontaneous purchase without Claire. Will he have buyer’s remorse? Meanwhile, Jay is determined to get to his high school reunion with Gloria and Manny in tow, and Lily loses her favorite stuffed animal on a public metro train, leaving Mitch and Cam with an inconsolable toddler.

What woes will Jay run into on his way to his reunion? How will Claire punish Phil properly? Give us your thoughts, and check out these preview photos.

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