Merlin 5×07 “A Lesson in Vengeance” just finished airing! Tell us what you thought of the episode and see a promo for next week’s “The Hollow Queen.”

Are you surprised by the way Guinevere’s storyline is developing this season? We’re glad that Arthur didn’t die, but what will Morgana do next? And how about Gwen?

The promo for next week’s episode might give us some clues:

The episode description for “The Hollow Queen” reads:

When Merlin agrees to help a young Druid boy, he has no choice but to leave Camelot on a dangerous mission.

And with the citadel distracted by the visit of the fearsome Sarrum of Amata, it seems that no one will notice his absence.

But as the sky darkens, so do Merlin’s suspicions – is there more to Daegal than meets the eye? And can a man as ruthless as the Sarrum ever really be trusted? Too late, the young warlock realises he’s made a terrible mistake.

You can also see a promotional still released of Sarrum, played by John Shrapnel, and read the episode descriptions for 5×09 and 5×10.

Hypable’s Merlin podcast Talks of Camelot will be recording a reaction show for this week’s episode tomorrow, so if you want to get your feedback in, leave that here in this post! You can also listen to the discussion for last week’s episode “The Dark Tower.”

Merlin 5×08 “The Hollow Queen” airs next Saturday at 20:00 GMT on BBC One.

What did you think about tonight’s episode?!

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