It’s A Month of Merlin on Hypable, and we’ve paired up with the official Facebook game to let fans write scenes for the game and win awesome t-shirts!

Following the launch of the official Facebook game earlier this year, Merlin fans have been enthralled with the idea of exploring Camelot and interacting with the characters they love as they complete missions and unlock secrets about the world and the story.

While Merlin is sadly concluding this year with its fifth and final season, we’ll still have the game to keep the magic alive, and Bossa Studios are still working on expanding it and making the experience even more enjoyable for fans of the show and game!

Now, YOU can contribute a little bit of your own writing to the game: we are inviting you to submit a short piece of dialogue between two of the characters (no more than 10 lines), and the best submission will be featured in the game, during one of the market square interactions!

Merlin Arthur Gwen game facebook
Players of the game will already have experienced some awkward flirting between Gwen and Arthur, some bantering between Arthur and Merlin, and some nice moments between Merlin and Gaius. But what else could you imagine that the characters would have to talk about?

A few suggestions to get you started: perhaps Gwen will be caught reminiscing about Lancelot? Maybe Merlin and Arthur accidentally let their bromance shine through in an argument? Or, once the show has finished, perhaps there was some interaction between the characters that you felt should have been included – Gwen’s reaction to Merlin’s magic reveal (if it happens), or a fallout scene between Merlin and Arthur? So many possibilities, and we’re sure you guys will come up with some great scenes!

Merlin Facebook game win t-shirt
The winner of the contest will not only have their dialogue featured in the game, but will also win an awesome, official Facebook game t-shirt. And the four runners-up will also receive a t-shirt, so get writing!

Good luck everyone – submit your entries to no later than December 31, and may the best submission win! We accept entries from all over the world.

Don’t forget to check out our exclusive podcast interview with the Merlin game creators, and all of our Month of Merlin articles!

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