Ever wonder what questions a kid would ask Merlin star Colin Morgan? Well, now’s your chance to find out!

Colin recently sat down with BBC Radio: Shropshire to talk BBC’s hit fantasy series, and in a fun twist of events, instead of interviewing the star themselves, the radio hosts had a small child ask the questions instead!

The nameless child, who says he loves Merlin because he loves “Knights! Fighting! Swords! Shields! Armor! DRAGONS! Speaking to dragons, and MAGIC!” asked Colin a variety of questions, some of which were predictably silly, like, “Didn’t you used to fancy Gwen? That’s a bit awkward!” and “Do you sometimes forget you’re Colin and think you’re Merlin?”

In regards to the latter, Colin replied with:

“Sometimes! It depends. Whenever we’re filming in the big castle, it’s easy to think that you’re part of that world and definitely talking to the dragon can be quite intimidating! So you have to stand your ground and sometimes you have to be Merlin and you have to pull your magic out to do that.”

However, the young fan also asked questions that us older fans have been dying to know answers to for years, like why Merlin hasn’t told Arthur he has magic yet.

“Merlin doesn’t think [Arthur will sentence him to death if he finds out about his magic] but he doesn’t know and it’s about choosing the right time, so will the right time be in this series? You’ll have to find out!” said Colin.

Though Colin is keeping tight-lipped about the big reveal, he did elaborate slightly on the topic of how Arthur will react to Merlin’s magic when he finds out:

“The big question is how the reaction is gonna be and I think if and when it happens, it’ll be something that’s handled in a very intriguing way.”

Listen to the full interview below to find out what other questions this young fan of the show had for Colin Morgan!

In a separate interview with RadioBoltonFM, Colin discussed how growing up in Northern Ireland shaped his love for the arts and culture. Additionally, he discussed Ireland’s annual Belfast Festival and encouraged others to attend if they can.

You can listen to Colin’s full interview with RadioBoltonFM below:

Can’t get enough of Colin Morgan and Merlin? Don’t forget to check out Hypable’s very own Merlin podcast, Talks of Camelot!

What was your favorite question the small child asked in BBC Radio Shropshire’s interview with Colin?

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