One of the geniuses behind Master of None says he was hesitant to do a second season despite the first season’s resounding success.

If you still haven’t watched Master of None, you’re missing out on some genius comedy and storytelling. Season 2 premiered on Netflix in May 2017 — but it almost didn’t happen!

According to The Wrap, Ansari said he was hesitant to jump right into season 2 and wasn’t sure if it was going to happen at all. Here are his remarks:

“I was hesitant to even do a second season, because I feel like I never want the show to become something where… we’re cranking out meat and there’s like a template for how the show is,” he said. “I think time really helped us come up with ideas. And even when we weren’t working, we would text each other, Alan [Yang] and I would talk regularly and come up with ideas here and there. Like I told him about something that happened with me and my parents and the pork and we were like, ‘Oh that would be a cool idea to do an episode.’”

The longer-than-usual hiatus certainly helped the creators come up with stories that felt natural and fresh. The show is certainly better for it.

Have you watched ‘Master of None’?

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