Lucifer season 2 is being shortened by a couple of episodes, but don’t worry — this isn’t necessarily bad news!

Lucifer season 2 is currently on hiatus until May of this year, where it’ll finish up its initial 18 episode run. In November, we learned the show had been bumped from a partial to a full season order, rounding out at 22 episodes.

The original idea was to end the season at 18 episodes, so there were always four episodes that were going to feel a bit extra, which had been written to be more character-focused. According to co-showrunner Joe Henderson, there isn’t necessarily room for these episodes this season, so they’re being pushed back into season 3.

Answering some concerns from fans of the show, Henderson also had this to say:

Even Lucifer himself, Tom Ellis, weighed in on the concerns:

How are you feeling about ‘Lucifer’ this year?

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