Let the Sky Fall by Shannon Messenger is a unique story about Audra, a girl who is an air elemental, and Vane, the boy she is sworn to protect. Check out the excerpt and giveaway below.


I stop walking. “Just take it off.”

Resistance flares in her eyes, but I squeeze her hand. “Come on. What’s it going to hurt?”

She sighs. Then pulls her hand away and starts undoing buttons.

My heart beats double-time. I know she has a skimpy black tank on under there-but that isn’t what makes the action so sexy. Well, okay, it helps. But it’s way hotter watching her do something she wants to do for a change.

I’m tempted to make her undo the braid, too, but I don’t want to press my luck. So I toss her jacket in the car and take her hand again, leading her into In-N-Out.

“What’s so great about this place?” Audra asks, looking a little intimidated by the crowd.

Her dark clothes stand out in the bright white, red and yellow restaurant, and I catch several people staring at her. Though half of them are guys checking her out.

I squeeze her hand tighter. “You’ll see.”

I order two combo number twos. “Animal style,” I specify.

Audra’s brows shoot up.

About the Author

Shannon Messenger graduated from the USC School of Cinematic Arts where she learned – among other things – that she liked watching movies much better than making them. She also regularly eats cupcakes for breakfast, sleeps with a bright blue stuffed elephant named Ella, and occasionally gets caught talking to imaginary people. So it was only natural for her to write stories for children. Keeper of the Lost Cities is her first novel, with Let the Sky Fall, a young adult novel, to follow in 2013. She lives in Southern California with her husband and an embarrassing number of cats. Find her online at shannonmessenger.com.

Visit Shannon: Website | Blog | Twitter | Facebook | GoodReads

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