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Our The Legend of Korra season 2, episode 10 “A New Spiritual Age” recap goes in depth of all of the details of last night’s exciting episode!

The Legend of Korra season 2, episode 10 “A New Spiritual Age”

The episode opens as Tenzin watches over Korra and Jinora’s bodies at a campfire. The girls are meditating to stay in the spirit world. Tenzin’s siblings tell him not to worry about their safety, even though the two won’t be able to use their bending.

Tenzin takes the first watch over the girls, and is teased by Bumi about “weird spirit stuff” happening.

In the spirit world, Korra and Jinora admire the beauty of the lush environment around them. Jinora runs off from Korra, and Korra trips over a group of talking gophers. She explains why she’s there, but when the gophers gang up on her, she’s not able to use her bending to send them away.

Korra is attacked by an odd blue goop, and shouts for Jinora’s help. Once Jinora arrives, Korra and Jinora sink through the grass and end up underwater.

A giant crocodile swallows them, sending them to a spiraling river. They are spilt up, as Korra falls down a dark pit.

Korra lands alone in a misty forest, and is greeted by spooky spirits left and right.

The camera pans and Korra turns into a child of about five years old.

The scene cuts to Jinora, who’s back in the meadow that Korra and Jinora arrived in. Furryfoot, the green bunny spirit from the last episode, greets a concerned Jinora. Furryfoot is much larger in the spirit world, so it takes Jinora on its back to search the landscape for Korra.

Furryfoot takes Jinora to Wan Shi Tong’s spirit library.

Back in the forest, young Korra is startled by a purple dragonbird, whom after she swats away, she feels badly for. Suddenly, Zuko’s Uncle Iroh greets Korra. Korra recognizes who he is immediately.

Iroh takes Korra to a tea party for two frog spirits who’ve recently married. Iroh gives her spirit cakes that can’t make anyone gain weight.

Korra notices a teapot, which Iroh explains is the one that Wan carried around Rava in.

As Furryfoot takes Jinora into the library, the foxes walk along the shelves, putting back books. Wan Shi Tong swoops down and warns Jinora that she’ll end up as Professor Zei if she doesn’t leave.

Jinora enters a game of wits with Wan Shi Tong, and stumps him over how a radio works. Jinora then explains that she’s here with the Avatar, and asks for his help to get the information she needs. He gives her permission to look around, but warns her not to break anything.

Back at the tea party, Iroh explains the game of pai sho to Korra. He mentions that time doesn’t mean anything here. He tells Korra that he left his body to enter this universe because he cared so much for the spirit world.

When Korra laments that she’s lost Jinora, Iroh tries to calm her down, but fails to do so. She has a temper tantrum, causing a dark aura to take over the surrounding land. Iroh explains that her emotions will reflect the environment around her in the spirit world. Korra apologizes, and the dark storm ceases.

Iroh tells Korra that she must look for the light, because if she always concentrates on the dark, that’s all she’ll see. Once again, Korra asks how to find Jinora. Iroh explains that she’ll have a better chance of finding her lost friend if Korra returns the dragonbird to its home on a mountain.

At the library, Jinora tells a fox that she needs help finding the spirit portal locations in a book. He gives her a book that helps her out. Jinora tells a story about Vaatu’s entrapment in the Tree of Time. During the harmonic convergence, Vaatu may be able to escape.

Jinora is interrupted by Unalaq, who’s flanked by the giant owl spirit. Unalaq has the spirit on his side, and threatens Jinora. Furryfoot turns darker and angrier in reaction to Unalaq’s negative energy.

At the foot of the mountain, Korra tells Iroh that she’s scared, and doesn’t want to go alone. Iroh tells her that she needs to exude light and peace to get through the arduous task.

As the two say their goodbyes, Iroh tells her to come see him again.

Korra starts to make her way up the mountain, but when she looks back, she is suddenly miles away from Iroh. After the first turn, giant dark spirits find Korra, ending her chant of “light and peace.”

Korra tells the giant spirits that she’s not scared, and stops them from attacking by offering her light and peaceful thoughts upon them. The spirits change into their light forms, and help Korra climb the mountain.

Korra places the dragonbird in the nest with its siblings, who then merge into one adult dragonbird.

With another pan of the camera, Korra turns into her teenage self. Korra climbs upon the back of the dragonbird, soaring off to Vaatu’s resting place.

Upon arriving at Vaatu’s prison, Vaatu tells Korra that the harmonic convergence is coming soon. Korra tells him that she’s going to close the portal before Vaatu can get out. Vaatu reveals that Jinora has been captured by Unalaq.

Korra confronts Unalaq, who tells her that the only way to save Jinora will be to open the other spirit portal. Just as Unalaq nearly kills Jinora with spiritbending, Korra tells her uncle that she’ll open it to save her friend.

Korra touches the Northern Spirit Portal, sending beams of light and gusts of wind everywhere. Vaatu’s tree lights up red.

Wasting no time at all, Unalaq fights Korra with Waterbending. The evil form of Furryfoot escapes with Jinora. A lion spirit disables Korra, and Unalaq tries to take Korra’s life-force with spiritbending. The dragonbird swoops down and saves Korra at the last minute.

As Korra’s flying off, Vaatu warns Raava that he’ll soon have his revenge.

Korra wakes up and tells Tenzin that she’s lost Jinora. The episode ends as a distraught Tenzin asks what happened to his daughter.

The Legend of Korra season 2 will air at a new time, effective this week. You can catch new episode of The Legend of Korra season 2 on Friday nights at 8:00pm EST on Nick.

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