It was only a matter of time. Once Michael Crichton revealed in Jurassic Park that all you need is an amber-frozen prehistoric mosquito and a few links of frog DNA to make your own dinosaur, crazy billionaires the world over were bound to give it a shot.

According to Sunshine Coast Daily (via FilmDrunk), a source close to Australian billionaire Clive Palmer disclosed his plans to clone an actual dinosaur, but Palmer himself denies the claim.

The Roslin institute, the facility responsible for the famous Dolly sheep cloning project, claims that such an operation would be near impossible because of the lack of a surrogate mother that would be capable of gestating the baby dinosaur.

Not to mention that they would need thousands of complete dinosaur cells to create a successful clone, something that is doubted to even be in existence.

We aren’t aware of the legal ramifications for cloning a dinosaur, but it’s possible that Palmer is covering up the whole operation, however unlikely the claim might be. This is the same guy that is building a full scale replica of the Titanic for shits and giggles, so we suppose anything is possible.

Life – uhm – finds a way.

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