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Mad Men lead actor Jon Hamm (Don Draper) spoke to Vulture in preparation for this year’s Emmys and revealed his favorite episode of his show’s fifth season.

It is an episode that others too call the best in recent memory: “The Other Woman.” In it, Joan agrees to sleep with a man from the Jaguar car company who says he’ll sign an ad deal with SCDP only if he gets to sleep with Mad Men‘s pretty lady.

“When it aired, people were sort of outraged by the Joan storyline, like, ‘Oh my God, how could she do that? What is she thinking?’” Hamm said to Vulture. “I kind of looked at it and I was like, wait a minute: Joan’s not a saint, first of all. She’s having an affair with her boss while she’s married. She’s slept with at least one other person in the office. So let’s back off that thing. And she’s also making a very sort of prudent financial decision and very much trading one thing for another. I found the kind of psychological thing of that very interesting.”

He also commented on a scene later in the episode when Peggy decides to quit. The episode’s director had told Hamm to continue holding her hand through the scene. When Peggy (played by Elisabeth Moss) tries to pull away, her reaction to Don continuing to hold her hand is real.

Read more from Hamm over on Vulture.

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